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The Odu ifa casted for today’s Itadogun Ifa reading is OSE-IRETE (OSEBIRETE), the odu came with blessing of longetivity, ifa ask us to make sacrifice to esu, we should appease ifa, osun (ifa staff) and our head (ori) to send away death and sickness. Ifa warn us against bad friends, we should not rely or trust a friend.

Ifa said and I quote:

“Asebi, Asebi, Asese Sebi Sile

Ipori aja n roju, ipori aja ko je obi ri lailai,

Eni e ba ri ki e bi,

Adifa fun osun ti n se awo atande,

Won ni ko rubo nitori ire,

Osun mu ori ro ki o ma se dubule,

Iduro gangan la n ba osun awo”


“We cut out a kolanut,

on cutting out a kolanut,

A dog was wandering,

No dog will ever eat kolanut,

Ask whoever you know,

cast divination for osun (ifa staff), that was the priest of open ground,

He was ask to make sacrifice because of Sickness, Poverty,

Thus, OSun (ifa staff) be upright and do not sleep,

It is an upright position we must meet ifa staff”

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