When Olodumare first created us, formed us or gave ‘birth’ to us ages ago in the divine realm of spirits, Olodumare already previously planned what kind of grandiose, glorious, unique and magnificent being we would become at the end of our moral, spiritual and intellectual development over many lives. Before Olodumare decided to create you he already had the completed, glorified and perfect vision of you in mind. At present we are still undergoing moral, spiritual and intellectual formation, development and unfoldment. We are progressively and steadily moving in the direction of the great purpose or destiny which Olodumare already had in mind for us before deciding to create the human spirit.
That glorious, perfect, original and unequalled being that one day we will be already exists in the eternal mind of Olodumare and in the divine spirit realm. I know that hearing this divine truth for the first time can initially be difficult to accept or comprehend, by I assure you that soon you will grasp it and and know the reality of it.
That archetype, design or original blue-print of our perfected being is called Iponri. Our individual and personal ori or ori-inu is inseparable from the reality and activity of Iponri (our perfected higher self) which exists in the eternal mind of Olodumare and in the divine spiritual realm.
Our ori derives power, guidance, direction and inspiration from Iponri our perfected being in the divine spiritual realm of causes and in the eternal mind of Olodumare. Our lives, our human spirit, mind and personality yearns and pines for fusion with Iponri.
Iponri in union with our ori-inu is the source and origin of what we experience and call spiritual inspiration, enthusiasm and motivation. When we for whatever reason stop growing spiritually and we stop making forward progress we fall into a rut. We get stuck where we are, and then we find it very difficult to get up, to begin again and to keep going forward. When this happens our Iponri sends a current or signal charged with spiritual enthusiasm which causes us to cheer up, it causes us to get up, it motivates us, it inspires us to get up again and to keep pressing forward when we were feeling like giving up altogether. This is the great and wonderful power of Iponri! Have you ever experienced this before? Have you had the following experience before? You have given up, or you are tired of trying and you decide that this is it, you are not going to press forward anymore, your fed up and you’ve had it! But then after some time a great power of enthusiasm, hope and motivation fills you up and you completely forget about and abandon your previous negative and lowly feelings! This is the power of Iponri and Ori!!!
Every time that we grow and advance after some considerable time of patient effort in the direction of our Iponri, we feel, experience and receive a divine infusion of asé which increases our motivation, our capacity, our intelligence and our spiritual power. It is Iponri who is sending this current. It is Iponri helping us. Iponri dispenses this power, current and virtue and our ori-inu receives it. Our spirit, our subtle spiritual body [soul] and our physical body are nourished by this spiritual food, power and intelligence which ori provides.
The primary function of our ori is to lead and guide us to the realization of our perfected being as perfectly pre-ordained and pre-planned  by Olodumare. Life after life our divine ori accompanies us as a faithful friend, guide, teacher and companion until we reach unexcelled perfection. We should greatly value and love our ori, because ori is the personal manifestation, power and presence of Olodumare indwelling our minds, sharing our struggles, challenges and victories, and assisting us in our growth and unfoldment. Our ori-inu will definitely complete its mission of leading us to flawless glory, excellence and perfection by assisting us in our growth and development until we become qualified and prepared to partake of fusion with our Iponri. For now this is all I want to share about this divine mystery. Ifá will add more light to us on this all important matter.
May you  be inspired, enlightened and encouraged by this teaching which reveals the astounding depth, beauty, power and comprehensiveness of the Ifá conception of life and of how fortunate and blessed we are as human beings. It is wonderful the manner in which Ifá reveals to us the true value, meaning and purpose of human life. May you be motivated to enter deeply and with enthusiasm into your own Ifá research, study and practice. Without one’s personal effort and consecration [sacrifice] there can be no reception and enjoyment of reward, victory and attainment.
May Òrúnmìlà Awinrin continue to benefit, illumine, guide and defend you. Àse.
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