The Divine Mother Onile Ogboduora is the Supreme Primordial Power. Olodumare is the Supreme Primordial Power in it its transcendent, expansive, inconceivable and all-pervading form. Olodumare is all of the Supreme Primordial Power that we are incapable of knowing. Olodumare refers to those wonders, glories and profundities of the Supreme Being that are entirely beyond are capacity to know. It is not possible for us at this time to know Olodumare as Olodumare knows Himself. This is why this expansive, all-pervading and inconceivable feature of the Supreme Primordial Power, Person and Being is called Olodumare. The Sole Owner of all inconceivable powers, energies, potencies, wisdoms and powers! 
It is completely impossible for us to know, experience and comprehend Olodumare without Olodumare choosing to reveal Himself and make Himself known to us. We simply cannot accurately know, perceive and understand Olodumare by the strength of our finite and limited will, reason or intelligence. It is only when Olodumare through His own initiative reveals Himself to us or responds to our desire and request to know Him, that we can know Him.

When we are blessed and graced with the initial, ever-increasing and progressive experience, knowledge and understanding of Olodumare, that facet of Olodumare which we are fitted to progressively experience, know, and be comforted, nurtured and uplifted by is called Onile Ogboduora. Onile Ogboduora is the name we give to our personal and ever-increasing experience and understanding of the Supreme Being. The transcendent (what we can’t at present know of or about Olodumare) aspect of the Supreme we call Father. The immanent aspect of the Supreme (what we can directly know of Olodumare) we call Mother i.e. Onile Ogboduora. Both aspects are one and inseparable from each other. From the perspective of the Absolute Supreme Being there is no distinction between the transcendent and immanent. But from the perspective of finite beings like ourselves, we perceive, experience, understand and differentiate between both aspects of the one Supreme Being. For all intents and purposes, it is the Mother aspect of Enitolodun (the Supreme Absolute Truth) that we crave, yearn and desire for. Onile Ogboduora is that aspect and feature of the limitless, expansive and all-pervading Divine Intelligence which meets our need for love, compassion, companionship, understanding, sympathy, personal/intimate devotion and individual/personal affection.

Onile Ogboduora is the feature and aspect of the Supreme Absolute Being Enitolodun which expresses the nearness, sympathy and awareness of the Supreme Power towards us. Onile Ogboduora is the owner, guide, adjuster and governer of Ile. Ile in this instance does not refer to planet earth and is not limited to the earth planet. Ile in this instance refers to all creation, all worlds, all dimensions and all realms of of the vast universal creation,  because these are the ile or home and dwelling place of the Infinite Spirit of Compassion, Sympathy, Dynamic Power, Understanding, Strength, Courage and Wisdom, i.e. Onile Ogboduora.
How can the Supreme limitless and infinite intelligence bridge the gap between its own eternal, unique and unequaled nature and our finite and limited nature? How can the infinite and finite meet and relate? How can the glorious one and great glory be understood, appreciated, known and experienced by humanity? Can we do anything to bridge this gap? No! There is nothing we can do. When the loving Supreme Power Olodumare makes itself known to us, and we personally and individually experience its true character, personality, intent and nature, that personally experienced and known knowledge and understanding is called, Onile Ogboduora. The divine nurturing mother.
When we really, personally actually know, and according to our present evolving capacity understand and experience the heart, intention mind of Enitolodun , the power of the Supreme through which He bonds us to Himself, manifests in us and through us, and causes us to know and experience His reality, true existence and limitless joy and happiness is called Onile Ogboduora. And this is why those who really know Enitolodun, revere Enitolodun, lovingly worship Enitolodun and enjoy a deep, transparent, fearless and satisfying friendship and living relationship with Enitolodun are known as ogboni (the wise ones), the ones who are truly knowing and experiencing the divine and eternal love, truth, intelligence and power – Onile Ogboduora.
Those whose quality of mind-spirit, vital-life and manner of living are one with Onile Ogboduora, these alone are the true sages, holy ones, seers, empowered ones and knowers of the sublime truth; or ogboni. A belief you can have today and change tomorrow. A belief you can have today and neglect, ignore, deny, reject or repudiate tomorrow. But when the experiential, direct and personal knowledge and power of Onile Ogboduora reveals itself to you and makes its home in your heart, this divine knowledge cannot ever be neglected, doubted, ignored, denied, rejected or repudiated because it is not a knowledge that is the product of your own individual hopeful belief or imagination but is something that is permanently impressed within you by a power, grace, beauty and goodness greater than yourself, and which exists and acts independently of your own circumscribed thoughts, ideas, feelings and beliefs.

Onile a gbe wa ooo! We praise you Primordial Divine Mother. You are of the essence of wisdom, love, knowledge and power. You are Life itself. You are Intelligence itself. You are Love itself. You are the spirit of Loyalty and Devotion. You are the Original uncreated and united Diverse Eternal Powers itself. You are a unity of limitless, inconceivable and fathomless potencies and energies. You are the initial cause, nurturer and owner of all things. You are life itself. You are the one who gives and gifts pattern, order, personality and originalilty to all things. You are the beginningless and original life who gives life and light to one and all. You are the Life of our life. There is no beauty, delightfulness and attractiveness that can approximate your own, not to speak of being your equal! You make yourself known only to the sincere, and to those whom your kindness and grace chooses to make itself known to. It is you who joins us experientially to Olodumare-Enitolodun. Yet, you yourself are Olodumare-Enitolodun! Who can understand and appreciate this reality except those who are near you and those to whom you have bestowed your nearness?! We thank you, remember you and praise you. Grant us always harmony, peace, prosperity, joy and long-life. Asé.

Onile a gbe wa ooo!
Onile a gbe wa ooo!
Onile a gbe wa ooo!
Your friend and well-wisher Awo Òrúnmìlà Mark Casillas.
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