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*  By removing malice from ones own mind.

A person who values and cherished his own self should not harm or injure the self of others. If you are fortunate enough see and know a person who shows you what is to be avoided, who administers reproofs, and is intelligent, follow that wise person as you would one who has revealed to you hidden treasures. It will be better for you and not worse for you to follow such a person. Do not hurt or injure the self of others. All people dislike suffering, all people fear death; remember that you are like them, so do not hurt, injure and kill the heart, mind and bodies of others; neither be a collaborator in the hurt, suffering or injury of anyone. All people fear suffering, anguish and pain. All people love life, health, peace and joy. Remember that you also fear suffering, anguish, insecurity, terror and pain, and you also love life, health, peace, safety and joy. So do not hurt, injure and pain the self of others. He who seeks his own happiness yet inflicts pain, suffering and terror on others will live in a hellish condition in this life and in the next world. You do not like to be used by others, right? So you should not be attempting to use others. You do not like to be taken advantage of by others right? So do not ever take advantage of others, especially in their time of suffering, need, confusion and vulnerability. Do not speak harshly to anyone because those to whom you speak in this way will also answer you in the same way. Angry speech is painful, blow for blow will touch you. Angry speech is a great fire which will consume you. By angry speech and aggressive action you kindle the fires of indefinite suffering, anguish and pain for yourself.

Cultivate tranquility, restraint, moral-spiritual cleanliness, humility and sympathy, and cease finding fault with other people. Stop trying to elevate yourself at the expense of others. If you realize that you have committed an unwholesome act, or a mean act, or an dishonest act, do not do it again. Ask forgiveness from the person whom you have hurt and disappointed. How can someone extend forgiveness to you before you first ask to be forgiven? How can you receive forgiveness from another person without first repenting and then asking to be pardoned? If you have hurt or offended let us say ‘Tolu’ then it is ‘ it is tolu’ to whom you must direct your words of repentance and ask forgiveness from. You cannot ask Ifá to forgive you for what you did to ‘Tolu’. Ifá can forgive you for something you failed to fulfill to Ifá but Ifá cannot forgive you for what you have done wrong to another person. Only the hurt, injured or offended person can forgive you! Do not take delight in unwholesome, mean and dishonest actions, because the accumulation of such actions is painful and will lead to greater evil. Do what is good, again and again. Delight in goodness. The accumulation of good actions is delightful and leads to divine (condition) realm of bliss. To harm anyone is a great evil but to harm a person who is pure, innocent, harmless, godly and compassionate is a greater and fearsome evil. Great calamity, fear, loss and anguish will overtake the life of a person who takes delight in hurting others. You will NEVER outrun the consequences of your actions. Ifa said and i quote in odu ifa ” irosun jase”

Enikan ki se ibi, ko gba ore
Enikan ki se ore, ko gba ibi
Adifa fun oba ijomu, to ni oun yio pa oba akure
Ebo ni won ni kose,
Nje oba ijomu to ni oun yio pa oba akure, ahun yoda parare


Nobody does evil and be rewarded with goodies
Nobody does good and be rewarded with evil
Cast divination for the king of ijomu, that was insisting on killing the king akure
He was ask to make ebbo
The tortoise has killed himself with his sword, the king of ijomu that was planning to kill the king of akure , he has mistakenly killed himself

You are the heir of your words, intentions and actions, good or bad. Remove malice from your mind and become a true friend of all. Your noble life will carry you to the realms of bliss, happiness and satisfaction. Your ignoble life will carry you to the realms of wow, anguish, shame, suffering, indefinite hunger and thirst.

Resolve to be noble and take immediate action to correct, ennoble and uplift your life.