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The Odu Ifa casted for today’s itadogun reading is OTURA IROSUN with blessing of victory over our enemy. Ifa said we should offer sacrifice to triumph over our enemy, Ifa said we should be careful in trusting people. Ifa said we should not be afraid of our enemy, no matter how powerful they are, we will triumph with the help of Ifa and Ebbo we do.

Ifa said and I quote:

Ifa said and I quoted here:

Ede alumo awo ile olupo

L’odifa fun olupo alaielu

Nijo ti ogun ibi ka won mole pitipiti

Won ni ebo ni kose

Nje, ero opo, ero ofa, e wa bani lanise ogun

Aruse ogun, n la ba ni lese oba orisa


Ede alumo, the priest of olupo

Cast divination for olupo alaielu

When he was amidst tribulation

He was asked to make sacrifice,

Thus, he make sacrifice,

He triumph over his enemy.


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Oluwo Fasola Faniyi Babatunde


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