Appreciating the Constant and Persevering Concern, Love, Kindness and Dedication of Ifá towards us

Each human being will respond eagerly and wholeheartedly to what ever honestly meets his peculiar needs. From where ever, who ever or whatever source a person receives genuine help and relief, he will naturally, sincerely and appreciatively respond in gratitude, love, trust, confidence and faith. Truth, faith and understanding are a personal matter. Through simple and innocent habits we can discern and discover the truths that are relevant to our own peculiar lives. Through simple and innocent habits we can each in our own way realize the Supreme Reality. This is why there is no one supreme ‘religion’ or ‘philosophy’ of life. We are all growing, developing and maturing in the truth. There can be no one size fit all religion, outlook or philosophy. All faiths, philosophy’s, religions and outlooks are expressions of our personal and collective growth, understanding and development. The Supreme Guiding Power is leading us all in the unique and personal way that is best for each of us. Whether we know or or not, we are all being lead by Ifá, the universal wisdom of creation. Ifá is leading each one us in his own wonderful way. Ifá is eternal. Ifá knows all people and beings; and Ifá applies the appropriate and perfect means of relief, deliverance and perfection for each one of us. The aim of Ifá is always the same: to lead us to fullness of happiness, enlightenment; and to rid us of our ignorance, immaturity, misunderstandings, defilements and delusions. There is no falsity in Ifá. Ifá is the teacher of god’s and men. Ifá is the guide and teacher of all living beings in all the worlds and dimensions of existence. Ifá alone, truly and completely understands things as they are. Ifá teaches us that all people without exception should cultivate spiritual roots and virtues according to their nature.

The spirit of Ifá is a great compassion, power and love which has vowed to unfailingly heal, correct, enlighten and save all people by any and all means. This is why Ifá is also called by the adjective ela, which means the savior, safety, security, the safeguard, competent guide, perfect defense and unassailable protector. Ifá is the spirit of a mother towards her child, nourishing and protecting it. Ifá is the great spirit of concern that prompts it to be ill with the sufferings, pains and afflictions of people, to suffer with their suffering. This is why Ifá is called the one who counsels, advices and guides one better than ones loved ones, relatives and friends.

Ifá says, your happiness is my happiness and your sorrow is my sorrow. Ifá never forgets this spirit for a single moment. A mother realizes her motherhood by loving her child; then the child reacting to the mother’s love feels safe, secure, peaceful and at ease. Ifá’s spirit of compassion is stimulated according to the needs and sufferings of men; man’s faith in Ifá is the reaction to this spirit of love, provision and kindness, and it leads him to enlightenment, humility, salvation, serenity, affection and perfection. Ifá appears before people in countless, friendly and appealing forms and brings them the wisest methods of relief. Ifá will mend our world. Ifá will unfailingly, in his own way and time, lead us all to happiness, deliverance and perfection.


Ifá is divine and universal. Ifá is not partial to any one or anything. Ifá loves and cares for us all with such a fullness and uniqueness that we cannot fathom or appreciate. Ifá makes us feel and think that we are Ifa’s choicest, select and most favorite child. Whomever knows Ifá truly feels, experiences and knows that Ifá loves and cares for him as if he were Ifá’s only or most favorite child. This is how Ifá thinks, feels and cares for us all, without exception.

We should have a deep love, affection and trust toward Ifá. Ifá is completely unselfish and full of love and concern. Let us cultivate, elevate and develop our love and appreciation for Ifá. It is impossible to know Ifá and not feel deep love, affection, reverence and devotion towards Ifá. Ifá love us and cares for us more than we know. Let us praise Ifá by listening to, honoring and obeying the unselfish and loving counsel of Ifá. When we listen to and obey Ifa we bring countless blessings and unknown to ourselves, our families, our community and our world.

Ogbo ato asure iworiwofun.

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