Truthful Speech, Honest Livelihood, Harmlessness and Spiritual Sacrifice (Ebo) are the Four Unconquerable Practices. There is no need to complicate, confuse and burden ourselves with hair-splitting philosophy, complex religious ideas and practices; and injurious and strenuous mental and emotional religious endeavors. There is no point in investing our time, energy and resources on non-essential, valueless and unimportant things. If we were to examine the above unconquerable practices and made a personal commitment to embrace them as the foundation of our lives, relationships and activities we would receive through them all that we need and much, much more. The truthful and honest person builds up within himself the divine and supreme power. The person of honest livelihood is a blessing to his himself, his home, his community and his nation. The gentle, kind and harmless person is the savior and treasure of his home, family, community and nation. The divine cosmic energies delight to make lasting friendships and covenants with the courageous but harmless (pure minded) person. The person who joyfully, enthusiastically and regularly offers ebo to the divine guiding powers and protective functions of nature becomes vested with supramundane confidence, magnetic charisma, supernatural charm, superhuman intelligence and irrepressible joy. His inner spiritual faculties and inner God-powers become awakened and are put into motion as a result of ebo combined with harmlessness, honest livelihood and truthful speech. Ebo also includes the willingness and ability to patiently endure inconvenience for the sake of achieving a high goal and one’s spiritual and temporal aspirations.

Ebo is the willingness and ability to endure discomfort and loss to bring benefit to others. Ebo is of the essence of generosity, gratitude and appreciation. Ebo includes the activity and disposition of stable and constant perseverance and progress. Ebo includes disciplined and orderly living. Ebo includes the devotional aspects of our inner life; and the regularly established, and renewed rites of empowerment through which we bond and join ourselves to the divine creative energies and divine intelligences. Ebo is acceptable only when one is truthful, honest, harmless and obedient to the counsel and admonition of Òrúnmìlà. Take hold of these four unconquerable practices! Cultivate and nurture them in your life, make them your life, make them the essence of your life, and make them the essence of who you are; and you will achieve, experience and discover wonders beyond your imaginings and expectations.

Ela ‘boru. Ela ‘boye. Ela ‘bosise. Ela takun wa gureh.
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