OGBONI TEACHINGS (Keys of Power and Understanding)

Phase 1 – Introduction to Ogboni Thought

Ogbo ato.

Divine mother Edan -Onile Ogboduora- teaches us that the laws of Olodumare provide that man and woman be born into a condition of life which offers opportunity for material achievements and spiritual development.

As a matter of common sense and common experience most individuals follow the religious concepts of their parents, primarily because they have no choice in the matter — and the parents, being responsible for the education of the child, naturally insist that the child receive religious/spiritual instruction and training conforming to the faith subscribed by them.

A vocation or profession is usually selected by the individual rather than by parents. Little by little the young man or woman becomes capable of thinking and acting independently, although adhering in most things to the teachings and training of early childhood.

As time goes on, the individual may begin to think independently regarding religion/spirituality, perhaps questioning certain practices, teachings and wondering whether or not there exists such a being as Olodumare or Irunmole/Orisa, Egungun, spirit beings, whether there is a purpose to life and what that purpose might be and how to achieve it.

Those that are given to thought, search and contemplation soon enough become determined true seekers for truth and understanding. It is for this aim and purpose that Edan -Onile Ogboduora- instituted her sacred order and association: To make know the facts of the spiritual life, the reality of Olodumare and the chief purposes of human life and how to successfully achieve it. This knowledge will benefit and satisfy those who have earnestly been searching for it and really have a deep need for it. Ogboni exists for this purpose alone: To communicate the truths, facts and practices that will lead to the fulfillment of life’s purpose. What this purpose is and what light Edan sheds on it and how to joyfully achieve it will be considered in another communication.

Many in their honest search and inquiry find and discover that they have been following erroneous, unsatisfying, unfulfilling, contradictory, outdated or misguided teachings. After seeking and trying so many things they now find themselves confused and lost but yet still desirous of the finding the simple, highest and most satisfying truths of life. When such sincere and hard working searchers and students of truth reach this stage, then are they ready to appreciate and benefit from the sublime ogboni teachings.

Authentic Ogbonism gives us a clear and satisfying criteria for discerning and identifying true spirituality from false or counterfeit spirituality. Ogbonism reveals the very simple but powerful fact that true spiritual teachings or authentic traditional religion must necessarily be based on the development of the human spirit/soul and spiritual awakening. For the accomplishment of this specific purpose did Eledumare set Edan apart from other Irunmole. Edan was charged by Olodumare to communicate the highest meanings, values and supreme purpose of life to humanity. She was instructed to institute a sacred association that would receive her revelations and ase and communicate/share them with seeking and interested ones among humanity for the health, upliftment, progress and salvation of the world. The society of Edan is a private society but is was not supposed to become a secret society. It was founded with the intention and purpose that its members would reach out to others with the teachings and ase of Edan after first establishing their lives according to the pattern and order revealed by Edan. As others embraced the covenant of Edan they naturally became members of her private society. They are private not because they are hiding but because most people are not really interested in learning, embracing, living and practicing the standard of life that was revealed by Edan. Edan represents order, voluntary and willing compliance with divine directives, morality, humility, productive living, practical love, honesty, accountability and personal responsibility. It was not that the community was intentionally exerting itself to keep interested and sincere people out of the association. On the contrary the order from Edan to the Ogboni society was to share, grow and expand. Edan is completely dedicated to the moral regeneration of humanity and the spiritualization of all aspects of human life and endeavors. Because of the serious and important nature of Edan’s mission, those who would be members of her society, the ogboni society, had to commit themselves to her principles, teaching and example if they were to personally benefit as well as succeed to bringing the esoteric mysteries of Ogbonism to all peoples. The aim of Edan was and is to reproduce on earth the same quality of life, standard and condition of the divine Irunmole in the life of each obedient, faithful and progressive human being until the earth becomes a perfected, pure and blissful world inhabited by divine human beings but this divine fact we will consider in more detail at a later time.

May divine mother Edan -Onile Ogboduora- shine her light upon you and may her asé lead you to the true path of peace, fulfillment, good conscience and satisfaction. May Edan brighten and awaken your understanding and may she initiate in you a living interest about her mission and her noble society. Ase.

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Ogboni key number 1: Order is Olodumare’s first law. Order is health. Order is beauty. Order is holiness. Order is morality. Order is all powerful. For us to live in harmony we must live within the law of order. If we refuse to modify our lives and adjust our thinking to bring them in harmony with divine order then our lives will be out of phase, disorderly and full of unceasing upheaval, anxiety, strife and worry. Order was instituted for our happiness, safety, health and progress.

Ogbo ato.

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