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The odu ifa casted for today’s Odu-Ifa is OSA IROSUN with ire gbogbo (multiple blessing for us). Ifa said we should try as much as possible to be loyal to our boss, be it any parastatal, ifa said some people are expecting some finance to start on a new business, they should appease ifa, ifa will bless them and they should never betray their boss.

Ifa said and I quote

“Osa o le sun,

Dahin dahin ni n bawon sawo,

Adifa fun elewi, o n be laarin ota,

Won ni o kara n le ebo ni ko ma se

Osa o le sun

Dahin dahin ni n bawon sawo,

Adifa fun ilakosin ti n se eru elewi”


“Osa cannot sleep

Seriously he was involving in priesthood work

Cast divination for elewi (king of ewi kingdom)

When he was amidst tribulation,

He was asked to make ebo (sacrifice)

Osa cannot sleep”


Some group of people were ganging up against Elewi, the king planning to do evil and set-up war ageist him, unfortunately for them, Ilakosin heard about it and went ahead to tell his slave master Elewi to run for his dear life.

And when the enemy got to Elewi house, they did not meet him and Elewi was saved. On his return he compensated Ilakosin his slave with huge sum of money for not betraying him and Ilakosin also start a new business and new life and he becomes rich.

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