Supplication to Obatala

Obatala I humbly approach you in iwure. With great reverence and love I present to you my gratitude, offerings and requests. I bow before you, in humility and with great respect. Orisaala accept my offerings, requests and devotion which I present to you with gratitude, for the blessings and noble teachings that you have entrusted to me. Exalted Obatala, teach me to live with a pure, undivided and sincere heart. May I always abide in a state of calmness, serenity, good conscience and clarity. Oba-orisha Ooosala, grant me perseverance and that my heart be genuine, childlike, courageous and true. Empower me with your asé so that I may courageously walk upon the path of sincerity and truth without straying and without fearing anything or anyone. Obatala, grant to me that I may be strong and diligent in my deeds. Bestow good health to me and my family; give us strength in spirit, mind and body. Benefit and prosper me that I may benefit and serve all mankind. With awe, reverence and love I ask you that you give me strength and power to rise above mediocrity, deception and error. May I prove to be a true follower of yours in all I think, say and do. Obatala you are  the master of the path of truth, life and light. My Friend, Father and Oluwo Obatala I beseech you to guide and illuminate my way. Whoever follows you is always successful, prosperous and satisfied beyond expectation. I am grateful Obatala for your friendship, nearness and blessings. I am grateful for the blessings of my ancestors who have taught me to honor, follow and revere you. Obatala, with your blessings and approval, I will practice my faith with brightness, purity and sincerity. Because I am led, inspired and encouraged by you Obatala I am dedicated to serving and benefitting one and all. By your guidance, nearness and blessing I will successfully fulfill my divine mission by seeking to promote and establish truth, rectitude, compassion and peace in my home, in my community and in my nation. I ask of you Obatala for peace, prosperity and harmony for all the peoples of the world. Guide me Obatala by always conveying to me your sacred teachings and your life giving asé. Obatala lead me on the ancient path of divine courage, insight, truthfulness, wisdom and holy power. Make of me a true, empowered, noble and honorable seer, guide and wise one. Enable me Obatala to bring calm, clarity, courage, hope and enthusiasm to all who cross my path, that in seeing me they may behold and experience you. Obatala, the holy mystery and secret foundation of your ways resides in my heart.

I will not ever succumb to suffering, dejection or affliction. Obatala, Lord of purity, calm, pleasantness and clear sightedness,  bless me that I never become impure and that nothing stains my heart, mind and the spiritual garments of my spirit. May no impurity, falsity, error and evil ever enter my heart. May I be continuously cleansed and purified from all defilement, immorality and impurity so that my heart remains alive in purity. Obatala you are the lord and master of the spirits and energies of purity, goodness, prosperity, fortune, blessing, support, protection, joy and cleanliness. May I always be protected, upheld and surrounded by these divine spirits of blessing, prosperity, insight and pure goodness. Everything that we are and that we can become emanates from the root of our being. Oh Obatala, may my being be always rooted in you! Bless me that I may be always pure and that I may live in harmony with my original fundamental goodness, dignity, radiance and brightness.

Grant me power to overcome life’s difficulties and power to live in harmony with nature. Give me divine intelligence so that I can see and avoid the deception, trickery and bad intentions of others. Give me divine power and gracefulness so that I can strip and disarm others of their fears, doubts, impurities and afflictions. Sweep away the impurities, doubts and confusions from my being and purify my spirit; grant me protection; grant me happiness; bring health to my soul and grant me wisdom to be a blessing to others. May I never be mediocre in anything I do or undertake. May I not be an imitator of others. May I walk in the strength and power of my own original spirit, personality and character.
May I excel in all things and may I be an outstanding person. Correct my path and remove obstacles from my life. Grant me fearlessness by giving me your full support and protection. Obatala safeguard me from malevolent, impure and unwholesome spirits and energies. Safeguard me from deceptive, hypocritical, devious and double-dealing people. If I have committed any error or if I have strayed from the true path, the ancient and divine path of divine wisdom, love and holy power I ask you to correct my way that I may hear your voice with clarity and that I may see and understand things with a clear, true and unburdened mind. Obatala sweep away strife, anger, misunderstandings and negativity from our hearts, our homes and our communities. Obatala, purifying spirit of light, truth and love…Obatala divine fire of truth, impartiality and rectitude, bestow clarity on our times, our destiny and our world. May you be pleased to bring all these things to pass. Asé.
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