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The Odu ifa casted for today’s itadogun Reading is IRETE-IKA with ire aiku (Blessing of Longetivity). Ifa ask us to make sacrifice for longetivity and talks about three siblings that needs to make ebo, so that two of them will not die leaving only one behind. Ifa said he will bless us and accept our prayers at today’s Ose Ifa.

Ifa said and I quote:

“A’teka awo ila difa fun ila

A’teka awo ikan difa fun ikan

Ateka awo bobo awodi difa fun bobo awodi

Awon meteta n ti ikole orun bo wa si aiye

Ebo ni won ni ki won se,

Bobo awodi nikan ni nbe leyin ti n toju ebo,

Ebo ti re lo da adaju”


“A’teka the priest of okro cast divination for okro,

A’teka the priest of garden egg cast divination for garden egg,

A’teka the priest of bobo awodi cast divination for bobo awodi,

When three of them were descending from heaven to earth,

They were ask to offer sacrifice so that human being will not have power over them,

It was only bobo awodi that offer sacrifice,

Thus, okro and garden egg are popularly known as food while bobo awodi is forbidden as food for human.”


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