Ogbo Ato.
Good morning. May the peace and joy of Olodumare Oba Ire be with you. This is a new day to praise and appreciate the kindness and goodness of Ifá-Olodumare.
Following the example of Orunmila Ajiborisa Pero let’s begin our day by being among the first to go see and offer our iwure and words of gratitude to Edumare. This is the secret and source of Orunmila’s wisdom, strength, patience and perseverance. Daily Orunmila receives guidance, instructions, encouragement and divine orders from Olodumare. Orunmila walks closely with the One who conferred upon him so much wisdom, authority, honor, privilege and intelligence. May Orunmila Ajiborisa Pero be with you in the fullness of his spirit, wisdom and power.  Iwure mixed with heartfelt gratitude and confidence is the key that opens the doors of all blessings for ourselves and others. Orunmila is one of the foremost devotees of Olodumare and as such he is our spiritual master, exemplar and mentor.

There is a great mystery, truth and power in the fact that Orunmila is called Ajiborisa Pero, the first being who daily presents himself at Olodumare’s palace to offer his praise, prayers, requests for others and petitions for himself. The wisdom, power, intelligence, patience and perseverance of Orunmila is something that is daily renewed and daily conferred upon Orunmila by Olodumare. How else could Orunmila successfully administer the creation and the many requests and countless problems/issues that are brought to him daily?! The wisdom, compassion, power and abilities of Orunmila are not gifts that were conferred upon him a single time, once and for all. Not at all! When Orunmila presents himself daily at Olodumare’s palace to confer and consult with Olodumare, Olodumare sends forth a daily investure of power, intelligence, strength, light and enthusiasm that fills the being of Orunmila, which renews, refreshes and empowers Orunmila Oba Atayese and enables him to competently deal with and complete the grandiose and multifaceted tasks that are presented to him daily! This teaching, revelation and fact regarding the daily praise, divine worship and prayer life of Orunmila in relation to Olodumare is one of the pillars and confidential mysteries of Ifá.

It is strange that today many people are very interested in knowing about all kinds of spiritual beings, spirits and divine entities but few people stop to think about who is the father, mother, creator and instructor of these divine beings, spirits and personalities. Few people seem to show interest in approaching and coming to know the great Olodumare, the father-mother of all spirits, in discovering for themselves His courage-enthusiasm giving character, His attractive and irresistible personality and His overall delightfulness and awe-inspiring charisma. Orunmila thoroughly delights in the personality and character of Olodumare. The light that shines in the face of Olodumare which Orunmila beholds and experiences in his daily praise and prayer to Olodumare, fills Orunmila with such power, confidence, intelligence, pure good-will, inspiration, blissful delight, and perseverance equal to and superior to any task needed to be undertaken and resolved by him. The spirit of Ifá enters Orunmila and replenishes him during his daily prayer, worship and divine service to Olodumare. When Orunmila presents himself before Olodumare the sixteen principles of creation together with their children also join Orunmila in praise, worship and prayer to Olodumare.
If Orunmila and all 256 Odu daily feel the desire and need to praise, worship, pray to, speak with and listen to Olodumare, how much more so should we!? How great and glorious is Olodumare! How powerful and efficacious are the countless blessings and inconceivable benefits of praise and prayer to Olodumare! How great, beneficial and unequalled is the the practice of intentional reflection of the exquisiteness, beauty and excellences of Olodumare. Only when we known Olodumare can we form and have a true sense of who and what we really are and where we are going. Let us prove ourselves legitimate children and devotees of Orunmila by following the example of our spiritual father by waking up each morning to praise, speak with and share our heart with Olodumare. When we awaken to do this our spirit and mind joins itself to Orunmila at the time that he is personally present before Olodumare in Ile Ase (The palace/house of authority, power and command!) We know that whatever Orunmila Ibikeji Olodumare asks from Olodumare for the accomplishment of his divine assignment and mission he always receives from Olodumare. We too can receive the same strength, support and investiture of divine intelligence, power, charisma and gracefulness if we join ourselves to Orunmila in the early morning hours to offer our heartfelt words of praise and prayer to Olodumare together with our requests and petitions. Do not underestimate the power of this divine conversation. This life of iwure is the heart, life’s blood and back bone of the true initiate, which gives vitality, vibrancy, courage, intelligence, enthusiasm, meaning and strength to our lives. Talk with Olodumare. Make it your habit, just like Orunmila Ajiborisa Pero, to speak with Olodumare each day. There can be no deep relationship and affectionate bond between two or more people without daily conversation. Divine conversation blends our spirit and soul to the Source of all existence. In iwure we receive light, divine admonition, endurance, specific instructions, strength, consolation, comfort and guidance directly from the spirit of Olodumare to our own spirit. When we make daily and persevering requests and petitions for our friends, family members and companions we join, connect and bond them to the source of all existence, happiness, peace and harmony. There is no practice greater than daily iwure to Olodumare in unity with Orunmila to promote the unfoldment, development and health of our inner and outer life. There is power here! There is serenity, assurance and peace here! There is wisdom, knowledge, understanding and intelligence here. There is unfailing protection and complete safety here! Make it your habit to follow the example and teaching of Orunmila awimilogbon oba atayese.

Ela ‘boru. Ela ‘boye. Ela ‘bosise.
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