To serve the Great Powers [irunmole-orisa] we must first cleanse and purify our lives. This cleansing and purification is not a one time thing. This cleansing and purification is a continual process which must be daily renewed and undertaken. Ritual cleansings and ceremonial purification’s [like spiritual washing’s with omiero, propitiation of ori and spiritual reinforcement through Ifá incantation science etc.] are one part, a necessary part and a very important one in this process, but ritual cleansings and ceremonial purifications alone are not sufficient to cleanse and purify us to the innermost core of our being. We cannot achieve an understanding of our lives purpose and the power to realize it by the above means alone. Neither can we reach our fullest potential by the above means alone.

We have to cleanse and purify ourselves daily from doubt, selfishness, arrogance, self-pity, impatience, self-deception, dishonest attitudes and less than honest practices.

When we are served drinking water we like to be served clean water in a clean drinking glass. In the same manner the asé of the irunmole-orisa is like a cleansing and purifying water which should be poured into a clean vessel. This vessel is us.

In life we experience basically two kinds of inner impurities, hindrances and obstructions. There are impurities that we just pick up, just like pick we pick up and collect dust on ourselves without intending to. And there are impurities that we pick up because we intentionally accumulate and cultivate them. So we see that that there are intentional and unintentional impurities, hindrances and obstructions that accumulate on us (within us) and impinge upon our lives.

We should do our honest best to remove deliberate and intentional impurity and wrongdoing from our lives. In other words we should regulate our words and conduct so that our words and conduct are in harmony with iwa. Iwa is the representative of the irunmole-orisa and it is iwa who conveys to the irunmole-orisa our desires, needs and wants in such a way that the irunmole-orisa will grant us their support and relief. Iwa is also the representative, witness and authenticator of our inner state and condition before the irunmole-orisa. Iwa is a catalyzing power and energy whose aim is to bond our inner energetic life with that of the irunmole-orisa.

When we remove the impurities, disorderliness, clutter and soil from our lives that are within our power and ability to do so, then the asé of the irunmole-orisa will remove those inner impurities, disorders, clutters, hindrances and obstructions that are beyond our personal ability to remove.

When we experience this dual cleansing then are we in an optimal position to render aid, relief and assistance to others. When we are poised in balance by the salutary effects of these two complementary means of cleansing and purification then are we in a condition known as holiness, cleanliness, harmony, wellbeing, clarity, optimism (enthusiasm) and purified happiness.

Inner-cleanliness and purification are achieved when we by our personal effort, spontaneous determination and intentional inner-work apply ourselves to remove and correct what we see (discern) in our own lives that needs to be removed, adjusted and corrected. When we are doing our honest and consistent part then the asé of the irunmole-orisa becomes bonded, fused and blended to our inner work and labors, so that we achieve a transcendental state of purity, clarity, understanding and strength. This asé that we receive from the irunmole-orisa is like food and medicine to our inner being. This asé heals, purifies and strengthens us and then it flows out from our being towards others to bless, comfort, heal, purify and strengthen them.

This asé enters our lives to assist us in becoming the great and wonderful being we should and can be, according to Iponri or the divine blueprint. This divine asé is mediated to us by Iwa. By this union of iwa and asé, our lives then become one with the activities, powers, energies and workings of the irunmole-orisa. We become emerging living orisa of the earth, to serve, benefit, comfort and uplift others. We become whole and we become agents of healing and divine power. This sublime state and condition is known as Ifá consciousness, Ifá realization or Ifáyelele. By following the above ascending truths of Ifá with dedication and commitment we will surely be established in Ifáyelele and thereby fulfill our lives mission, purpose and destiny.

~ Awo Òrúnmìlà Mark Casillas

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The following order can be recognized place to place and is fairly typical
  • The Supreme being (Olodumare)
  • The Chief Divinities or Gods
  • The Ancestors
  • The Spirits
  • The Charms and Amulets

THE SUPREME GOD: This is recognized among all traditional believers all over the world, the supreme being is called or can be called different names depending on places to places and language variations. for example, yoruba as a case study, yoruba belief system called the supreme God as Olodumare or Olorun, Olorun means “Owner of the Sky“.

Every race of the world has a legend myth connecting God and the creation of origin of their race.

THE CHIEF DIVINITIES: These are next in rank to the supreme God, they are simply refer or regarded as the physical representatives of God in the world and are also called different names from place to place. Example: Obatala, Ifa, Osun, Ori, Sango, Ogun and so on. each of them have their own shrines, priest, cults, initiation ceremonies.

THE ANCESTORS: Every family has the belief that their ancestors survive as the living-dead among the family. Ancestral worship could be restricted to members of the affected families alone. Egungun is the best way to get connected to a dead ancestors and that is why you see each family having or can be trace back to a specific egungun name e.g Oya Arogunmola is an egungun that belongs to arogunmola family of Ota, Oloolu of Ibadan belonging to oloolu family and so on. Continue reading



The Divine Mother Onile Ogboduora is the Supreme Primordial Power. Olodumare is the Supreme Primordial Power in it its transcendent, expansive, inconceivable and all-pervading form. Olodumare is all of the Supreme Primordial Power that we are incapable of knowing. Olodumare refers to those wonders, glories and profundities of the Supreme Being that are entirely beyond are capacity to know. It is not possible for us at this time to know Olodumare as Olodumare knows Himself. This is why this expansive, all-pervading and inconceivable feature of the Supreme Primordial Power, Person and Being is called Olodumare. The Sole Owner of all inconceivable powers, energies, potencies, wisdoms and powers! 
It is completely impossible for us to know, experience and comprehend Olodumare without Olodumare choosing to reveal Himself and make Himself known to us. We simply cannot accurately know, perceive and understand Olodumare by the strength of our finite and limited will, reason or intelligence. It is only when Olodumare through His own initiative reveals Himself to us or responds to our desire and request to know Him, that we can know Him.

When we are blessed and graced with the initial, ever-increasing and progressive experience, knowledge and understanding of Olodumare, that facet of Olodumare which we are fitted to progressively experience, know, and be comforted, nurtured and uplifted by is called Onile Ogboduora. Onile Ogboduora is the name we give to our personal and ever-increasing experience and understanding of the Supreme Being. The transcendent (what we can’t at present know of or about Olodumare) aspect of the Supreme we call Father. The immanent aspect of the Supreme (what we can directly know of Olodumare) we call Mother i.e. Onile Ogboduora. Both aspects are one and inseparable from each other. From the perspective of the Absolute Supreme Being there is no distinction between the transcendent and immanent. But from the perspective of finite beings like ourselves, we perceive, experience, understand and differentiate between both aspects of the one Supreme Being. For all intents and purposes, it is the Mother aspect of Enitolodun (the Supreme Absolute Truth) that we crave, yearn and desire for. Onile Ogboduora is that aspect and feature of the limitless, expansive and all-pervading Divine Intelligence which meets our need for love, compassion, companionship, understanding, sympathy, personal/intimate devotion and individual/personal affection.

Onile Ogboduora is the feature and aspect of the Supreme Absolute Being Enitolodun which expresses the nearness, sympathy and awareness of the Supreme Power towards us. Onile Ogboduora is the owner, guide, adjuster and governer of Ile. Ile in this instance does not refer to planet earth and is not limited to the earth planet. Ile in this instance refers to all creation, all worlds, all dimensions and all realms of of the vast universal creation,  because these are the ile or home and dwelling place of the Infinite Spirit of Compassion, Sympathy, Dynamic Power, Understanding, Strength, Courage and Wisdom, i.e. Onile Ogboduora.
How can the Supreme limitless and infinite intelligence bridge the gap between its own eternal, unique and unequaled nature and our finite and limited nature? How can the infinite and finite meet and relate? How can the glorious one and great glory be understood, appreciated, known and experienced by humanity? Can we do anything to bridge this gap? No! There is nothing we can do. When the loving Supreme Power Olodumare makes itself known to us, and we personally and individually experience its true character, personality, intent and nature, that personally experienced and known knowledge and understanding is called, Onile Ogboduora. The divine nurturing mother.
When we really, personally actually know, and according to our present evolving capacity understand and experience the heart, intention mind of Enitolodun , the power of the Supreme through which He bonds us to Himself, manifests in us and through us, and causes us to know and experience His reality, true existence and limitless joy and happiness is called Onile Ogboduora. And this is why those who really know Enitolodun, revere Enitolodun, lovingly worship Enitolodun and enjoy a deep, transparent, fearless and satisfying friendship and living relationship with Enitolodun are known as ogboni (the wise ones), the ones who are truly knowing and experiencing the divine and eternal love, truth, intelligence and power – Onile Ogboduora.
Those whose quality of mind-spirit, vital-life and manner of living are one with Onile Ogboduora, these alone are the true sages, holy ones, seers, empowered ones and knowers of the sublime truth; or ogboni. A belief you can have today and change tomorrow. A belief you can have today and neglect, ignore, deny, reject or repudiate tomorrow. But when the experiential, direct and personal knowledge and power of Onile Ogboduora reveals itself to you and makes its home in your heart, this divine knowledge cannot ever be neglected, doubted, ignored, denied, rejected or repudiated because it is not a knowledge that is the product of your own individual hopeful belief or imagination but is something that is permanently impressed within you by a power, grace, beauty and goodness greater than yourself, and which exists and acts independently of your own circumscribed thoughts, ideas, feelings and beliefs.

Onile a gbe wa ooo! We praise you Primordial Divine Mother. You are of the essence of wisdom, love, knowledge and power. You are Life itself. You are Intelligence itself. You are Love itself. You are the spirit of Loyalty and Devotion. You are the Original uncreated and united Diverse Eternal Powers itself. You are a unity of limitless, inconceivable and fathomless potencies and energies. You are the initial cause, nurturer and owner of all things. You are life itself. You are the one who gives and gifts pattern, order, personality and originalilty to all things. You are the beginningless and original life who gives life and light to one and all. You are the Life of our life. There is no beauty, delightfulness and attractiveness that can approximate your own, not to speak of being your equal! You make yourself known only to the sincere, and to those whom your kindness and grace chooses to make itself known to. It is you who joins us experientially to Olodumare-Enitolodun. Yet, you yourself are Olodumare-Enitolodun! Who can understand and appreciate this reality except those who are near you and those to whom you have bestowed your nearness?! We thank you, remember you and praise you. Grant us always harmony, peace, prosperity, joy and long-life. Asé.

Onile a gbe wa ooo!
Onile a gbe wa ooo!
Onile a gbe wa ooo!
Your friend and well-wisher Awo Òrúnmìlà Mark Casillas.


Ogbo ato Asure iworiwofun. Blessings of long life, health and prosperity by virtue of the Holy Messenger (manifestation) of Olodumare, Iworiwofun.
** Iworiwofun is the majestic Odu Ifa who is the bearer of the fullness of the blessings, virtues, love and wisdom of Olodumare for every member of humanity. Iwori-Ofun is the plenary manifestation of the infinite mind, intelligence, love, kindness, understanding, honesty, humility, good will and power of Olodumare. **
When we consider our religious community and the moral-spiritual state of our people Ifa-Orisa we can point to? On the one hand there is, honest, enthusiastic, humble, studious, practical and intelligent people of sincere devotees significant being educated and prepared for their faith Ifa-Orisa. For this remnant of faithful who day by day they are increasing, they are truly enjoying their faith and are truly living the life of Ifa-Orisa or Iwa (the life of good, gentle and noble character, and life good consciousness) we give glory to Olodumare. Eyin Odumare! Olodumare praise!
Ifa teaches us and instills universal principle:
Iwa Lesin
Iwa Lesin means your character define and demonstrate what their true religion. Your character is your religion! It is through the character we showed our faith and who we are. And our character and what determines its quality and demonstrate if we are truly believers and worshipers of Ifa-Olodumare. His quality of character and lifestyle habits are the essence of worship!

Now the question that follows is:
According to his quality of character and lifestyle habits that reveal this about what you truly loves and believes?
Not what one speaks and profiesa what determines whether one is a true believer-practicer of Ifa-Orisa. It’s what you do and practice of moment-to-moment and day-to-day demonstrating and reveals what we truly believe and who we are as individuals.
According to his character, his lifestyle and personal habits themselves be seen it is what you really believe and what you love. This simple truth? How beautiful is the way in which Ifa simplifies, clarifies and presents the essence of truth.
On the other hand when we consider and observe our religious community Ifa-Orisa, if we are honest and sincere, we see that there is also no small group of devotees (Babalawo, babalorisa, iyalorisa and novices) confused, without practical foundations moral spiritual, understaffed discipline are immersed in moral decay, and suffering the spiritual-moral arrogance diseases, pride, spiritual, relational and marital infidelity, promiscuity, superficiality, lack of respect-reverence, hypocrisy, corruption and deception.
So you see we could also point out the shortage of copies, compassionate leaders, wise and inspiring that exists in our community. There are exemplary leaders, compassionate, wise and inspiring, but very few. Our community is divided among sincere and charlatans. And among the charlatans there are divisions, disputes, fights, arguments and dissensions endless!

At the end of the day we can say ?!
It is time that our people need (the sincere and honest people) is unified. It is time to cease being one of complaining about the state of things and take action!
Many think and say, and with good reason,
“Where are the true Babalawo, true babalorisa and iyalorisa true? where men are manly, faithful, values, principles, humility and irreproachable character in our community? Where are you? Where are the meek, faithful, humble, respectful and noble character strong women in our community? Where are you?”
Well you are honest and realistic questions. But because we do not go a step further to rise above that of self-victimization mentality and cheap excuses that seem to be prevalent everywhere. Everyone wants others to prepare, others are true leaders, others are true Babalawo, others are true babalorisa, others are true iyalorisa, others are true masters, others are true believers, others are real men and others are real women. But, what about you? You do not want to be some of these things? Perhaps you do not want included in the group of sincere, principled, dedicated, devoted and true who are possessed of initiative, patience, dedication and perseverance? Because you are not prepared to be a blessing to others and to be a light, example and beacon in your community? Everyone wants to receive the fruit of the work and dedication of the few sincere and educated of our religion, but no or few want to enshrine, prepare, educate and dedicate to contribute to raising positive and healthy transformation of our community Ifa-Orisa! ! Lament because others do not study, they do not serve with selfless love to their community etc. etc. But then that is who complain and complain about the conditions they see on our people who are in transition, and do not take personal initiative to fill vacant leadership and moral and spiritual needs with their own lives, work, dedication and determination ?!

Not you think it is better to say and determine,
“As there are not enough real Babalawo, babalorisa, iyalorisa, genuine genuine men and women, leaders etc etc. in our community Ifa-Orisa, I in personnel and in this day and time’m dedicating myself to be me a real Babalawo, a real iyanifa, a real babalorisa, a real iyalorisa, a real man and a real woman and a real and compassionate exemplary leader. I will be a real honor godfather, will be a genuine godmother with honors, will be a genuine Oluwo Asiwaju, will be a genuine ojugbon, will be a genuine oriate with respect and honor, etc. etc. I will serve in the fourth (place) sacred consecration of Orisa saint with honor and distinction, I will serve in the fourth (place) sacred consecration of Ifa with honor and distinction etc. etc.”
When individually and collectively take this decision, with practical love (demonstrable), respect (for oneself, for others and Ifa-Orisa-Irunmole) and humility, then and only THROUGH that our people will heal moral, ethical and spiritual.

My friends in Ifa-Orisa, my brothers and sisters Ifa-Orisa not look more to others and what they are or are not doing. Let us look at ourselves in the developer mirror Ifa (The universal and comprehensive disclosure of Òrúnmìlà Elerii Ipin, spokesman Olodumare and representative of all Orisa-Irunmole) and we will look in the revealing mirror Mérìndínlógún (Disclosing our unique Orisa-Irunmole tutelary). Let us be self responsible and practical. Take the initiative to do something with our lives and our time as individuals and as members of the sacred community of Ifa-Orisa will contribute to the improvement, advancement, elevation, unification and progress of our admirable and noble religion.
What you gonna do? You will be part of progress and the solution? Or you will be part of the delay and the causes of the problems that exist in our community?
Ifa-Olodumare to enlighten, guide and defend. I roasted.
Irunmole-Orisa that the radiate with love, health, peace, intelligence, courage and determination. I roasted.
The divine and ancestral spirits taught them the inspiration that motivates and promotes practical love, respect and humility. I roasted.
The divine Babalawo Akoda and Aseda intercede for us and we Colmen of virtue, wisdom, inspiration, courage and determination.
Ela (Irunmole-Orisa purity, cleanliness, salvation, wonders and holiness) son of Oyigiyigi (mystical name of Olodumare meaning, which is unshakeable as an eternal rock, the indomitable, unconquerable, eternal, sovereign and sole Almighty ) inflame us the spirit of purity, sincerity and holiness. I roasted.
Ela ‘boru. Ela ‘Boye’ Ela ‘bosise.
His friend and benefactor Awo Òrúnmìlà Mark Casillas.
divine truth - ancestralpride


The authentic devotee of Ifá is easily identified by his or her moral-spiritual transformation. Ifá comes into our lives to bestow divine grace, peace, resolve, meaning, intelligence, inner-strength, purity and love.
These divine blessings and powerful endowments are given to us to enable and embolden us in our effort to pursue and gain Ifáyelele (divine awakening, harmony, fulfillment and moral-spiritual-emotional-intellectual maturity). The [true] follower of Ifá can be discerned by the efforts he or she makes to uproot unwholesome tendencies and habits and replace them with divine and wholesome habits.
The enlightened Ifá devotee is never content or satisfied with his or her present moral-spiritual level but is always laboring, pressing forward and exerting himself or herself to acquire new moral-spiritual terrain (continual inner growth, virtue, understanding and purer love). An Ifá devotee delights to strive to attain ever increasing and higher levels of divine grace, sanctity, purity, character, wisdom and power.
To remain stagnant or stationary in ones moral-spiritual unfoldment is to retrogress and lose spiritual ground. A river that somehow or other becomes stationary or stagnant soon becomes the breeding ground of disease, weakness, illness, stench and death, but a dynamic and ever flowing river maintains tenacity, health, sweetness, life and vitality.  Continual advancement and unceasing joyous effort is the clarion call of Ifá to its initiates.

Until we reach the state or condition of non-retrogression (firm, solid, stable, unwavering, abiding and consistent moral-spiritual maturity) there will always be the risk, chance or possibility of losing what level of moral-spiritual advancement we have made due to negligence, complacency, lack of perseverence and lack of strong determination. Only when we run the race legitimately and cross the finish line can we be considered true (spiritual) athletes, winners, champions, warriors and masters (masters of our own self, not other people).
The mature and illuminated devotee understands that to continually grow morally and spiritually is the root, foundation and aim of all Ifá studies and practices. This spiritual process of growth and development cannot be had by proxy. Inner growth and development is obtained by personal determined effort, continual engagement, honest self-analysis and consistent exercise.
No one can give you their well and hard earned intellectual-spiritual divine capacities, intelligence, character, gracefulness and inner spiritual-powers. These things cannot be bought, sold or simply given. They must be earned and acquired through personal consistent study, continual reflection and patient practice. One must qualify to obtain them. Each one must do his or her own work.
Moral-Spiritual progress is the continual fruit of diligence, hard work, self determination and personal conviction. Divine grace empowers us and Divine Wisdom informs us but we must do the work. There are no short cuts and no possibility of skipping steps or side stepping divinely arranged lessons.

Ifá shows us the path to follow and walk upon. Ifá gives us the just measure of instruction and provides us with provisions (diverse kinds of asé) for the journey, but we ourselves must perseveringly, patiently and determinedly walk the path from its beginning to its ends by the strength and power of continual self-initiative.Ifá   will walk with you but Ifá will not carry you on his shoulders and do your necessary work for you.
Ifá has one part and you have the other. You work together. Your personal effort, consecration, sustained enthusiasm, self-renewing initiative, thoughtfulness and participation is essential. This is why there is no need and no point to be made in comparing oneself to others. You do not know and cannot know the inner life, spiritual history and trajectory of anyone. You can only truly know and discern your own. We are all on our own unique and individual path.You alone are responsible for your moral-spiritual progress. You alone are responsible for your lack of moral-spiritual progress. You alone carry the responsibility to promote your own spiritual well being, health and happiness.
Other qualifed, empowered and mature people can help and assist you but the responsibility rests upon you. It is your choice whether you will progress or not. It is your practiced determination which will advance you forward. It is your choice and action that determines  what kind of person you are and will become. Yours alone.
Imitating others on their personal spiritual path will not help you. You have to find, discover  and discern your own authentic, original and correct personal spiritual path and you must follow it wholeheartedly irrespective of whether others approve of it or not, and irrespective of whether you will be accompanied by others or not.  No person can limit you except yourself.
The greater your personal aspiration, inspiration, ideal and insight, the more you can and will attain, if you so choose to actively pursue YOUR DIVINE IDEAL. One of the greatest secrets or greatest spiritual discoveries that all sincere aspirants eventually make is:
‘That all times, situations and/or circumstances are ideal, just right and perfect to make genuine progress and to acquire purity (singularity of purpose), understanding, virtue, divine power and deep wisdom. It is not our environment or circumstances that determines who we are and what we can and will become. It is our attitude, disposition, personal chosen outlook, determination and quality of personal self-confidence that determines our inner and outer achievements and success.’

Olodumare created us with the power of will and the ability to think and choose the path we will follow. Our will, choices and actions determine whether we are living our lives with a progressive mentality or a retarding (retrograde) mentality.
Olodumare has given us the power of self-dominance if we choose to exert it or we can relegate ourselves to the self imposed status of victims of circumstance. Do not victimize yourself and subject yourself to self-pity which is nothing more than a subtle manifestation of selfishness and laxity. Be strong. Be resilient. Know and honor your true divine pedigree and identity! We are not strong or weak by artifice. We are strong or weak by our own will and choice. By our own will we decide if we are going to be determined, successful, persevering and enthusiastic or not.
Through self dominance we have grace, wisdom, freedom and power to master the negative and destructive emotions that arise within us. These negative, destructive potentialities and defilements that arise within us are represented by Oyeku.
We must know that we are able to receive the light, love, power and life of Olodumare within us as represented by Ogbe.
This principle of moral agency, choice and self-determination is seen in Holy Odu Ifá Ogunda Meji:
‘The Core Of The Tree Does Not Call For Water (was the name of the awo) who consulted Ifá for, When All Men Will Give Account In Heaven (before Olodumare).’
‘If it is good you do then continue to do good. If you engage in evil deeds immediately desist from them because the hand will speak (reveal your actions) and the leg will give account (will reveal your activities).’
‘You will account (before Olodumare) for ALL YOUR DEEDS which you practiced on earth.’
Holy Odu Ifa Otua Aira:
‘It is what Ifa expects of us that we should say. Let us speak (and practice) the truth.’
‘It is he that speaks (and practices) the truth that Olodumare will uphold. Let us speak (and do) the truth.’
‘It is he that speaks (and practices) the truth that Irunmole will uphold.’
‘It is he that speaks (practices) the truth that the Earth will uphold.’

Holy Odu Ogunda-Bede:
‘Falsehood will cause the death of a liar.’
‘Treachery will cause the death of the deceitful one.’
‘Whatever we choose to do, even if it is beneath the earths surface (hidden from people) the (limitless) eyes of Olodumare will see them all.’
‘These were Ifá’s declaration to, ‘He who stole at midnight and said the kings of the earth would not see him.’
‘Even if earthly kings (human authorities and agencies) do not see you, the eyes of Olodumare are surely watching you.
Holy Odu Oyeku Ofun:
‘Honest people are rare. Good people are rarer still. Ifá sees the intentions of the heart. Those who practice what is good, Olodumare knows who they are.’
We have been endowed by Olodumare to a remarkable degree with the ability to choose our course in this world and the quality and kind of person we will be. The essential and fundamental  nature of human beings is Ogbe (light, clarity, increase, progress, fluidity and life). But in His wisdom Olodumare has provisionally introduced the training element of Oyeku (darkness, unclarity, decrease, decline, resistance and death) as a sort of spiritual weight or sparring (training) partner so that we can exercise, develop and strengthen our moral-spiritual muscles and our intellectual-intuitive faculties.
Through the interaction and interplay of Ogbe and Oyeku; moral agency, choice, satisfying selection, achievement and intelligent effort is made possible. Through the interaction and interplay of the Ogbe and Oyeku principles the arena is set for the will to be able to exercise, develop and realize itself.
So, who are you? You are what you pursue, practice and associate with inwardly and outwardly. You are your cultivated and nurtured affinities. Our fundamental nature or essence by creation is Ogbe. This means that the root, core and foundation of our being is of the essence of actual fundamental and potential goodness. While our inner essence is goodness itself this goodness means nothing if it is not challenged, cultivated, tested or proved and intentionally appreciated and desired.
You have to want to be and actually be, by your own decisions, thoughts, choices and actions, demonstrably good. It is a fact that from apple seeds new apple trees are born and from the trees new apple fruits are obtained. But if this seed is not cared for, protected, watered and nourished it will not even become a young creeper much less a fruit bearing tree.
Not only the seed but the soil upon which it grows must be prepared. Weeds, stones, fungus and harmful insects must be continuously removed. Even when the tree grows and matures it has to be pruned so as to ensure future productivity. The apples you eat do not reach you by chance or accident. Someone intentionally took care of the soil, of the seed, of the tree, nurtured and cultivated it.
In like manner you have to intentionally and responsibly nurture and cultivate your innate fundamental Ogbe nature. It needs to be said the Oyeku is not our enemy but a veiled friend. Oyeku can seem like a harsh and hard taskmaster but this is not the case. The heart of Oyeku is pure compassion. Oyeku holds out noble prospects for us but these must be worked for and earned. Oyeku comes along aside us and within us to challenge us and to offer us countless opportunities and occasions for moral-spiritual growth.
When we at times feel the sting of Oyeku is only because we are looking and drifting away from Ogbe. Oyeku is the strict and unwavering disciplinarian who trains us up and leads us to true freedom, the freedom of being mature, enlightened, disciplined and responsible people. Without enlisting the support of Oyeku, Ogbe cannot fulfil its task in regard to our moral-spiritual and emotional-intellectual training, development and education.
The manifestations of Oyeku like adversity, challenges, stressful situations and difficulties are for our ultimate good. It is not the fact of adversity, challenges, stressful situations and difficulties which injures us but it is our attitude, outlook and response to these that determines whether we gain benefit and advancement or experience loss and decline in our moral-spiritual development. These moments of challenge, difficulty and endurance reveal to us who we presently are and where we are in our spiritual unfoldment. They don’t make us who we are. We choose who and how we are by our attitudes and responses towards life challenges as well as by our developing perception of our own selves.
Moral-spiritual unfoldment is not glamorous or flashy. In fact one will experience many dry seasons and seemingly unfruitful seasons in ones spiritual career of divine ascent. To achieve deep inner transformation, divine gracefulness and god-like character is a work in progress which requires steady commitment, patience and perseverance especially during the dry and seamingly uneventful seasons. Steer away from superficiality and superficial (morally-spiritually uncultivated) people. Steer away from attitudes of laxity, complacency and laziness. Don’t try to jump steps or side step necessary lessons. Don’t fall into the contemporary practice of being a jack of all trades but a master of none.
Honor your life and calling. Resist the urge to be impulsive and the habit of being a people pleaser. Stop jumping here and there and develop strong, firm and deep spiritual roots. You lament and wish there were more real and genuine spiritual devotee’s. Well become one. Be one.
Achieve this for your own advancement and for the benefit of those who are seeking for the truth and its genuine representatives. Do not complain, bicker or lament, instead take steps to elevate your life condition above that which is mediocre, superficial (fake), insubstantial and unsatisfactory.
No one can give you a superior and sublime status and inner condition. You have to develop it, work it in and cultivate it in the laboratory of your own life over many days, weeks and years. You will experience and have many highs and lows, ups and downs, and many moments of ecstasy and tears in relation to your moral-spiritual progress and development.
This is a normal occurence but you have to be persevering and look to the finality of your struggles and challenges. You have to recall what it is that you are working towards. A divine quality of life has to be cultivated, divinely appropriated and earned otherwise it would hold no true meaning or value. You have to earn it, work for it, to have a right to it.
Don’t look at others but instead look at yourself and what you are or are not doing with your life, privileges and opportunities. Don’t spend your time and energy assessing and criticizing others, instead fairly assess yourself and honestly criticize yourself constructively. Ifá puts before you two choices. You can choose the way of the genuine, honest and diligent aspirant (awo) or you can choose the path of the hypocrite (double minded), zig-zagging (unstable) and willfully uninformed (ogberi). The choice is yours alone to make.
Do not blame others or find fault with others for your own choices and decisions. Allow no one to take advantage of you but also ensure that you do not take advantage of anyone. Do not ask or expect from others what you do not ask or expect from yourself. Do not make demands on others to practice and do. what you yourself neglect to practice and do.
You can only give what you have. You can only suggest and ask others to do and practice the principles of truth and noble character only if you have been firmly established in them yourself for some considerable and observable time. Your words will lack moral-spiritual power, authority, healing gracefulness and uplifting potency if you are not a well cultivated embodiment of those moral-spiritual principles you espouse.
Minimize the need for excessive verbosity, instead convince and win others over by the power of your actions, behavior, attitude and conduct. How can you teach others if you have not taught yourself? How can you offer others a hope and standard that you do not have for yourself? This is the teaching and standard of Ifá.
Ela ‘boru. Ela ‘boye. Ela ‘bosise.
Your friend and well-wisher Awo Òrúnmìlà Mark Casillas.


Ifá grant your blessings as I praise, enumerate and proclaim your glory, greatness, strength, wisdom, virtues, loving-gentleness, power and excellences. Asé.
May your life giving asé impart strength, enthusiasm, hope, awe, love, joy, peace and healing to all who consider these divine thoughts. Asé.
Ifá you are the divine messenger, message and rectifying (healing) grace (power) of Olodumare, we praise you! Ifá, you are competent to be King over us because in you Ifá, we find revealed the kindness, friendliness, power and gracefulness of Olodumare.
Ifá, you are the wisdom, love and power of Olodumare. Ifá, who does not know that to know you is to know happiness, contentment and satisfaction!? Ifá, who is a better friend, relative and guide than you?
Ifá, you protect, defend and guide your devotees with excellence and perfection. Ifá you allow no one  to harm, deceive and mislead your devoted followers. Skillfull are you Ifá, in waging war against the enemies of truth, peace and goodness. You wage war in such a way that the enemies of rectitude, peace and harmony think you are just playing and jesting with them!

Ifá in your action you are more graceful than the centipede. Ifá in your patience you are more persevering than the ant. Nothing deters you from accomplishing your determined purpose.
Oh Òrúnmìlà, you who are one with Ifá and are intimately acquainted with Ifá, to know you Òrúnmìlà is to know salvation, to know you is to partake of vibrant long-life!
Òrúnmìlà Ajana, you are the one who is small in stature yet you are great in power and full of wisdom. Òrúnmìlà! Your ways are untraceable, profound and difficult to comprehend! Òrúnmìlà, there is no better companion and friend in life than you. You are the one worth spending ones time with.
Oh Òrúnmìlà, are you not the one who is the owner of the large house that is high enough to see the limit of the flight of birds, oh dweller of heaven and earth?! Oh Òrúnmìlà, who does not know that you dwell simultaneously in heaven and on earth and that you are aware of all that is unfolding?!
Òrúnmìlà omo Olorun asadi (Òrúnmìlà, son of Olodumare, you who are the sure refuge and shelter), to look upon your face is to behold the goodness, kindness, glory and loving concern of Olodumare.
Òrúnmìlà who is like you? Òrúnmìlà you are the one who disarms us of our fears, insecurities, doubts, worries and anxiety. You transform our sorrow into irrepressible joy!!

Òrúnmìlà, you who are one with the Ifá spirit of limitless light, love, power and immeasurable life, are you not the one who wards off imminent mishap, suffering and death?!  Òrúnmìlà, you are a true friend, mentor and father upon whom I can lean upon forever, because you are more firm and stronger than an immovable mountain. There is no one I would want to spend my time with more than you, for you are Iriju Olodumare (prime minister of Olodumare).
Òrúnmìlà, you alone know the secrets of the heart of Olodumare. Òrúnmìlà, you alone know the glorious purposes of Olodumare because Olodumare hides nothing from you. Òrúnmìlà, to call and rely upon you is to receive the sure and full support, goodness and blessings of Olodumare Oba Iré.
Strong, wise and power Òrúnmìlà, even the fierce leopard turns upon its heels and flees when it sees you because it knows that it cannot ever overpower you! Joyful homage and praise to you Òrúnmìlà, you who sits majestically upon the skin of the leopard! Even death honors you!
Oh Ifá! Oh Òrúnmìlà! Those who follow you as wholehearted student-disciples are in turn pursued and followed by limitless blessings, happiness, peace, honor, longevity and prosperity. Joyful homage and praise to you Òrúnmìlà because you are the divine mystic and seer who eats a lot of palm oil yet does not turn red. Òrúnmìlà, you are the sage who wrestles death into submission!
To know you Ifá, to know you Òrúnmìlà, is to know and experience eternal life (the divine quality of life which is had and enjoyed by Olodumare and the divine Irunmole-Orisa)! It is you Ifá who gives life and hope to all. Òrúnmìlà there is no failure with you.
Òrúnmìlà you are the refuge from death, sorrow, fear and destruction. Ifá you are the one who teaches us how to spiritually grow, progress and transform through the mysteries of Ela, the spirit of purity, nobility, godliness and salvation.

Ifá you give us power to joyously and contentedly persevere, prevail and conquer our inner and outer antagonists through truthfulness, patience, perseverance, unwavering integrity, goodness, divine spirituality and humility.
Òrúnmìlà Awimilogbon (wise teacher and guide)! Òrúnmìlà Awinrin (the one who sees and understands all things with clarity and precision)!
Òrúnmìlà Oba Atayese (King empowered to rectify, heal and correct), why do people not know that if they call upon you with simplicity, sincerity, earnestness and good-faith you would immediately and compassionately rush to bring them relief and deliverance from their troubles and sufferings?! Why do people not know that you are are near and not far away?! A sincere and devoted thought directed to you always receives immediate recognition and response. Compassionate, loving and kind Òrúnmìlà, you are the one who feels our sufferings as if they were your own. You are the one who delights and rejoices in our success and happiness.
Òrúnmìlà, master of the sixteen principles of creation, may we never forget you and may we never lose sight of you. It is early in the morning we praise Ifá and Òrúnmìlà. It is in the morning I wake up to salute, greet and praise Ifá and Òrúnmìlà.
Oh Ifá! Oh Òrúnmìlà! Remember me as I remember you. Do not forget me as I do not forget you. Do not forsake me as I will not abandon you! Others may forget you; others may not appreciate you, but I will not abandon you, I will not lose my appreciation towards you because I know that you have done me only good.
I will not from others my confidence and faith in you. I will never be ashamed that Ifá is my father and I will never stop being a loyal and grateful son. Ifá I call on you! Ela I call on you! Ifá! Ela! Receive and be pleased with the offering and sacrifice of my heartfelt praise and words of gratitude. Ifá, weigh my heart on the balance of truth, sincerity and good faith; and bless (benefit) me according to the measure, weight and quality of my heart!
Ifá you live in my heart and nowhere else! Ifá, I live in your heart and nowhere else! Ifá, you and I are surely united. Ifá, you and I are surely one.
Oh Ifá, for many lifetimes I have been following you and you have been following me! Who can understand this mystery of friendship, love and respect between you and I?! Countless times I have come from Orun (pre-mortal divine spirit world) to Aye (the earth) and countless times I have ascended  from Aye and returned to Orun, and in all my journeying you have been with me like the loyal and trustworthy friend that you are.
Oh Ifá! Oh Òrúnmìlà! Your excellences, virtues and perfections cannot be enumerated. In one fell swoop (in just one step) no one can attain to your sublime status and condition, but little-by-little I seek to be firmly established in Ifáyelele.
Oh Ifá! Oh Òrúnmìlà! Many are my defects and flaws, but one sure virtue do I have, and that is that I do not forget you and neglect you. To the best of my ability I trustingly and humbly exert myself to obey you as a son obeys a loving, caring, gentle and wise father. Ifá may I never forget you! Ifá may you never forget me! You are the true treasure. Your wisdom is true riches.
A person can have many material goods and material riches of all sorts and yet be far from you. Ifá may I never forget you, may I never be far from you and may you never be far from me. Ifá, may you be my inexhaustible treasure of inestimable value.
A person can be endowed with great intelligence, wisdom and ability and yet be far from you. Ifá may I never forget you, may I never be far from you and may you never be from from me. Ifá may you be my intelligence, wisdom and ability.
A person can be a partaker of great affluence and be endowed with a great following and yet be far away from you and your noble ways. Ifá may I never forget you, may I never be far from you and may you never be far from me. Ifá may you be my charisma and may I be blessed to be among those who know how to masterfully follow you.
A person can be a partaker of good health and well-being and yet be morally-spiritually unhealthy and impoverished. Ifá may I never forget you, may I never be far from you and may you never be far from me. Ifá impart to be mental, emotional and spiritual serenity, joy, peace and vitality. Ifá may I always be inwardly healthy, strong and robust. Ifá, may you be my strength, health, stamina and vitality.

A person can appear to be outwardly happy, content and satisfied and yet be far away from you. Ifá may I never forget you, may I never be far from you and may you never be far from me.  Ifá may you grant me the grace and means so that I may always have and enjoy genuine, deep and lasting happiness. Ifá grant me contentment and satisfaction.
Oh Ifá! Oh Òrúnmìlà! You are fully aware how our lives upon this earth are often beset with afflictions, sorrows, adversities and challenges of all sorts. Ifá, you are aware that at times we are under heavy burdens, stressors and pressures that rob us clarity and the resolve to always do what is right. Grant us courage, strength and determination so that we may follow the noble, joyful and peaceful path that you have shown us.
Oh Ifá. Oh Òrúnmìlà. We must admit that at times we fall short from the proper path you have shown us due to ignorance, despondency, stress or neglect. Òrúnmìlà, extend the mantle of your compassion, gentleness, understanding and forgiveness over us and upon us. Òrúnmìlà uplift us, mend and heal our broken and shattered personal lives.
Ifá, if I have offended you please do not demand of me sacrificial offerings, but instead grant me unconditional remission as you did for the people of the town of tranquility. Ifá, I take full responsibility for my choices and actions. Ifá I ask you for the gift of strength and understanding so that I can correct myself and do what is right, proper and acceptable before you.
Ifá, if I have offended you please do not ask of me a sacrificial offering, instead grant me complete remission, as you did for the people of the land of tranquility. Ifá, lead me and empower me on the path of good conscience.
Ifá, I have surely offended you by my harming, injuring and deceiving others through my careless and disrespectful thoughts, words and actions. Extend to me forgiveness and the power to change and improve myself. Ifá do not demand of me a sacrificial offering. Ifá, I resolve before you to make what reparations I can, and I now renew my vow to proceed henceforth with complete and unwavering honesty, truthfulness and integrity. Ifá, grant me total remission and complete forgiveness as you did the people of the town of tranquility. Ifá may I be pursued by the blessings of good character. Forgive me you who are great King, Rectifier and True Friend. Asé
Oh Ifá. Oh Òrúnmìlà. You know my great reverence and affection towards you. You are my continual joy and delight. When I look upon my sacred Ikin Ifá, I see much more than sacred black kernels from the holy palm tree. When I look upon my attractive, alluring, mysterious, powerful and beautiful black Ikin Kernels I am immediately reminded of you Òrúnmìlà, the holy sage of black hue who came from Iketi!
Òrúnmìlà with great kindness, thoughtfulness and perseverance; and with great power of character and personality you served the people and filled their lives with meaning, hope and values. Òrúnmìlà, you served, remembered and cared for so many people but only few truly appreciated, loved and remembered you in their hearts.
Oh Ifá! Oh Òrúnmìlà! When I look upon my sacred, wonderful, beautiful and powerful Ikin Ifá, I behold more than just alluring black kernels from the sacred palm tree. Òrúnmìlà Awinrin!!! When I look upon my Ikin, each with four beautiful eyes, they remind me that you Òrúnmìlà are always with me and that you are looking out for me. Just like the Ikin Ifá which have four eyes, you too Òrúnmìlà have four spiritual eyes with which you see, survey and comprehend fully the events of the past, present, future and the timeless realm of Olodumare and Irunmole! Òrúnmìlà may I never forget you. May I always appreciate you.
Oh Ifá! Oh Òrúnmìlà! When I look upon my sacred, attractive and divine Ikin Ifá, I see more than just black kernels from the holy palm tree. There is supernal spiritual fire, light, intelligence, life and power in Ikin!!! Òrúnmìlà, I know that your gentle but powerful divine active presence, power and asé are within Ikin and envelops them. When I am looking at Ikin, you are looking at me! I know Òrúnmìlà, that through Ikin you receive my hospitality, friendship, affection and the outpourings of my heart. I know Òrúnmìlà, that through Ikin, your strength, wisdom, gentleness and power are communicated to me by which is am continuously empowered, motivated, divinely informed and inspired!! When I look upon you. my Ikin Ifá, I recall the sixteen principles of creation by which Olodumare brought all things into existence and by which He upholds, governs and guided them to perfection! Ikin Ifa seemingly appear to be small and powerless, but just Òrúnmìlà who is small in stature and unassuming in appearance, Ikin Ifá are filled with immeasurable and fathomless sagacity, gracefulness, sanctity and power. Òrúnmìlà may I never forget you! May I always value and appreciate you!
Oh Ifá! Oh Òrúnmìlà! May you always respond to my call and act on my behalf when I call upon you. May I not have to wait long to experience, receive and see your relief, salvation and consolation. May you hear me and manifest immediately, when in sincerity and earnestness I call upon you. Oh Ifá! Oh Òrúnmìlà! May you never say to me:
“My son (or daughter) I have heard your call but I will not descend and manifest because I have nowhere to affirm my feet.”
Oh Ifá! Oh Òrúnmìlà! May my heart be the place of of the descent of your presence, power and asé. May my sincere (clean heart) be your spacious, proper and pure dwelling place!
Oh Ifá! Oh Òrúnmìlà! May my intelligence, conscience and spirit be one with you in quality. May my heart and intelligence be an extension of you Ifá! Ifá you are the great, wonderful and unfailing oracle, guide, mentor and friend. May my conduct, demeanor, attitude and behavior honor you and make your heart rejoice and delight in me.

Ela Ela! Praise and reverence to you!
Ela Ela! Imbue me with your light, truth and purity.
Ela Ela! May the sacrifice and offering of my praise, words of acknowledgment and gratitude be accepted!
Ela Ela! May my spirit, heart and mind soar above to Ile Asé (The divine house-temple of power, command and authority) to receive comfort, strength, wisdom, sanctity, consolation and divine power!
Ela Ela! Spirit of purity, truthfulness, honesty, courage, godliness, authority and power; lead me on your path and grant me access to the hidden and secret treasury of the divine gifts and blessings of Olodumare!
Ela Ela! Bless and prosper me so that I may be able to bring something new, original, needful and beneficial from Ile Asé to this ailing and hurting world. Bless me that I may always be qualified to bring blessings, power and comfort from the limitless treasure store of Olodumare Oba Aiku. May I always have something to contribute to the uplift, healing and rectifying of humanity.
Ela-Òrúnmìlà Moyin Aboru.
Ela-Òrúnmìlà Moyin Aboye.
Ela-Òrúnmìlà Moyin Abosise.
Your friend and well-wisher Awo Òrúnmìlà Mark Casillas.

TRUE INITIATION (an Ifá reflection)

Satisfying and purpose giving spiritual knowledge can be attained by a seeker only when one is initiated by a competent and thoroughly spiritualized spiritual master. This acquiring of life changing knowledge, authority and spiritual power (force and/or energy) is what is called initation.

Initiation is an act where spiritual power, grace and energy; and deep spiritual knowedge are imparted. This power and mystical knowledge (direct experiential perception) removes from one’s life the bondage of doubt, ignorance, aimlessness, insecurity, uncertainty, unclarity, fear and worry.
A genuine, knowledgeable and thoroughly spiritualized/divinized spiritual master is able to impart the awareness and experience of the highest divine reality. Our experience of this uplifting reality and transformative power, with all of its attendant benefits and blessings is what we called grace. This grace reveals your true divine identity and it opens, activates, invigorates and prepares your mind-spirit to receive, assimilate and comprehend deep spiritual secrets.
Initiation is the descent and reception of asé (grace, divine presence, new awareness, power and new intelligence) which leads us to inner freedom and moral-intellectual and spiritual growth. Our initiation is not just a one time thing that occurred in igbodu, initiation is something that we must continuously renew, refresh and re-establish ourselves in. Odu Ifá Ogbe-Ate teaches us this principle: “Now that I have been initiated now I must re-initiate myself. This is true of our initiation into Ifá, Irunmole-Orisa, Ogboni etc. etc. 

Our initiation is a spiritual life-line and a source of inexhaustible strength, courage, inspiration, knowledge, comfort and power. The descent and reception of divine asé, and our dedicated personal effort to work and live in harmony with this asé must go hand-in-hand. This is the meaning of, “Now that I have been initiated (freely received the free flow of divine asé) now I must re-initiate myself (must exert myself and must work in harmony with the peculair asé and the divine transmission of knowledge that I have received).
Freely given grace (power, energy, illuminating knowledge and divine presence) and personal applied effort and intelligence must work together continuously and must be always renewed and refreshed. Intellectual knowledge is very important and very necessary. but it is not sufficient to lead us to fullness of divine understanding and to fullness of satisfaction of the heart. 
This is why initiation, personal re-initiation and continual association with authentic spiritual masters are vitally important, because initiation, personal self-actualization and continual association with awo mimo (divine, sincere, devoted, progress-making and wholesome initiators and initiates) imparts to us the essence and spirit of devotion, love, assurance, competence and unshakable certainty. This will safeguard us from unwholesome and injurious obsessions and it will protect us from deluding ourselves and falling into a false, imaginary, unsatisfying and superficial spirituality.

With initiation comes clear and unambiguous guidance, meaning and direction. With initiation we receive the power, guidance and understanding to lead and guide our own lives without having to make ourselves dependent upon others. Innate ignorance, deep seated adverse and counterproductive conditions and deep seated lack of self-confidence cannot be uprooted and removed by intellectual knowledge alone. Neither is intellectual knowledge alone sufficient to bring complete healing, deep satisfaction and wellness to our inner lives.
Through initiation and personal re-initiation (self-actualization) we continuously receive and experience the grace, power, influence, guidance and inspiration of the divine spirit world. Through initiation and re-initiation, we renew and re-strengthen our intuitive connectivity with the divine spirit realm and our connection to the divine energies and divine spirit intelligences. 
This asé leads us to greater, more subtle and higher stages of spiritual unfoldment, understanding, insight and maturity. According to our own unique capacity, receptivity, responsiveness, dedication and interest are we then able to receive and fill ourselves up with this asé.  Your personal level and quality of purity, living, knowledge, enthusiasm and devotion will determine the amount and quality of asé that you will be able to receive, imbue yourself with and able to impart to others.
So, initiation means the reception of, the caring for and the cultivating of this special treasure that we call asé. This asé will make us wise, kind, strong, resilient and powerful if we follow it. When we have this asé all of our actions and doings bare fruit without the need for strenuous or excessive needless efforts. When we have this asé and divine transmission of knowledge though initiation, personal self-actualization and through continual association with our spiritual master (initiator, guide and teacher) the most difficult tasks become easy, realizable and sweet for us. Things unfold gracefully, with order, peace and harmony.

Let us value our initiation! Let us re-initiate (self-actualize) ourselves by ourselves and let us keep the continual company of kind, loving, sincere, honest, knowledgeable, humble and clean hearted devotees.
Ela ‘boru. Ela ‘boye. Ela ‘bosise.