Ela ‘boru. Ela’boye. Ela ‘bosise.

It is not enough to profess belief. It is not enough to have mere surface intellectual knowledge. What is essential and indispensable is that we place practice of the principles of esin orisa ibile in the forefront and center of our personal lives. Unpracticed divine principles and knowledge becomes a dead weight and cancer in our lives.
A bonafide initiate or adept in the sacred mysteries and principles of esin orisa ibile should always feel the need to always press forward, to penetrate more deeply into the divine realities and always should aspire through practice and inquiry to rise higher in his or her practice of the moral-ethical and spiritual teachings and mysteries of Ifa. Contact with the Orisa is for the purpose of ennobling our lives, for gaining inspiration and motivation. Contact with the Orisa is for the purpose of having our understanding illuminated, corrected and empowered. The ase we receive joins itself to our intelligence, feelings and will so that we can live effective, positive and productive lives. The ase we receive enlightens and guided us along noble and dignifying paths. Contact with the Orisa and practice of the sound principles of esin orisa ibile helps us to ennoble our character and to nurture and develop an attitude that is full of dignity, contagious positivity, courage,love and enthusiasm.

Esin Orisa Ibile teaches us the path of self-perfection, renewal, growth and progress through dedicated and loving service towards others which will fill us with satisfaction and will permit us to decrease the focus of attention upon ourselves and thereby attenuating, reducing and ultimately eliminating the force, hold and strength of egoism in our own lives. Without practice we cannot truly understand the truth neither can we form a genuine and deep comprehension of divine realities independently of submerging ourselves in a life of practice. From practice personal verification and faith are obtained. From patient practice deep wisdom is gained and humility is cultivated.
Esin orisa ibile does not teach us to withdraw or run away from the world. It is by immersing ourselves in the reality of everyday living armed with divine understanding and wholesome Ifa outlook that we can grow, progress, mature and live truly enlightened and empowering lives. In isolation one cannot practice divine spirituality. We cannot be aloof from the needs, pains and suffering of our friends, family, neighbors and contemporaries. We must contribute to the benefit and uplift of our community by engaged and practical living.  It is in serving and loving others and by being  served and loved by others that fulfillment, contentment and satisfaction in life is gained. There is no true mastery without loving and productive service to others. There is no true mastery without responsible living.

Esin Orisa Ibile enjoins on us a vision of life and of our possibilities which are actual, realistic, balanced and satisfying. To help others who need our help. To come to the rescue of those who are reaching out to us for support and comfort. To share in the joys and sorrows of others. To give of yourself and time to benefit and uplift others. This is the heart of esin orisa ibile. If our religion is not practical then we have no religion. If our religion renders no benefit to ourselves or others then we have no religion.
Esin Orisa Ibile is the path and religion of the heart. The path of love, humility and respect. It is the path of good conscience and peace of mind.

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