The odu ifa that came out for today’s Ose-Ifa Reading is Osa L’ogbe which its message is as follow:

Ifa is warning us according to this odu that we should not fight or engage in any physical or spiritual combat and as well avoid argument, so that our blessing will not be delayed or passes us by. Ifa advices us not to be an ingrate to whosoever that has helped us, so that we will not have to regret it later in future.

Ifa sees more of blessing for us at today’s ose ifa and ask us to feed esu odara with bean cake “Akara”, so that our blessing can locate us and also feed our ifa with some palm wine.

Ifa said and I quoted here:

“ Jogboloro,

Mo ra akara ko esu,

Adifa fun orunmila,

ti ire gbogbo n koja loju de re ti o ya le wa,

Won ni o kara n le ebo ni kose,

Nje  Jogboloro, mo ra akara ko esu,

Akara ni mo ra ko esu ni ire gbogbo ya ile wa,

Jogboloro, mo ra akara ko esu ”


“ Jogboloro,

I bought bean cake for esu,

Cast divination for orunmila,

When good things was passing him by and never branch his abode,

He was asked to make sacrifice (ebo),

Thus, he make all necessary sacrifice,

Jogboloro, I bought bean cake for esu,

It is the bean cake I bought for esu that make good things come my way,

Jogboloro, I bought bean cake for esu. ”


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                          – Oluwo Fasola Faniyi Babatunde

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