IfaPrayerHand-(Ancestral Pride Temple)


Ogbo Ato

Binu seri ni obi n yan,
adifa fun araka ti yio gun esin pade osun,
won ni ebo ni ko se,
nje osun duro ki o ma i lo
araka ma ti ragbo.


It is how open minded you are that make things goes perfectly for you,
Cast divination for araka that was going to come across osun on his daily activities,
He was ask to make ebo so he could meet someone that will bless and favour his days,
Thus, osun wait behind, araka whom you are to bless has gotten a ram.


Araka was a Hardworking man but with all his effort he do things unsuccessful ,so he was ask to make some Appeasement with ram and take to the three junction that he will meet someone that will bless him ,he did the sacrifice eventually ,and on his way he meet a woman called osun ( osun is a fortunate And affluence being, the custodian of beauty and river goddess), thus he meet osun and osun meet him and whom ever osun meet will be blessed with all goodies from olodumare that create ocean and sea, thus he started singing that osun please wait and bless me before you go ,i have gotten a ram ,he thus gave the ram to osun and osun bless him and araka became successful and rich.


As you wake up this morning and going on your daily and day to day activities for this week, i pray that good things of life will locate you, olodumare ifa and our ancestors will bless your way and your work and your ori will guide your path to success.May this week favour you and your household in the name of ORUNMILA ELERI IPIN B.A…….Ase kose Bitinse lotufe.

Have a blessed new week