The true-nature of iyami-osoronga: The importance of acquiring a true, elevated, accurate and spiritual comprehension of spiritual realties. It is time to come out of fear-mongering, superstitious [backward] thinking, spiritual-immaturity and childish ignorance.
Iyami Osoronga has nothing to do with antagonism or malice. Iyami Osoronga is the ancient, sublime and venerable mother of great wisdom, dignity and power. Iyami-Osoronga is power, vitality and supramundane-ability. If and when she opposes us it is for our own benefit. Iyami-Osoronga is Mother. When we say Mother in regard to iyami-osoronga we are not referring to the female sex as physically understood by us. In spiritual matters MOTHER refers to the nurturing, upbuilding and delightful aspect and quality of the DIVINE ENERGY that is able to completely satisfy our personal, peculiar and individual spiritual needs, aspirations, desires and longings. MOTHER refers to and emphasizes the tender, nurturing and sympathizing aspect of the divine, as well as the steps that the tender, nurturing and sympathizing aspect of the divine will take and MUST take to ensure our success, happiness and wellbeing. Mother -iyami osoronga– is the one who completely understands what we are feeling. Mother -iyami osoronga– is your greatest friend and ally to whom you can open up without fear, pour out your heart and share your innermost secrets, hopes, aspirations and concerns. She will not judge you. She will understand and sympathize with you and help you come out of your troubles, problems, worries and affections. She will help you and build you up. You can speak to her freely about anything!
Mother -iyami osoronga– is your closest, dearest and greatest friend, who even without you sharing with her what is going on in your life and within yourself she will unfailingly do for you whatever is truly in your best interest! Mother -iyami osoronga– is especially there to lift you up when you are feeling down, downcast, discouraged, despondent [hopeless] and demoralized. Mother -iyami osoronga– does not look down on us. She will stand by you to help you in both moments of happiness and sorrow. She will lift you up and give you a new lease on life. She is their to lead you to the discovery of your true worth, dignity and potential. Let there be no doubt in your mind that Mother -iyami osoronga– will always do what is ultimately good for you even if you are not accepting or understanding what she is doing and why. When iyami osoronga grants you her friendship and accepts you as her friend and child she takes full responsibility to get you to where you need to be. She will get you there the direct, sweet and fast way if we are agreeable to her action, or she will get you there the indirect, distasteful and long way if we are resistive to reason and commonsense, but get us there she will! If and when she opposes us it is for our own benefit. If we are doing the wrongs things in life and if we are going in the wrong direction in life she will apparently or seemingly oppose us to steer us in the right direction. She is not actually opposing us but steering us in the right direction, helping us and correcting our mistaken course. She only appear to be opposing us from our own perspective but in actuality [reality] she is helping us. She is not opposite us. She is opposing the wrong attitude, disposition, demeanor and improper resolve that is present in us. She opposing our negative attitude, our irresponsibility, our recklessness, our irritating deliberate stubbornness [stupidity] and our indifference.
Just like your earthly mother will oppose you, disapprove of you and course-correct you if you are wasting your life and pursuing things that will not bring you happiness, success and fulfillment, in the like manner will Iyami Osoronga oppose and resist for your own benefit. Just like we misunderstand and misinterpret the loving, firm and corrective [disciplinary] actions, intent and motive of our earthly mother in the same way due to our own ignorance, stubbornness and backwardness we misinterpret and misunderstanding the noble, loving and firm [tactful] actions of Iyami Osoronga. Iyami Osoronga will use and apply the best and correct strategy that will get our attention and cause us to reflect, reconsider our position and to encourage us to make a decision for positive and constructive change.
Sometimes our early mother can appear to be our enemy but she is not. Our earthly mother can appear to be against us but she is really not, she is for us. We only interpret her loving actions, disciplinary [strong corrective words], actions and intentions wrongly because we are the ones who are wrong, stubborn, recalcitrant and irresponsible, and we are behaving like our own enemy. So when our mother presents herself to correct us and to discipline us, we think that, or take it as, that she is going against us but in reality what she is doing safeguarding us and promoting our true happiness and success. Just like our mother applies tenderness and firmness [hardness] to guide, teach and discipline us so does Iyami Osoronga. Iya Osoronga is also like this. The mother can display or exhibit a fearful, threatening and no-nonsense posture and even apply what may seem to be a harsh remedy when needed, but behind the apparent or actual display of anger, displeasure and dissatisfaction there is a great, immeasurable and boundless love and goodness that we are not perceiving or aware of. Some people can be led by the soft hand. Some people can only be led by a hard hand. Some people can be reasoned with and motivated through tender means and some people can only be motivated, encouraged and corrected through hard means. Some need to be shocked, threatened and scared straight. [They need a shocking, fearful, life-changing [altering] and/or threatening experience to wake them up and get them to stop the foolishness and begin moving in the right direction].
The words eye abapa we…etc…are words of praise to the Divine Mother Iyami Osoronga. The Divine Mother is compared to and represented as a majestic bird that moves with swiftness, dignity, gracefulness, awe-inspiring mystery and majesty. Iyami Osoronga is compared to a bird that has a tremendous vision [which means that she has the power to see and understand all things clearly beyond all appearances. She sees things from the root, she sees things as they actually are. She perceives the reality of a thing, person and situation and cannot be taken in, deceived or tricked by appearances]. These words eye abapa are words of praise that are praising the swift, beautiful and majestic wings of the mother [noble, gracious and loving activity], her majestic and graceful feet [gait or footsteps] and her great wisdom, power and sagacity.
The divine mothers Iyami Osoronga will take the shape, form and expression that will best get our attention and that will benefit us the most. The divine Iyami Osoronga is kind, tender hearted but simultaneously firm and tactful. She devises many ways to help us, encourage us and to steer us away from foolishness, wrong-doing and nonsense. Her preference is to appear to people according to her true nature which is friendly, disarming and which inspires trust but when there is a need for to get through to a stubborn, nescient, recalcitrant and deliberately bothersome [irritating] person she can and will appear in a fearful, threatening and terrific form. She knows when to offer the hug of encouragement and understanding, and she knows when to give the from and tight-slap of correction and discipline. When the wrongdoer, stubborn and recalcitrant person gets the hint and begins to adjust and correct themselves then Iyami Osoronga will relent or abandon who fearful form, aspect and activity and her true face of pure love, concern and tenderness will be clearly perceived and experienced. If the hint is not taken then she will intensify her strategy of firmness and hardness. She will even ‘squeeze’, ‘crunch’, ‘fold’ and ‘crush’ you if she has to, to get the nonsense and foolishness out of you. Her hardness is not blind and is not lacking in self-control. She applies only as much as is needed to bring about and facilitate wholesome correction.
I don’t know about you and I cannot and will not speak for you, but personally I prefer to see my mother happy, and I prefer to relate to my mother in love and tenderness, and I prefer to have my mother relate to me with tenderness, love and with a smile that reveals her love, genuine concern and support for me. Why make mother angry when she only loves us and wants what it best for us? When mother is happy we too will be completely happy, content, peaceful and satisfied.
It is time for devotees and spiritual seekers of today to come out of superstitious nonsense, ignorance and fear-mongering. We must transcend the ignorance and misunderstandings of the past and we must make the effort see, appreciate, understand and experience things with a more sublime, mature and illuminated understanding. Let us understand things as they should be understood and not as scheming, ignorant and manipulative people want to impress upon us.

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The divine mother and goddess of fortune and wealth resides on our tongue. On our tongue is the abiding dwelling place that Aje, the goddess of wealth, health, harmony, fortunate opportunity and satisfaction resides upon and within.

On our tongue and its power is where all our friendships, connections and relationships take place. Our tongue is saturated with the asé of Aje. If we do not use our tongue properly and wisely, we will land in all sorts of troubles and surely a tongue that gives itself to needless wagging will attract harm, injury and even death.

When we use the tongue with wisdom, kindness, gentle-firmness, skill, understanding and good-will the blessings and power of Aje, the goddess of prosperity, abundance and fortunate opportunities will manifest in our lives.
Ifa said in osa -iwori and I quote ” osa n wole, iwori n wo ode, oun a ba ji jo wo, gege ni gun,
a gun bi oju eja
Adifa fun aje abu fun omo,
Won jija agba nile olodumare, won tile orun bo waye
Won ni ebo ni Ki won se
Nje e jija agba ka woran, owo l’egbon, omo l’aburo,
Ejija agba ka woran.

Translation :
Osa is monitoring the inside
Iwori is monitoring the outside
What both of them monitor become successful
Cast divination for wealth and child
When they were embarking on a journey from heaven do earth, both fighting for seniority
They were ask to make ebbo
Thus, fight to claim seniority so we can see.
Wealth is the senior while child is the junior. (simplify that money is needed to even take care of child, this making money to be senior).

Think before you speak. Not only think what you are to say but know to whom it is that you will be speaking. A right, kind and gentle word at the right moment, at the proper place and to the right person can and will give rise to countless blessings, joys and open doors of plentiful auspicious opportunities, advancement, prosperity and growth.

A harsh, insensitive, mean and demeaning word at the wrong time, at the wrong place and to the wrong person can and will spell disaster, irrecoverable losses, calamity, wrath and life-long regret. Doors of opportunity, honorable recognition and acceptance will close to you if you misuse the power of Aje that is on and within your tongue.
Ogbe-ofun said I quote ” ogbefunfun eyin osa awo aje lodifa fun aje, nijo to n lo re ba oju ore je, won ni ebo ni kiwonse, nje Ki ni n ba oju ore je more, ogbefunfun eyin osa, aje ni ba oju ore je ni more”
Translation :
Ogbefunfun at the back of ocean shore
Cast divination for wealth
that was going to create enemity among two blossom friend,
they were ask to make offering, this they refuse
Eventually, wealth destroy their friendship.

Be sure to rightly nurture, feed and nourish the divine goddess Aje who resides upon and within your tongue. Nourish her with good-will, thoughtfulness, respect, intelligence, kindness and consideration. Do this and she will reveal and manifest her power and skillfulness on your behalf in extraordinary and wonderful ways.

Remember that you words have living power to effect positive or negative changes in your life. A word is like an arrow, once you string it and let it go you will not be able to get it back. It will hit its mark and produce its peculiar effect.

May divine mother Aje be with you and prosper you in all your endeavors. Ase.

Ogbo ato asure iworiwofun.

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The Odu ifa casted for today’s itadogun Reading is IWORI-IKA with Blessing of wealth. Ifa said we should make sacrifice to esu and appease Ogun on our day to day activities and business. Ifa said we he will make us prosper.

Ifa said and I quote:

“Bi a ba da iwori ayoka erin la rin

Adifa fun won ni ijebu mure, ogbonkan,

omo ako irin yebe yebe yari ogun,

Ebo ire, aje, omo ni won ni ki won se,

Won gbe ebo won rubo,

Nje, owo po, owo po ni ijebu, Iwori Ayoka,

Omo po, Omo po ni Ijebu Iwori Ayoka

Ire po, Ire po ni Ijebu Iwori Ayoka”


“If we cast Iwori Ayoka, we start rejoicing,

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