Ancestral Pride Temple Ltd Team IN CONJUNCTION With Ancestral Pride Foundation (APF) are giving thanks to Olodumare, Oba Ajalaye, Ajalorun for giving us the privilege to witness another annual event (ISESE DAY) of this year, which took place all over the world on this day Tuesday, August 20, 2019.

On this day, the universal day for all traditionalist and traditional institutions, It is important for all of us to know that ISESE belongs to all human being regardless of their religious or belief system, we should endeavors to set aside a special and convenient time for ourselves today and do some needful prayer because the meaning of ISESE is very simple for us to understand and not to be tagged as been devilish.

ISESE celebration is a means of connection between our ancestors and personal self and beginning of the new yam harvest in some localities, For instance our late father, grandfather, grandmother and in particular our Guidance Angel/Orisa and so on.

With this we can easily break it down as thus, Jesus is ISESE to a group of people and localities (Jerusalem), Muhammad is Isese to the people of Arabs, while our own IFA, ORISA and ALASEKU (ancestors) are our own Isese As a black race (adulawo), so there is need for us to embrace what is ours. Today is regards as one of the good day set aside and generally accepted by all to communicate with our ancestors and heroes and pray to/for them .
Listen to this special verse from Odu IFA OGUNDERIN (Ogunda – Owonrin) :

Okun su nare nare
Osa su legbe legbe
ijasan alasan rasan
Ijasan alasan arasan
Iworo orisa n lo si osunmeri
agbagba imole
wo igbeyin oro
Won ri wipe
Ko sun won tan
Won fair riwo tan
Won subu yeke
Won fi irugbon di a pinpin ja pin
Isese ni won se IFA fun
Olori oro lode isalaye
Olori oro lode orun
Nje tani ISESE?
*OLORUN OBA* ni isese eni
Baba eni ni isese eni
Iya eni ni isese eni
Ori eni ni isese eni
IFA eni ni isese eni
Egungun ni isese
Orisa ni isese
Nje ki la n bo nile yi
Ki ara to tuni
Isese la n bo nile yi
Ki ara to tuni
Isese ni baba etutu

I pray that as we celebrate isese today all around the globe, may Olodumare, IFA and our Ori guide our path to success.

Ki gbogbo awa onisese ma ri igbega.
Iwaju ni opa ebiti gbogbo awa onisese yi o ma re si
Ki a ma pada di ero eyin.
Eyi yi ni mo se ni iwure ni
Odun isese toni
Ki IFA olokun je ko ribe
ISESE yio gbe wa o. Ase’nteeumare



From: Oluwo (Dr) FASOLA FANIYI
Chief Priest @ancestralPRIDE

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