Oluwo Fasola Faniyi Babtunde


My mother used to cook beans, but before she cooked the beans, she picked the bad and dirty beans and threw them at our backyard and only cooked the good beans.

But when the rain came, the dirty and bad beans became seed and grew up and looked beautiful; interestingly, that same person who threw them away started harvesting them; and she starts to see that the beans she threw away some time ago had value.

Now let me tell you

1. Don’t cry when people throw you at the backyard,
2. Don’t cry when they reject you,
3. Don’t cry while they are looking down at you.

The rain is coming and the same people who are rejecting you will invite you.

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God loves even those that are left out and looked down upon.
God will bless you, just stay connected to olodumare and your ancestors, everyone will see how valuable you are.
As you wake up this morning may the blessings of IFA and OLODUMARE continue to be with you now and always.



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