The fundamental basis of divine culture according to Esin Ibile is IFA.

Ifa being divine and universal is for everyone. Ifa contains the highest levels of spiritual principles and knowledge for practical living and moral-intellectual-spiritual evolution, realization and accomplishment. Ifa has interesting, diverse and detailed information and instructions on all that is essential to human life and spiritual fulfillment.
– In Ifa one can find useful and inspiring information on the divine powers of the human soul and mind and how to cultivate our inner soul and mind powers and faculties.
– In Ifa we have revealed to us the science of making contact with the divine, guiding and protective energies of creation and how to receive the benefit of the influx of their grace, energy, intelligence and strengthening power.
– In Ifa one can find clarifying knowledge, doubt removing information; and masterfully laid out; information and examples for the progressive development of ones character.

– In Ifa and through the example and recorded experiences of Orunmila we learn about the science of eradication of unwholesome and wicked tendencies.
– In Ifa and through the recorded teachings and experiences of Orunmila we receive guidance and knowledge in how to care for and develop our families, as well as information on how to promote our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.
– In Ifa we find the crown and perfection of all sciences: The knowledge and philosophy of Olodumare and the ways to perfect ourselves through divine devotion, dedication and service.

The supreme and overarching purpose of Ifa is to bring about an uplifting, wholesome and transformative change in our attitudes, understanding, perception and thinking, thereby bringing about a deep and lasting moral-spiritual regeneration, renewal, refreshment and growth. Ifa offers to us good and sound knowledge on all necessary matters pertaining to the divine realm (OBARA NIKOSI) , divine personalies and powers, morality, spirituality and practical, enlightened and simple living. Ifa encourages, inspires and advises us to evolve to a higher spiritual level. Ifa challenges us to rise above mediocrity, pettiness, fickleness and complacency. Ifa would have us reach excellence, accomplishment and full development. For us to achieve this however, we have to change, adjust and correct our ways of thinking and our attitudes and be truthful (e je ka sotito, e je ka sododo) in all our endeavors – EJIOGBE. Not to mention our ways of conduct and living. This is what is very much needed and required today. This is the aim, emphasis and priority of the divine activity of Ifa in today’s world. Why? Because Ifa highlights and emphasizes that only through a qualitative change and deep, progressive and continual transformation in the individual person can change in the world and the prevailing collective attitudes be elevated, changed and corrected. To be able to firmly grasp the rope of life (purpose of life) and to make of this world a divine world of beauty, peace and goodness we have to change the present mentality of humanity which is more materialistic than spiritual. Through application of Ifa teachings and the personal reception of divine empowerment through Ifa, we must and can remove selfishness, narrow mindedness, stinginess, indiscipline, dishonesty, indifference and immorality which have spread their tentacles contaminating and corrupted everything. Then we must replace these unwholesome and defiling tendencies with good will, love, concern, generosity, good faith and good activities. This will not happen by mere listening, writing, reading, and theorizing. For this Ifa led endeavor to succeed people will have to be instructed and led to adopt a lifestyle in harmony with the pure, comprehensive and holistic Ifa point of view. Look in the mirror. This work begins with you and will gain momentum and accomplishment by how you live and develop your life. It is only by virtue of your own qualities, continual applied effort, excellence of character, integrity, deeds and inner development of your spiritual intelligence can the aims of Ifa be successful in your life and in the world at large. Every positive step we take and every subsequent level of progress we accomplish will benefit both ourselves and the world.


The spiritual energy and charisma irradiated by us will energize, motivate, transform and correct others. This is the vision that Ifa sets before us. Let’s embrace it and get to the practical work of realizing it in our lives, homes, relationships, place of employment and within our communities. Ifa is with us and helping us but we must be with Ifa, and we must help Ifa by collaborating with the divine directives and inspiration of Ifa.

Ela ‘boru. Ela ‘boye. Ela ‘bosise.

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