Ogbo Ato Asure Iworiwofun

The ancient seers -ologbon- had throughout the ages developed special and sacred private societies, associations, guilds, schools and fraternities whose aim was to promote the sacred sciences of acquiring and drawing spiritual power from the Indescribable Supreme Power Olodumare for the purpose of acquiring new levels and qualities of spiritual energy, awareness, perception and power, that would enable them by entering these new and progressive states or fields of spiritual consciousness or pure awareness, to more readily develop and evolve intellectually, morally and spiritually. Together with this discovery and advancement the ancient seers also discovered, developed and gained the ability and power to perform tremendous miraculous feats and extraordinary demonstrations of spiritual power, like second sight, thought transference, mind reading, healings, seership and the ability to alter events for positive and wholesome ends. These diverse schools and the disciple-students which comprised them were called Awo. Awo means mystery. Awo also means special and sacred spiritual knowledge and power which is not known or had by the great majority of people. Awo also means one who has personally experienced, is experiencing and has been spiritually awakened, educated, trained and empowered by the Divine Powers, Sublime Energies, Pure Spiritual Intelligences and/or by other authentic and mature Awo. Among these Awo those who had a natural affinity for this study, peculiar manner of life and who displayed the beginnings of true divine power and spiritual intelligence were known as Oso.

These ancient seers vested with knowledge and power were known and called by various and diverse names. Among the most respected and revered names was Oso. The original precise meaning, dignity and value of this wonderful word today has been lost to most people and has been corrupted to mean a ‘sorcerer or witch’; and this in a bad, negative, superstitious and low sense. Even the contemporary words sorcerer or witch are not bad words if one truly understands what these words actually mean, embody and what they are actually referring to. The ancient peoples understanding, conceptual comprehension and definition of these words were not what people attach to them today. The words are the same but the meanings and values were and are different. The truth of the matter is that whenever extraordinary men or woman discovered the primordial laws of life, the laws of the spiritual world and the laws of power; ignorant and fearful people were quick to label them with derogatory and unbecoming words because of their insecurity and their ignorance of the reality of the spiritual realm and the laws which govern the spiritual realm. This is why today the great, extraordinary and wonderful word Oso is used mostly as a derogatory word by uninformed people but originally and anciently actually was and is a spiritual-scientific term which refers to spiritual-energetic-perceptive, intellectually gifted people possessing a peculiar and powerful inner magnetic force otherwise known as personal spiritual power. Of course this power and knowledge has to be clearly grasped and understood and one has to be educated, disciplined and trained in its culture. So as we have seen the true meaning of the sacred and honorable word oso (intelligent and wise seer, empowered man and spiritual traveler) became corrupted over time. and degenerated in its meaning, value and usage. This happened because the ones who were supposed to be the inheritors, guardians and teachers of the lineage of the sacred spiritual science became degenerate, undisciplined, conceited, pompous, pretentious and corrupt, thereby losing their spiritual intelligence and power, as well as losing and ruining the true meaning, intent, purpose and sentiment of the ancient original seers, spiritual scientists, empowered men, soul travelers and spirit[ual] investigators known as Oso.

It is known to the humble and authentic inheritors and guardians of these lineages today that the true meaning of oso referred to a unique body of disciplined, cultured and courageous visionary men who had learned the secret of volitionally or intentionally altering their spiritual state of inner energy, perception and/or consciousness to such an extraordinary and unanticipated degree that they could peer into the divine world and even travel there to perceive and slowly comprehend its mysteries. They were able to bring new and original things back from their spiritual journeys and travels which would contribute to the enhancement, progress and evolution of mankind. These rare and exceptional awo-ologbon-oso were the original spiritual scientists, researchers, philosophers, experimenters and developing-evolving seers of their time.

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There are three broad general categories of oso. There were those who main focus was the acquisition of power, authority and influence which they used for the purpose of altering, causing, hindering and controlling specific events and occurrences. They also used this power to influence, guide and even control people. So we can see how important and necessary it was for these men of knowledge and power to be good men, moral men, men of integrity, empathy and good disposition, otherwise their knowledge and its use could degenerate causing ruin, misery, sorrow and destruction to themselves and others. In fact this is what happened to some of the ancient awo. The ancient awo-ologbon-oso were beginning to understand and employ this field of spiritual science but not all of them were capable people of honor, good-will, character and integrity. Many of them lacked moral-ethical development, discipline, patience and maturity. The scope of their practices and knowledge degenerated into wars, fights and competitiveness which ultimately ruined and destroyed them because they sought to take credit for and ownership of a power, science and ability that was not their own but which was a bestowed trust or endowment conferred to them by the Indescribable Power, Olodumare Agotun. These uncultured, indifferent and unappreciative awo succumbed to moral-spiritual immaturity, greed for power, pride, heedlessness and longings for fame, self-worship, self adulation and undeserved titles or unmerited acknowledgments. They wanted people to fear and cower before them so that they might manipulate and intimidate the people for their own selfish and petty ends. Needless to say that the Great Power impartially and justly adjudicated these corrupt awo and took immediate steps to mete out to these reckless ones the corrective punishment and stern discipline that they earned for themselves.

The second general category of oso were those who discovered, studied and developed the ability to alter their spiritual consciousness and awareness and the spiritual consciousness and awareness of others so that they could gradually and progressively perceive, understand and apply the laws, principles and realities of the spiritual realm. Among these oso some sought to make advantageous, useful and beneficial use of the art of altering their spiritual awareness which enabled them to peer and even travel to the divine spirit[ual] realm where they were able to converse with divine powers and intelligences gaining wonderful information and useful knowledge. These oso also had the ability and divine power to travel long distances. They were formidable men of sagacity, courage and authority. Among these oso some also lost their way. Some also became filled with pride and conceit due to their grand discoveries and progressive attainments. Abandoning the humility, sincerity and good will with which they began their learning and training they too were ultimately consumed by the consequences of their callousness and abuses. Others lost their way in their musings and deep considerations of the profound experiences that that they had. They tried to prematurely enter into and understand what was beyond there present and actual need and capacity. They injured and hurt themselves. Others also lost their way by not incorporating and applying their findings for useful, practical, beneficial and progressive purposes. Due to lack of discipline, lack of patience, and impulsiveness some became lost in these divine realms of thought and contemplation thereby appearing to others as mad men, mentally unstable men, eccentric and/or irregular people. This is what happens when people unreflectively and pridefully insist on entering that for which they are unprepared and incapable.


The third general category of oso were the wise, observant, meticulous and progressive seers who carefully integrated the best of the two features of wisdom, power and attainment of the two general lineages of oso; (1) those whose main interest and priority was to acquire power, influence and authority and (2) those whose main interest and priority was to gain understanding of the meanings and purposes of life in general and human life in particular. It must be said that in all the categories of oso there were kind, intelligent, progressive and good willed student-disciples-practitioners. The third general category of oso were especially wise, careful and discerning. They learned from the error and mistakes of their fellow awo-ologbon-oso initiates, brothers and companions. They made sure that they did not repeat the misguided activities of many who went the wrong way in their approach. They took the science and holy mystery of the awo-ologbon-oso to a new, refined, practical, orderly and moral-spiritual level. They formed, built and established private schools or associations for qualified, prepared and maturing individuals. These associations or fellowships were permeated with love, awe, enthusiasm, simplicity, honesty, mutual respect and honor among its integrants. Like all true students, observers and scientists they learned thru trial and error. They learned from experimentation, experience, reflection and observation; and were able thereby able to formulate and explicate the principles of their spiritual science or knowledge for themselves and future generations of students; and were able to progressively devise the best means to practice and cultivate the great science for the purposes of accomplishing the Great Work entrusted to them by the Marvelous Emanator, Enitolodu.

These sacred and private spiritual associations, fellowships and schools are among us today. They are known and called by different names but they are here. These associations and fellowships are not easily found because they are not given to soliciting members or proselytizing. The knowledge, power and blessings of membership and training in one of these associations and fellowship of concord, trust and discipline are not for sale. These authentic schools, relatively speaking, are few in number because only few people possess the right inner condition and qualities of perseverance, humility, discreetness, simplicity, good-will, stable morality and courage required to gain admission; and required to complete the training and course of instruction. The members and leaders of these legitimate schools and societies do not blow trumpets before themselves neither do they attempt to draw any special attention to themselves. When the leaders, teachers and student-members of these sacred and family like associations and fellowships discern a potential qualified candidate they have their way of communicating their intention of inviting the prospective student-initiate if he or she is so inclined. No one is ever pressured to join and they are always free to leave with no questions asked if they decide that the training and manner of life peculiar to these pursuits are not for them. Plain and simple, this is how things are. Associations, fellowships and schools of truth, power and intelligence exist. But for every genuine association of student-disciple-initiates of awo or the mysteries, there are many fake, counterfeit, fraudulent, inauthentic, fruitless and powerless associations, fraternities and so-called schools where nothing of value is actually taught or communicated, and where there is no experiential foundation of actual experience or contact with divine power, personal elevation or transformation. These so-called schools lack clarity of purpose and lack the means of systemic, orderly and progressive study-practice-experience. These so-called schools of pseudo initiates are no more than dressed up social clubs but they are definitely not genuine associations or fellowships of bonafide awo-ologbon-oso.


Authentic, sincere, persevering, determined, humble and honest inquirers will one way or another find their way to the association or fellowship of truthful student-disciple initiates. But insincere, prideful, superficial, fake and dishonest people will only find schools that are just like themselves: counterfeit. They will find so-called spiritual associations where the only course of instruction and study is pride, lies, conceit, pretentiousness, hypocrisy, superficiality, disillusionment and unsatisfactoriness: a complete waste of their lives, energies, resources and time.

The emphasis of true schools of seers is not the increase of the numbers of their membership but in the serious development, training and progress of the authentic few. From quality is born quality. Quality and truth knows how to reproduce and multiply itself. The true schools of awo-ologbon-oso are for serious, sober, humble, sincere, honest and determined people. No one else need apply.

The majority of so-called spiritual fraternities are inauthentic, spurious and fraudulent. They are not existing for the purposes for which they publicize themselves. The so-called leaders, initiators and teachers of these institutions are not morally developed, neither are they genuine spiritual people of good repute. They lack moral stability and genuine spiritual convictions. They do not even enjoy the enthusiastic support, respect and acknowledgement of their own flesh-and-blood family members because no one knows family better than family. Yet these unawakened, undisciplined, power hungry and conceited people want to lord it over sincere, well meaning but misguided members of the fellowship who have unfortunately someone how or other become mixed up with these fraudulent people. Many of these so-called leaders do not know how to govern and lead their own lives and families and yet they vainly want to head up a spiritual association?! These morally-spiritually incompetent leaders do not and cannot inspire their followers to serve their fellow man along practical, kind and intelligent lines. The leaders have no power, inner fire, divine enthusiasm or wisdom to elevate the quality of the lives of their student-followers or members. They affect no positive, uplifting and deep qualitative change or transformation in anyone! The so-called leaders of these counterfeit associations are taking advantage of the gullibility, ignorance, good faith and good feelings of their members for their own cheap prestige, benefit and enrichment. It needs be said that there are some rare cases where the association is legitimate but the leader is counterfeit. Due to manipulation and corruption unqualified people are somehow placed in authority! Where are the voices, resistance and complaint of the true and committed members when this occurs?! They should not tolerate such an occurrence for one moment because it will ruin the the quality, progress and unity of the association. These things mostly occur only when the general membership are not true and sincere initiates; but in an assembly of true and caring initiates such a thing cannot happen and if it does happen it will be quickly addressed and corrected. It is clear that these so-called leaders, chiefs, kings or whatever nice sounding names people give them or they give themselves are powerless; morally-spiritually impotent. Of what use is a name or title without substance?! Of what use is a function that one is incapable of successfully carrying out? These people are powerless, unenlightened, immoral and virtueless who are only standing in authority by the unthinking consent of the members. When these virtueless and shameless leaders are confronted, their weakness, powerlessness and lack of gracefulness becomes immediately revealed, because the only tool and avenue they have and use to respond to others or face others consists of threats, prideful anger, fear-mongering, intimidation and manipulation: this is the sign of their powerlessness, feebleness and hypocrisy which they attempt to cloak over with a false piety and simulated kindness, but their hearts are dark and not well. Maybe a handful of sincere, well meaning but misled members of the association and fellowship can clearly discern that their ‘leader’ is not worthy to be listened to, upheld or followed; the rest are blind, deaf, dumb and totally unconcerned and disconnected with what is happening.

One by one many of the various present day lineage holders of past renown spiritual associations and fellowships of the sacred mysteries are being involved in materialism, shame controversy, scandals and commercialism. The leaders are unworthy of the trust and responsibility which was placed upon them. They started off well but somewhere they decided to veer off and to go in a direction that is contrary to the spirit, interests and purposes of the fellowship. When this happens discerning and caring elders and members must take action to remove such people because they are now lacking the genuine accomplishments and sterling qualities of genuine awo, ologbon, oso and all wholehearted initiates. These pseudo leaders are endangering and contaminating the progress and unity of the association and must be unmasked, challenged and removed. These leaders want the undeserved reverence and unthinking obedience of the fellowship, never mind the fact that they lack the qualities which command respect, honor and acknowledgementment by virtue of kind heartedness, service, labors, study, practice and contributions to the fellowship and to the community at large. They lack personal development, deep empathy for the afflictions, pains and sufferings of others. They lack deep experiential wisdom and understanding and yet they insist, not on serving and benefiting others, but in being served, respected and honored! Such unfortunate associations, fellowships and fraternities being headed up and built up by morally-spiritually unhealthy and insane people cannot be normal or beneficial. Such associations will be handicapped and will always fall short of their intended purposes. It has all become about money, undeserved recognition, pride and influence. These are stark realities. We are not attacking sincere and honest people who desire to build up their characters and unfold their spiritual potentials for the benefit of one and all. We are attacking and unmasking deliberate deceivers. We are resisting the perversion of truth by individual persons and groups who are sheepishly shielding their immoral, shameful, deceitful, indifferent and superficial lives and activities under the cloak of an imaginary wisdom, power, piety and authority who deliberately, intentionally and consciously mislead the public for the aggrandizement of their own selfish and puny selves. One thing is sure and unavoidable; when the Great Powers which they are dishonoring and misrepresenting arrive at consensus and take action against these fraudsters and miscreants, all will see and know of the shameful and deceitful ways of these people. These charlatans will pay heavily for their deliberate misconduct with shame, loss and sorrow.

The sacred and true wisdom, power and science of the ancient awo-ologbon-oso is not for sale. It is not for sale in the market place. One cannot trifle with these sacred and holy things and remain unscathed! The ancient wisdom (isembaye) is not of this world and it is not the personal property of anyone, especially deluded, immoral, selfish, hypocritical and power hungry men. The true science of the awo is not for the increase of personal prestige, sense gratification and material pleasures. The legitimate practitioners of awo are not interested in improving luxurious accommodations and materialistic conditions nor in catering to materialistic selfish pleasures. Material wealth is to be obtained by honest personal industry and useful occupation and not by using or misusing spirituality for temporary pleasures and selfish ends. The true school of awo seeks to honestly and efficiently illumine, guide, safeguard and empower its adherents. It seeks to increase spiritual knowledge, inner cohesiveness, outer harmony, peace, security, happiness, satisfaction and longevity. It seeks to systematically and organically build the character of man, because it understands that when one is set right within, the world without will consequentially and naturally be set right. The school and training of awo-ologbon-oso teaches us and encourages us relentlessly that we must first purify our own lives. We must heal, educate, train and develop our divine conscience. Until vanity, ignorance, misinformation and selfishness are not adequately removed we will not be able to truly benefit from gaining divine power and greater spiritual insight. A vain, ignorant, misinformed and selfish person will only ruin and destroy themselves and others if they prematurely attempt to assimilate and practice the knowledge and power of the ancient awo as it already happened to many presumptuous, heedless, undeveloped, impatient and impulsive awo of times past. Many awo, ologbon and oso ruined themselves because they decided to move away and stray from the centerline of rectitude, kindness, fairness, justice, humility and honesty. Without humility, good heartedness, sincerity and ongoing personal effort we cannot be recipients of the divine knowledge, power and inspiration. We cannot aspire to and wield leadership and spiritual offices of instruction without exemplary conduct-behavior, deep and clear knowledge, concern and spiritual-intellectual-emotional maturity. Do not allow yourself to slip into gullibility or excessive willingness to believe things. We must be balanced, tempered and realistic in our approach. Do not allow yourself to get duped. Do not allow your enthusiasm and desires to get the best of you: reign it in a little so you can see and assess with clarity, sobriety, factualness. No one can fulfill our spiritual training for us. No one can promise you that they can accomplish your spiritual work, effort and aspirations for you. That is not how it works, neither is it an expectation based in reality; in what is actually possible. No one can promise you to accomplish your spiritual work for you. That is a lie and deception, they are merely attempting to take advantage of your present credulity, lack of deep understanding and inexperience. The spiritual-moral, intellectual-emotional fruits and benefits you expect to acquire for yourself should be seen in the person or people who are guiding and training you. The ability and power you seek to cultivate and train within yourself with it’s benefits should clearly seen to be at work in the life of your potential initiator or initiators, guides and teachers. Not through talk but through actual quality and power of life. People that are bound and regulated by their self inflated selfishness, baseless pride and unregulated imagination cannot help you.

May these preliminary and basic considerations serve as a guide, inspiration, light, compass and admonition to the many sincere, straightforward, and good hearted people who are seeking their own genuine spiritual progress and unfoldment. Remember that no one can confer to you that they do not have for themselves. Remember that no one can help you find, achieve and actualize what they themselves have not found, achieved or actualized for themselves. Do not expect instantaneous overnight wonders. This power, training with its attendant benefits/blessings are cumulative and progressive. They gain momentum, efficacy and power over time through serious and dedicated patient study, practice and upright living. Listen carefully to what people say, but more importantly pay attention to the consistency and quality of their character, manners, and conduct over time. Exercise patience and know how to wait, to acquire good things, good connections and good training. Never make a decision on the drop of a dime. Do not commit to anything or anyone who is not demonstrably committing to you. This is not a one way relationship or exchange. Observe, gain experience, wait and see. Spiritual realization, intelligence, holy charisma and empowerment cannot be bought or sold. So anyone offering to sell these things to you completely ignore. And if you are among those misguided and unfortunate people who seek and intend to secure realization, empowerment, inner satisfaction and realization by buying it, what can I say to you except that I feel sorry for you and that you are setting yourself up for frustration, disillusionment and greater self-deception. With such a mentality you will never find what you think you are looking for. You cannot cheat, buy or trick your way into the divine blessings born of dedicated effort, study, patient practice, committed fellowship, upright living, wholesome fellowship and personal discipline. These divine endowments no one can just give to you. Do not be quick to believe everything you hear. Temper the sincerity of your heart with accurate, truthful information and evidence. Proceed with honesty, determination, courage and applied intelligence and all will be well. If you proceed in this fashion the Divine Powers and Intelligences will be with you. They will accept and approve your steps. They will lead and guide you to what is true, good, right and proper. They will safeguard you from harm, deception and sorrow and will bring you to paths of joy, fulfillment, dignity and unimaginable satisfaction. To walk in the path and fellowship of awo-ologbon-oso one has to have the heart and disposition of a warrior. One has to be truthful and realistic; and one has to be seeking earnestly for truth and actuality. One cannot afford to be gullible. One cannot afford to be over exited or over enthused to the degree that ones loses ones capacity to see and weigh things as they actually are and not as they appear to be. May these words bring comfort, strength, guidance and admonition to one and all.

Ela ‘boru. Ela ‘boye. Ela ‘bosise.

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