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The odu Ifa casted for today’s Itadogun Ose Ifa is OTURA GASA with blessing of wealth, ifa ask us to make sacrifice so that the evil plan of our enemy will turn to be blessing for us. Ifa ask us to appease Obatala.

Ifa said and I quote:

Egbe Roro
Awo Ojugbe difa fun ojugbe
Nijo to n lo re da oko eba ona
won ni o kara nle ebo ni kose
adifa fun alabarun ajapa nijo to n lo re pa abuke osin,
Nje mo pa abuke osin mo fi rera,
emi pa abuke osin, orisa jinmi,
mo pa abuke osin mo fi rera


Egbe roro
The Priest of Ojugbe cast divination for Ojugbe
When he was going to do farming on roadside,
He was ask to make sacrifice,
As well as the tortoise that was going to kill the hunchback man, the servant ofobatala,
Thus, I kill the hunchback man (Orisa Slave),
Obatala bless me


Ojugbe is a roadside farmer that love to send gifts to Obatala through the his slav e, “the man with hunchback“, so obatala got carried away one day and decide to bless this generous man called Ojugbe that have been sending him gift for long. He therefore insert blessings at the hunch of his slave and ask his slave to take it to Ojugbe, On this occasion Ojugbe become rich and wealthy and tortoise that happen to be neighbour to Ojugbe knew how ojugbe became rich when he scratch the hunchback of obatala slave, tortoise also trace obatala slave one day and tied him up and took his hoes and cutlass to open the hunchback eventually when he was doing this, the slave died, tortoise now decided to implicate his friend/neighbour Ojugbe by going to call him to come with his gun to the farm, that there is antelope eating his crop, not knowing that it was Obatala slave that tortoise has killed that is been covered with skin of antelope, Ojugbe eventually shot the Object and tortoise raised alarm that Ojugbe has killed the hunchback slave of obatala, this became a court case, but obatala knew it was a setup because he knew how much Ojugbe live him and trusted him that he can’t do such, obatala decide to put up an examination, he turned Ojugbe to a King, and put him on horse and make him more richer, the ovation was loud as people were singing and praising Ojugbe with the song that says “I killed orisa slave, I become dignity, after killing orisa slave, Orisa blessed me, I killed Orisa slave and became famous”.

This song shocked tortoise and he started wondering that Ojugbe was been blessed from the offence he never committed and he therefore decided to speak the truth and eventually the tortoise was arrested and paid for his evil act.

May ifa olodumare escape us all from evil deed. (Ase)

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1.  Sango/Oya
2.  Obatala/Egungun/Iyaami/Sanpanna
3.  Ifa/Esu/Osun/Aje/Yemoja                                            **
4.  Ogun/Osoosi/Orisa Oko
5.  Sango/Oya
6.  Obatala/Egungun/Iyaami/Sanpanna
7.  Ifa/Esu/Osun/Aje/Yemoja                                            **
8.  Ogun/Osoosi/Orisa Oko
9.  Sango/Oya
10. Obatala/Egungun/Iyaami/Sanpanna

11. Ifa/Esu/Osun/Aje/Yemoja                                            **
12. Ogun/Osoosi/Orisa Oko
13. Sango/Oya
14. Obatala/Egungun/Iyaami/Sanpanna
15. Ifa/Esu/Osun/Aje/Yemoja                                            **
16. Ogun/Osoosi/Orisa Oko
17. Sango/Oya
18. Obatala/Egungun/Iyaami/Sanpanna
19. Ifa/Esu/Osun/Aje/Yemoja                                            **
20. Ogun/Osoosi/Orisa Oko
21. Sango/Oya
22. Obatala/Egungun/Iyaami/Sanpanna
23. Ifa/Esu/Osun/Aje/Yemoja                                            ***
24. Ogun/Osoosi/Orisa Oko
25. Sango/Oya
26. Obatala/Egungun/Iyaami/Sanpanna
27. Ifa/Esu/Osun/Aje/Yemoja                                            **
28. Ogun/Osoosi/Orisa Oko

29. Sango/oya
30. Obataala/egungun/iyami/sanpanna
31. Ifa/esu/osun/aje/yemoja


**   = Ose Ifa (Ororun-un)
*** = Itadogun

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The Odu ifa casted for today’s Itadogun Ifa reading is OGBE-OWONRIN(OGBEWUNLE), with the blessing of good and sound health, ifa ask us to make sacrifice and appease our ifa so that good fortune can come on our way and prosperity can descend on us.

Ifa said and I quote:

“Oju pan koko mafo,

Oro gboni jiki yin ninu,

Bope boya, oro tin gboni ko ni le pa ni,

Adifa fun isin ti ko se ti koro, ti omo araye yio ma wa legbo,

Nje, oro k’oro ti e da isin,

Omo isin ko ni saila.”


“Redding of an eyes does not make it go blind

An issue that disturb someone will surely come to an end,

Cast divination for isin,

that does not offend anyone but people kept uprooting the taproot,

Thus, no matter the amount of evil done to uproot isin,

all his seed will germinate”




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The Odu ifa casted for today’s Itadogun Ifa reading is OSE-IRETE (OSEBIRETE), the odu came with blessing of longetivity, ifa ask us to make sacrifice to esu, we should appease ifa, osun (ifa staff) and our head (ori) to send away death and sickness. Ifa warn us against bad friends, we should not rely or trust a friend.

Ifa said and I quote:

“Asebi, Asebi, Asese Sebi Sile

Ipori aja n roju, ipori aja ko je obi ri lailai,

Eni e ba ri ki e bi,

Adifa fun osun ti n se awo atande,

Won ni ko rubo nitori ire,

Osun mu ori ro ki o ma se dubule,

Iduro gangan la n ba osun awo”


“We cut out a kolanut,

on cutting out a kolanut,

A dog was wandering,

No dog will ever eat kolanut,

Ask whoever you know,

cast divination for osun (ifa staff), that was the priest of open ground,

He was ask to make sacrifice because of Sickness, Poverty,

Thus, OSun (ifa staff) be upright and do not sleep,

It is an upright position we must meet ifa staff”

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The Odu ifa casted for today’s Itadogun Ifa reading is IWORI-OGUNDA called IWORI-AWEDA by babalawo, ifa saw blessing of longetivity, ifa ask us to make sacrifice of longetivity to esu, so that we can have long life and prosperity.

Ifa said and I quote:

“Iwori wonda wonda

Iwori wole wole

Iwori wo tipe tipe

Adifa fun orun lojo igi

Won ti ikole orun bo waye

Adifa fun ope, o n ti ikole orun bo waye,

won ni ebo ogbo ato ni ki won se,

Ope segi segi nikan lon be leyin to n toju ebo

Ebo tie lo da adaju”


“Iwori wonda wonda

Iwori wonle wonle

Iwori wo tipe tipe

Cast divination for varieties of tree

When they  were embarking on a journey from heaven to earth,

Cast divination for palm tree,

he was also embarking on a journey from heaven to earth,

They were all ask to make sacrifice,

it is only palm tree that offer the sacrifice,

Thus, he was the one that possess longetivity.”


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The Odu ifa casted for today’s Itadogun Ifa reading is OGBE-OSA with ire aiku (blessing of longetivity). Ifa ask us to make sacrifice for long life and prosperity and to make offering for ifa so that we can escape death and all evil things of life.

Ifa said and I quote:

“Owo riyan, owo suke,

Atanpako ri agbado ojo o se muluku muluku

Adifa fun ese kan soso ogbe to ma gbe omo sa gun aja nitori iku,

Won ni ebo kose,

Nje, iku wole mi ko ba mi,

keregbe ofifo, iku e ku arindanu,

Arun, ejo, ofo, gbogbo irunbi wole mi ko ba mi,

keregbe ofifo, gbogbo irunbi ema ku arindanu,

Arindanu le o ma rin dandan


“The shape of the hand becomes hunch while with pounded yam,

The toes mystically become shaping while it sees a grown maize,

Cast divination for one legged verse of OGBE that was going to protect his children from all evil.

Thus, death approaches my home, it did not meet me,

Death and all evil has lost a battle over my household.”


Ela ‘boru. Ela ‘boye. Ela ‘bosise.

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