Odumare ni ka fi iyin fun.

In this present world in which we live “white lies” and duplicities are a part of daily life. Everyone attempts to justify or disregard the deliberate deception, dishonesty and lies in their lives. “White lies” or so-called ?little lies? are still transgressions in the eyes of Olodumare and Irunmole. Olodumare and his servants the divine Irunmole will not accept any justification for engaging in deceitful, misleading and dishonest activities. Lies, cheating and dishonesty are cankers and worms that slowly eat out the substance of our souls, dignity and health. Lies, cheating and dishonesty builds up very fast and before one knows it, one has created a world of lies, cheating and deception, a world in which one is trapped in, and living in, a world which can only be maintained for a limited time by continual lies, deception and cheating. Eventually the heavy and great edifice of lies, deception and dishonesty will come crumbling and crashing down upon ones head. Falsely and deceptively winning the admiration of people amounts to nothing and does not in any true way make life successful. Perversion and hypocrisy leads to spiritual suicide and moral annihilation.

To realize the truth of Ifá-Olodumare one most disengage from these defilements. To repeatedly receive and hear the instructions, warnings and admonitions of Ifá and not obey is a dangerous, offensive and sorrowful thing. The one who turns away from the words of Ifá is the one who has given himself over to his own lusts, arrogance and perversions. He has become intoxicated and blinded by his own lusts, passions, arrogance and imagined power. His own lusts, arrogance, heedlessness, unfaithfulness and perversions will destroy him. Esu is watching and justly dispensing impartial justice. Esu will not be accepting bribes from anyone. Many are the “spiritual” thugs and gangsters who make moral-spiritual demands on others while they themselves are drowning in their own hypocrisy, impurity and deception. They might be able to deceive some people but they will not ever be able to deceive Ifá and Esu. Such ones aim to please people while they neglect and ignore Ifá. When what they have earned reaches them, who will help them and save them? Living for temporary and ill-gained ‘gold‘, ‘fame‘ and ‘imaginary good reputation’ they have forgotten Ifá-Olodumare. They worship themselves in the name of Ifá-Olodumare and the Irunmole. How can such scoundrels escape the just judgement of Ifá ‘Will they be able to bribe and purchase the favor of Ifá with gifts, sacrifices and offerings’ No, not ever. Will they be able to make Ifá turn a blind eye to all of their disloyalty, lies and abuses ‘No, not ever. They have time and make time for all things but they have no time to praise, love, worship and obey Ifá! Can a dog who is is fond of eating rotten and stinking garbage relish the taste of divine and pure eatables’ Living to promote their arrogance and to maintain false appearances, they reject the good and real. When they finally awake it will be too late.

Ifá says with love, urgency and warning:

“Stop now. Turn around. Do not continue on the misguided path you find yourself in. Do not waste your time and efforts on vain, dishonest and shameful pursuits. Remember that this life is short. Remember that this life is only the market place. What report will you give when you are called to stand alone before the divine council, when you are called to return home?! Do not rely or trust on your own isolated judgments or deceptive feelings. Rely and trust on Ifá-Olodumare and you will know limitless joy, peace and satisfaction.”

Reject and disregard Ifá at your own peril. It is a fearful and worrisome thing when Ifá ceases to listen to you and to respond to you due to ones negligence and repeated heedlessness. In countless and many ways Ifá speaks to us for our own good. Will we listen, comply and obey?! Ifá sees all and knows all. The eyes of Ifá cannot be made to close, and the mouth of Ifá cannot be forced or bribed shut. It is time to return and listen to Ifá. If we refuse and neglect the good counsel of Ifá then we alone are to blame for what will follow. Ifá is the one who counsels and admonishes us with more love and concern than our nearest and dearest relatives.

Ela ?boru. Ela ?boye. Ela ?bosise.

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