An awo is he who lives a quiet life, not intruding in the affairs of others. Awo is he who has dedicated himself to living a simple, clean and impeccable life. An awo is he whose tendency is to worship Olodumare Agotun constantly. One who is himself knowledgeable and by sharing-spreading that knowledge, is able to take hold of lost, confused and strayed ones and is able to establish them on the right and proper path of goodness, peace and satisfaction such a one is called an awo. Such rare awo come into this world to compassionately help, guide and assist others. An awo is a person whose life is permeated with the asé of Olodumare and whose character and personality exudes confidence, trust, divine warmth, tenderness, courage, friendliness, loyalty and truth. It is the responsibility and mission of divine awo to spread holy knowledge throughout the world. Rite, ceremony and ritual alone cannot produce a single genuine awo. An awo is born from sincerity, respect for and adherence to nature’s laws and purity of intention. There are many ceremonialized or ritualized awo who are morally-spiritually uneducated and who are lacking in love, sympathy and who are thieves, wicked, lechers, parasites, crooked and treacherous. These people are awo in name only, but lack the reality, power and virtue represented in the word awo.

In reality, an awo is one who is increasingly intelligent, god-like in character and personality, knowledgeable, pure, restrained and disciplined. An awo is joyfully served and acknowledged by the Irunmole. In high regard do Irunmole hold a legitimate awo because a legitimate awo is a living Orisa. The duty of the awo is to gather maximum divine knowledge, virtue and power to serve, guide and benefit others. An awo exists to lead a disciplined life and a worshipful life of dedication, love and service. A legitimate awo will never lack anything needful because he will be loved, upheld and supported by his friends, community and fellow awo. An awo is soft-hearted when it comes to sympathizing with the pains, confusions and sufferings of others. An awo is harder than steel when it comes to combating injustice, hypocrisy and deception. A legitimate awo cannot be bribed or blinded by flattery. A legitimate awo cannot be bribed or blinded by suggestive thoughts of monetary compensation. The gold and treasure of an awo is divine knowledge, asé, iwa, holy living and a joy filled good conscience. An awo is privileged to courageously shoulder the task of educating the public about divine matters, spirituality, ethics, morality and devotion. An awo is a living link, bridge, catalyst and channel, who is able to assist and make others able to perceive and experience the divine realm and guide them in ordering their lives accordingly.

A person who has been graciously and gratuitously endowed by Olodumare with asé, understanding and knowledge but who attempts to use those endowments for selfish achievements, sense-gratification, greedy commercialism, and who does not freely, generously impart saving knowledge to others is not fit to be called an awo. An awo’s nature must be gentle, quiet, patient and restrained. His life should be in harmony with nature, common sense, basic goodness, and the character of Olodumare. An awo should be able to calmly endure and diligently persevere in the midst of hardships, setbacks, confrontation and challenges. An awo must be resilient and firm, he must not be trapped in laziness and neglect. By virtue of continual self-reflection, self-correction and development of an Ifá trained conscience, he should enjoy freedom from deceptive thinking, possessiveness, controlling attitude, anger, wicked thinking and unwholesome/bad associations. An educated, developed and expert awo knows how to limit his wants, and knows how to joyfully carry on his life with the basic minimal fundamental requirements. An awo is upheld by his conscience, chiseled character and awareness of self-worth and dignity. The heart, mind and life of a bonafide awo is always permeated with the sentiment to sincerely and wholeheartedly serve and benefit mankind in whatever capacity of service and endeavor he finds himself in. An awo is always ready and prepared to give his all for the welfare, progress and safety of others. Olodumare established the divine spiritual lineage of awo to take on the responsibility for the welfare of the earth, of humanity and creation. There is nothing greater that we can aspire to than in being genuine awo-ologbon (wise, resourceful, kind, industrious and intelligent awakened and empowered ones).

The biggest and most dangerous enemies of the awo are arrogance, haughtiness, conceit, isolative consciousness and stubbornness. Because a genuine awo enjoys great respect, reverence and consideration he is prone to be tempted to think that he is somehow superior, more worthy, more deserving or better than others. If an awo allows himself to succumb to the attitude of conceit, haughtiness and vanity he will then lose his spiritual intelligence, power and discipline which will further open the door for the entrance of lust, anger, rage, attachment/possessiveness, greed and greater arrogance. Arrogance distorts and blinded ones judgment and ability to see and think clearly, dispassionately and impartially. Arrogance opens the door for the elenini of base and low sentiments and shameful practices to enter. This danger of arrogance is something that an awo must always be on guard of. The moment you start thinking that you have some quality, power or wisdom that sets you apart and makes you better than others at that moment know that you are being victimized by the elenini of arrogance and that you are on your way to imbalance/disharmony/confusion, and are on the route leading to be destruction of your intelligence, asé, reputation and virtues. As awo, it is our duty, responsibility and discipline to evolve and grow in our spiritual and honorable stature of awo. We must protect our awo spirituality, state and condition so that we can effectively serve, benefit and guide others.


To be an awo means to be a source of inspiration, comfort and hope for others. We cannot afford to slip into undisciplined and irregular living. With the blessings of Olodumare and with the companionship and guidance of Orunmila and Ela we must be dedicated to go forward, constantly striving for excellence, for progress, to achieve a better spiritual status and higher level of spiritual unfoldment. Awo must encourage themselves and one another in a spirit of kinship and friendly cooperation. Our duty is not restricted to just conducting sacred rites, ceremonies and rituals but we have been called by Olodumare and Irunmole to arouse faith and awareness that Ifá-Olodumare’s authority is present in every particle of the world. By knowing this, understanding it and putting it into practice in personal conduct, we can achieve progress in our own lives, society and in our nation.

Ela ‘boru, Ela ‘boye, Ela ‘Bosise.

Ela takun wa gbure!



Ogbo Ato Asure Iworiwofun

The ancient seers -ologbon- had throughout the ages developed special and sacred private societies, associations, guilds, schools and fraternities whose aim was to promote the sacred sciences of acquiring and drawing spiritual power from the Indescribable Supreme Power Olodumare for the purpose of acquiring new levels and qualities of spiritual energy, awareness, perception and power, that would enable them by entering these new and progressive states or fields of spiritual consciousness or pure awareness, to more readily develop and evolve intellectually, morally and spiritually. Together with this discovery and advancement the ancient seers also discovered, developed and gained the ability and power to perform tremendous miraculous feats and extraordinary demonstrations of spiritual power, like second sight, thought transference, mind reading, healings, seership and the ability to alter events for positive and wholesome ends. These diverse schools and the disciple-students which comprised them were called Awo. Awo means mystery. Awo also means special and sacred spiritual knowledge and power which is not known or had by the great majority of people. Awo also means one who has personally experienced, is experiencing and has been spiritually awakened, educated, trained and empowered by the Divine Powers, Sublime Energies, Pure Spiritual Intelligences and/or by other authentic and mature Awo. Among these Awo those who had a natural affinity for this study, peculiar manner of life and who displayed the beginnings of true divine power and spiritual intelligence were known as Oso.

These ancient seers vested with knowledge and power were known and called by various and diverse names. Among the most respected and revered names was Oso. The original precise meaning, dignity and value of this wonderful word today has been lost to most people and has been corrupted to mean a ‘sorcerer or witch’; and this in a bad, negative, superstitious and low sense. Even the contemporary words sorcerer or witch are not bad words if one truly understands what these words actually mean, embody and what they are actually referring to. The ancient peoples understanding, conceptual comprehension and definition of these words were not what people attach to them today. The words are the same but the meanings and values were and are different. The truth of the matter is that whenever extraordinary men or woman discovered the primordial laws of life, the laws of the spiritual world and the laws of power; ignorant and fearful people were quick to label them with derogatory and unbecoming words because of their insecurity and their ignorance of the reality of the spiritual realm and the laws which govern the spiritual realm. This is why today the great, extraordinary and wonderful word Oso is used mostly as a derogatory word by uninformed people but originally and anciently actually was and is a spiritual-scientific term which refers to spiritual-energetic-perceptive, intellectually gifted people possessing a peculiar and powerful inner magnetic force otherwise known as personal spiritual power. Of course this power and knowledge has to be clearly grasped and understood and one has to be educated, disciplined and trained in its culture. So as we have seen the true meaning of the sacred and honorable word oso (intelligent and wise seer, empowered man and spiritual traveler) became corrupted over time. and degenerated in its meaning, value and usage. This happened because the ones who were supposed to be the inheritors, guardians and teachers of the lineage of the sacred spiritual science became degenerate, undisciplined, conceited, pompous, pretentious and corrupt, thereby losing their spiritual intelligence and power, as well as losing and ruining the true meaning, intent, purpose and sentiment of the ancient original seers, spiritual scientists, empowered men, soul travelers and spirit[ual] investigators known as Oso.

It is known to the humble and authentic inheritors and guardians of these lineages today that the true meaning of oso referred to a unique body of disciplined, cultured and courageous visionary men who had learned the secret of volitionally or intentionally altering their spiritual state of inner energy, perception and/or consciousness to such an extraordinary and unanticipated degree that they could peer into the divine world and even travel there to perceive and slowly comprehend its mysteries. They were able to bring new and original things back from their spiritual journeys and travels which would contribute to the enhancement, progress and evolution of mankind. These rare and exceptional awo-ologbon-oso were the original spiritual scientists, researchers, philosophers, experimenters and developing-evolving seers of their time.

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There are three broad general categories of oso. There were those who main focus was the acquisition of power, authority and influence which they used for the purpose of altering, causing, hindering and controlling specific events and occurrences. They also used this power to influence, guide and even control people. So we can see how important and necessary it was for these men of knowledge and power to be good men, moral men, men of integrity, empathy and good disposition, otherwise their knowledge and its use could degenerate causing ruin, misery, sorrow and destruction to themselves and others. In fact this is what happened to some of the ancient awo. The ancient awo-ologbon-oso were beginning to understand and employ this field of spiritual science but not all of them were capable people of honor, good-will, character and integrity. Many of them lacked moral-ethical development, discipline, patience and maturity. The scope of their practices and knowledge degenerated into wars, fights and competitiveness which ultimately ruined and destroyed them because they sought to take credit for and ownership of a power, science and ability that was not their own but which was a bestowed trust or endowment conferred to them by the Indescribable Power, Olodumare Agotun. These uncultured, indifferent and unappreciative awo succumbed to moral-spiritual immaturity, greed for power, pride, heedlessness and longings for fame, self-worship, self adulation and undeserved titles or unmerited acknowledgments. They wanted people to fear and cower before them so that they might manipulate and intimidate the people for their own selfish and petty ends. Needless to say that the Great Power impartially and justly adjudicated these corrupt awo and took immediate steps to mete out to these reckless ones the corrective punishment and stern discipline that they earned for themselves.

The second general category of oso were those who discovered, studied and developed the ability to alter their spiritual consciousness and awareness and the spiritual consciousness and awareness of others so that they could gradually and progressively perceive, understand and apply the laws, principles and realities of the spiritual realm. Among these oso some sought to make advantageous, useful and beneficial use of the art of altering their spiritual awareness which enabled them to peer and even travel to the divine spirit[ual] realm where they were able to converse with divine powers and intelligences gaining wonderful information and useful knowledge. These oso also had the ability and divine power to travel long distances. They were formidable men of sagacity, courage and authority. Among these oso some also lost their way. Some also became filled with pride and conceit due to their grand discoveries and progressive attainments. Abandoning the humility, sincerity and good will with which they began their learning and training they too were ultimately consumed by the consequences of their callousness and abuses. Others lost their way in their musings and deep considerations of the profound experiences that that they had. They tried to prematurely enter into and understand what was beyond there present and actual need and capacity. They injured and hurt themselves. Others also lost their way by not incorporating and applying their findings for useful, practical, beneficial and progressive purposes. Due to lack of discipline, lack of patience, and impulsiveness some became lost in these divine realms of thought and contemplation thereby appearing to others as mad men, mentally unstable men, eccentric and/or irregular people. This is what happens when people unreflectively and pridefully insist on entering that for which they are unprepared and incapable.


The third general category of oso were the wise, observant, meticulous and progressive seers who carefully integrated the best of the two features of wisdom, power and attainment of the two general lineages of oso; (1) those whose main interest and priority was to acquire power, influence and authority and (2) those whose main interest and priority was to gain understanding of the meanings and purposes of life in general and human life in particular. It must be said that in all the categories of oso there were kind, intelligent, progressive and good willed student-disciples-practitioners. The third general category of oso were especially wise, careful and discerning. They learned from the error and mistakes of their fellow awo-ologbon-oso initiates, brothers and companions. They made sure that they did not repeat the misguided activities of many who went the wrong way in their approach. They took the science and holy mystery of the awo-ologbon-oso to a new, refined, practical, orderly and moral-spiritual level. They formed, built and established private schools or associations for qualified, prepared and maturing individuals. These associations or fellowships were permeated with love, awe, enthusiasm, simplicity, honesty, mutual respect and honor among its integrants. Like all true students, observers and scientists they learned thru trial and error. They learned from experimentation, experience, reflection and observation; and were able thereby able to formulate and explicate the principles of their spiritual science or knowledge for themselves and future generations of students; and were able to progressively devise the best means to practice and cultivate the great science for the purposes of accomplishing the Great Work entrusted to them by the Marvelous Emanator, Enitolodu.

These sacred and private spiritual associations, fellowships and schools are among us today. They are known and called by different names but they are here. These associations and fellowships are not easily found because they areContinue reading