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The Odu-Ifa casted for today’s itadogun reading is IKA MEJI with the blessing of wealth and prosperity. Ifa ask us all to appease our head, so that we can achieve our aims and fulfill our destiny. Ifa also said for those that have twins, we should cook beans (ewa ibeji) for people on behalf of our twins, so that good things can come our way.

Ifa said and I quoted:

“Ofee l’awo arolepo

Oloja won o je eran ikasii

Adifa fun tenle-olu, ti n se omo asanlewere

O ti n rin ni Ibaba,

O ti n rin ni Ikoko,

Won ni odun yi ni yio di eni gbangba,

Nje ti a ba l’owo lowo eni gbangba laje,

Ori mi somi di eni gbangba,

Ti a ba kole, ti a ba laya, ti ani oko, ti abimo, ti ani gbogbo ire, eni gbangba laaje,

Ori mi somi di eni gbangba.”


“Ofee is the priest of arolepo

An entrepreneur do not eat spoilt meat

Cast divination for tenle-olu, the child of asanlewere

that has been walking in secret,

that has been walking in hiding,

They said it is this year, he will become known to the world,

Thus, if we are rich, we will get known,

My head make me known by the world,

If we build house, have good family, have wealth and riches, we will get known,

My head (destiny) make me known by the world.”



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