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Odu ifa casted for today’s Ose-Ifa itadogun is OGBE OWONRIN with ire aiku (Blessing of Longetivity). Ifa asking to appeased our heavenly mate with whatever we have in power to do, and also ifa said they will bestowed us some titles and that we should not reject it, ifa said two siblings needs to make ebbo/sacrifice for prosperity.Ifa said and I quote

Ihun ile la n wun

Ki eni to mo ihun ode

Adifa fun orunmila baba n lo re je Olori Ajowolu

Won ni ebo ni kose

Nje, eyin egbe mi ibi e wa e wa

Egbe Olowo

Egbe Olomo

Egbe oni ire gbogbo

Ibi e wa, e wa


It is our issue we pay attention to, 

Before we pay attention to issues of outsiders,

Cast divination for Orunmila when he was to be bestowed a leadership role among his peers/mate, 

Thus, wherever my heavenly mate are, they should show up,

The Rich heavenly mate, 
The child bearing heavenly mate, 

Heavenly mate with all Good Fortune, 

Anywhere you are, come to my aid


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