Olodumare is everywhere


Aboru Aboye

Olodumare, the Source Supreme, exists everywhere. Olodumare is omniscient (all-knowing) and omnipresent (present everywhere). Olodumare Osin Imale (the supreme leader of divine and holy ones) is everywhere. If we have true devotion and unshakeable faith in Olodumare who is our Father, Mother and Beloved Friend, Olodumare can appear and manifest in our lives wherever we may happen to be. There is no need to travel here or there to find Olodumare. There is no necessity to search for Olodumare as if Olodumare were localized to one special place.
Olodumare is everywhere to be found. His presence and ase fills, permeates and encircles the entirety of the expansive creation. You can gain nearness to Olodumare, our tender, true and original parent at the place where you are currently reading these words. Whether sitting, standing or reclining, you can fully enjoy the nearness and presence of Olodumare. Olodumare is not a man or a woman. Olodumare is the Supreme Unique Spirit. Olodumare manifests to us as a Father, Mother, Friend and Companion of the Heart. But in truth, there is no word in any language to capture the uniqueness, great glory and wonder that is Olo-Odu-Mare, the Supreme Being. The only thing necessary to gain access to Olodumare is simplicity, sincerity, good will and a honest yearning and longing to meet and know Olodumare. Unshakeable faith and trust arises in us, as we come to more accurately know Olodumare and continually associate with Olodumare acquiring His noble qualities through the experience and descent of Olodumare-ase (divine grace, power and presence). There is no necessity whatsoever to run here and there in search for Olodumare (God). The only thing necessary is to light the lamp of inextinguishable love for Olodumare Oba Ire. When we approach Olodumare, with child like simplicity, good faith and a desire to love Olodumare and receive Olodumare’s love, —holy, approachable and royal Olodumare readily makes His presence felt in our hearts. His love for us becomes personally perceived and experienced, filling us with peace, confidence and optimism.
Olodumare only wants our love, gratitude and friendship. Obedience or compliance to the instructions of Olodumare, is the fruit of genuine trust and love. Our faith in Olodumare is not born from our own will or intelligence, but is born out of experiencing, of tasting and savoring the divine presence when it chooses to graciously make itself known to us. When we inwardly perceive the reality of Olodumare and His perfections, when we savor, taste and know the specific quality of the character and personality of Olodumare, trust then confidence and love for Olodumare spontaneously and naturally arises in us. True knowledge of Olodumare cannot be attained by the dry intellect, logic or reasoning. Second hand information about Olodumare is not adequate, neither is it the equal of first hand personal experience of Olodumare. Second hand information resides in the intellect whereas first hand personal knowledge of Olodumare resides in the heart. Genuine life means living from the heart or wholeheartedness. True knowledge is obtained when a genuine longing, yearning and desire to know our wonderful creator, friend and guide is developed in us. Olodumare cannot resist revealing Himself to His children when they call on Him with sincere yearning and longing. If we pray to Olodumare with sincerity, yearning and longing, He is bound by His loving nature to answer us wherever we may happen to be, because He is everywhere. In truth, Olodumare is more interested in revealing Himself to you and seeking you out than you are in seeking Him! Olodumare is not hiding from us but waiting for the right moment in which He might make Himself known to us. When we discover that just having things cannot satisfy our hearts and we discover that just filling our minds with all kinds of information and living a life of recreation does not satisfy our deep seated need for communion with the Divine Presence, then is the arena set for our encounter with Olodumare.

The Supreme One whom you are seeking, is looking for you! Before we call on Olodumare, we should make an honest effort to know and understand who it is that we are calling upon. We should know who we are calling. We should know and understand that He is the glorious, sublime and royal owner, master and nurturer of all things. He is the King over all kings. He is the Father of fathers. He is the Mother of mothers. He is pure, clean and filled with inconceivable wisdom and power. He is always happy, joyful, peaceful and full of divine dignity. He is the true friend and support. Nothing is hidden from His eyes. He fills all things with His ase. He knows and comprehends all things perfectly. He knows and has the solution to your problems before you even become aware of them. He Himself by Himself is the one able to satisfy our inner longings and desires for abiding divine communion, fulfillment and happiness.

Reverence, love and awe should permeate every part of our being when we are about to call upon and pronounce the divine name Olodumare. He is the Supreme Master and Preceptor. By the mere thought of Him should humility and meekness immediately arise in us. To know the Person embodied in the name is to know and have power, courage, assurance, optimism and a spirit of pure victory! We realize our humanity by being imbued with the noble and blissful qualities of Olodumare–the Supreme Being who is above all created beings, Orisa, Irunmole and mankind. No one is equal to Olodumare. When the mind is immersed in true worship with fervor and delight, the speech reverberates with joy and tears roll down our cheeks. Ifa says, “When danger approaches and there is no one to inform us and alert us, it is Olodumare who awakens us and informs us, so as to avoid the danger, suffering and sorrow.” No one is more loving, gracious and understanding than Olodumare. Anyone who associates and walks with Olodumare constantly will become more and more like Him, assimilating the divine nature, just like Ela Omo Osin Asiwaju. It is through Ela’s association, devotion and love for Olodumare that he has become the glorious uniquely divine son of Olodumare. Being a ‘Son’ or ‘Child’ or ‘Daughter’ of Olodumare means having in oneself the qualities, character and personality of Olodumare through constant association and communion with the Divine. Ela is the visible manifestation of Olodumare because, he is the being who has most assimilated the divine nature and has become one with the qualities, conduct, behavior and manner of thought of Olodumare. He is best able to exhibit and demonstrate who, how and what Olodumare is! This shows us the secret and path to divine realization: Continual fellowship, association and loving appreciative-devotion to Olodumare and His character. The character of Olodumare is the truth. The character of Olodumare is our pattern and aim. We are glorified and purified through wholehearted devotion to Olodumare, orderliness and inner/outer cleanliness and purity. The path of the heart is the path we pursue. The wholehearted path of devotion to Olodumare is the path we are dedicated to following. Take as the example, the manners of Ela, Obatala and Orunmila, and see what greatness and power is obtained by walking in harmony with Olodumare and His truth (Ifa). No one can wield power and be entrusted with divine authority without purity, cleanliness, good character, intelligence, rectitude, courage and a spirit of friendliness and love. The greatest of all worship is that of tears or in otherwords having a true longing, hunger and fiery desire for the Divine. When we resort to Olodumare and surrender at the feet of the Supreme Lord (Oluwo), we must then know and understand that the grace (ase) of Olodumare is upon our lives and that we have been at that moment initiated by Olodumare Himself into His divine and holy mysteries.
Olodumare shares His power and authority with those who increasingly assimilate His nature and practice fervently His qualities. Olodumare does not hide his heart and mind from those who eagerly seek Him, revere Him and long to love Him with fullness. Our entire lives are sacred. We worship Olodumare everywhere we are and in everything we do. The one who exhibits the character and personality of Olodumare most in his dealings with his fellow man is the one who worships Olodumare truly. The one who genuinely loves all without distinction in the practice of noble actions, words and thoughts is the one who truly loves. Love can be seen and received solely through our actions, by what we do and how we do it.
Olodumare is not in the pocket of any man for you to go here and there to other fallible humans beings seeking the true knowledge of Olodumare. The knowledge, wisdom and understanding of Olodumare cannot be bought or sold. But Olodumare lives in the hearts of the holy, pure, upright, simple and humble. Draw near to humble, sincere and upright devotee’s of Olodumare and you will behold Olodumare in them and through them. Olodumare will confer His ase and loving spirit upon your life: filling you with satisfaction, contentment, self-confidence, wholesome self-esteem, divine intelligence and charisma. Olodumare is where you are. The truth is where you are. The divine treasure is hidden within your heart. Unearth it and discover it and be blessed now and ever.
Ela ‘boru.
Ela ‘boye.
Ela ‘bosise.
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