Ifá-Orisa: Honesty

The risks of disobedience and the incalculable benefits of obedience.

Sacred Odu-Ifá Okanran-Owonrin:

“If you do good or not, it is for your own benefit (this was the name of the awo) who consulted Ifa for Eke (the liar), son of Alara.”

“If you do good or not, it is for your own benefit (this was the name of the awo) who consulted Ifa for Ika (the wicked one), son of Ajaro.”

“The inner truth (honesty and truthfulness) confers more satisfaction than the lie (this was the name of the awo) who consulted Ifá for Ifárinu (Ifá sees and knows your heart), son of Òrúnmìlà”.

“Only Ifárinu obeyed the commandments of Ifá. Ifá knows the quality of your heart. Mother Earth knows who the wicked are (liars, dishonest and falsifying). Olodumare knows those who are truly good and who practice good. ”

Ifá’s story:

The three friends, Eke (the liar) son of Alara, Ika (the wicked one) son of Ajero, and Ifárinu (Ifá knows the quality of your heart) son of Òrúnmìlà, visited the babalawo previously mentioned to consult Ifá.

The goal of these three young people to consult Ifá was to inquire about their plans to travel to another town to carry out their religious activities and spiritual responsibilities, because Eke, Ika and Ifárinu were babalawo and wanted to know if they would succeed. They were babalawo qualified to perform the mysteries of Ifá, but they wanted to consult Ifá through other more experienced babalawo to know if they would succeed, and to know what they had to do to ensure success.

The older, venerable and reputable babalawo communicated the message of Ifá to the three young men. Ifá told them the following:

“Do good. Practice only what is good. Be honest; avoid the disorderly ambition to accumulate money quickly. Be obedient; Do not speak what you do not know, do not be treacherous and do not betray the trust that others rest upon you. And offer the ebo. ”

The first two young babalawo Eke and Ika reasoned that it was enough to obey the words of advice and that there was no need to offer the ebo.

Only Ifárinu fulfilled ALL that Ifá instructed. Ifárinu practiced Ifá’s words and advice and also offered the ebo.

Well, after the three young Babalawo received the message from Ifá they left for their trip to the town where they were going to establish themselves as competent babalawo and as doctors of traditional medicine.

When the three young Babalawo arrived at their destination they decided to visit the elders or elders of the town, to receive guidance and advice from them. The three young people had previously obtained information indicating that in order to survive in this new town successfully it was essential to have the blessing, support and participation of the elders and elders of this town.

It turns out that the three powerful elders or elders of this town were nobody but Esu, Ogun and Obatala! When they met the elders Esu, Ogun and Obatala, the three young Babalawo told them what their mission and intentions were. The three young people explained that they wanted to establish themselves in this town as babalawo and practitioners of traditional medicine. The three young men also wanted to obtain promise and guarantee from the elders that they would protect them in the event that the town was attacked by enemies.

The elders or village leaders, Esu, Ogun and Obatala told the young Babalawo that they did not have to fear or worry, just that they were honest, complete and truthful AT ALL TIMES.

We already see that the only condition that Esu, Ogun and Obatala imposed on the three young Babalawo to be able to give their promise and guarantee of complete and assured protection was, that AT ALL TIMES they were honest, complete and truthful. If the three young people practiced honesty, truthfulness and integrity at all times and at all times, they would be sure that they would prosper as babalawo, succeed at everything, and enjoy the perfect protection and support of Esu, Ogun and Obatala, in the event of a war against him.

Ogun said that he who committed himself through practicing honesty, integrity and truthfulness at all times, that he would save them in times of war or invasion.

Esu said that he who committed himself to practicing honesty, integrity and truthfulness at all times, that he would provide them with a ‘spiritual medicine’ (preparation) that would protect them and protect them from harm and danger, in the event of a war or invasion

Obatala said and stressed, that he who committed himself through the practice of honesty, integrity and truthfulness, that the infallibly would be his shield and that he would protect them, and that he would surely give them safe refuge in him. Obatala himself would be his shield and protection!

After receiving these words, promises and guarantees encouraging and assured of the three leaders, elders and elders of the Ogun, Esu and Obatala people, the three young Babalawo went in their respective directions to seek accommodation. They could have stayed TOGETHER as Imarinu suggested, but the other two young Eke and Ika wanted to settle in different locations in the town because they wanted to work ONLY and independent of the others. Each one settled down in his own place to begin with his spiritual, medicinal and advisory work.

One day Esu visited Eke (the liar), Alara’s son. Esu wanted Eke to prepare a special medicine for Ifá. Esu gave the recipe for medicine to Eke. The medicinal preparation consisted of leaves of the Seconsete plant and Atare pepper that had to be cooked with 10,000 cauries (small snails that were used as money. 10,000 cauries or 10,000 small snails were a good sum of money at that time). When these ingredients were cooked in an iron cauldron, the leaves of Segundosete, the pepper of Atare and the 10,000 cauries would turn into a black ash that resulted in a powerful medicinal preparation of Ifá.

At the time of Esu visiting Eke, Esu did not have all the ingredients to make medicine. Esu gave Eke the 10,000 cauries that had to be used in medicinal preparation. Esu also gave him additional money (cauries or snails) so that Eke could get and buy the Seconds leaves and the Atare pepper. After Esu gave him everything Eke would need to prepare the powerful medicine, he left.

After Esu left, Eke thought and said within himself:

“This old man (Esu) has to be crazy! How can Elder Esu expect me to put all this large amount of money (cauries) in an iron pot to burn it and reduce it to ashes! Surely Esu thinks I am dumb! ”

This way Eke was reasoning. Moreover, Eke went further in his corrupt thoughts and thought:

“Anything that is put in an iron pot and burned will turn into black ash. How will Esu know if I mix, cook and burn the 10,000 cauries, the Seconds leaves and the Atare pepper ?! I came to this town to make money and not to be a fool! ”

Eke thought there was no way or
possibility that the elder Esu could know if he had burned and made ash or not, the 10,000 cauries (large sum of money) that Esu gave him according to the instructions. Eke decided to keep all the cauries that Esu gave him and did not do the preparation according to Esu’s instructions!

Eke went to the field and cut and picked herbs that Esu didn’t tell him to cut. Eke put these herbs in the iron pot and cooked them until they became ash. Eke did not use the 10,000 cauries and also did not buy the Seconds and Atare pepper leaves! He stole all the money that Esu gave him and prepared a fake medicine.

At the same time Esu returned to Eke’s house to ask if Eke had prepared the medicine according to the instructions he had given him. Eke lied and said yes. “Very well Esu told him. Esu told Eke to keep the medicinal preparation until Esu needed it, and he would come back for it later when necessary. ” Then Esu left.

The next day Esu visited Ika (the wicked) son of Ajero and gave him the same task he gave Eke. He also handed him 10,000 cauries and additional money so Ika could buy and get the Seconds and Atare pepper leaves! Like Eke, he gave him the same instructions on how to prepare the medicine. Ika also stole and kept all the money that Esu gave him and also prepared a fake medicine. Esu returned to Ika’s house and asked if he had prepared the medicine according to his instructions. Ika lied and said yes to the venerable elder Esu. “Very well Esu said, keep the medicine until I look for it again when I need it.” Then Esu left.

You look like wicked people, unscrupulous, shameless and liars think and do the same !!

The next day Esu visited Ifárinu (Ifá knows the quality of your heart), son of Òrúnmìlà bara Agboniregun. Esu also gave him the same task and also made the same delivery of cauries.

After Esu left the house of Ifárinu, soon Eke and Ika arrived knocking at his door. Ifárinu opened the door and with great joy I invite you to enter, since they had not seen each other for a long time. Eke and Ika told Ifárinu that Esu had also visited them. Eke and Ika told Ifárinu not to be a fool and to keep all of Esu’s money! Eke and Ika told Ifárinu what they had done, because they mistakenly thought that Ifárinu was also going to do the same. They thought that Ifárinu had no values ​​like them. How wrong were Eke and Ika!

Ifárinu was surprised at their words, and as they advised him to stay with the cauries and prepare a false and ineffective medicine.

Eke and Ika insisted that they came to this town to make money and it didn’t matter if they made money through lies, theft and deceit !!!

Ifárinu reflected within himself and thought:

“Is it possible that Eke and Ika as soon as they forget what Ifá told them at the beginning of their trip? How is it possible that they have also forgotten what the three elders Ogun, Esu and Obatala had told him? How could Eke and Ika ignore the promises and guarantees that the elders in good faith gave him? ”

Ifárinu with much love, patience and fear for what might happen to them, I advise them to reconsider their decision and correct themselves, since they still had time to prepare the correct medicine according to Esu’s instructions.

I will not believe what followed, but Eke and Ika discharged their anger on Ifárinu using all the offensive and derogatory words they had at their fingertips and then left for their homes!

Well Ifárinu went to the sacred mountain and cut the ewe – the sacred grass – Second. He then took the Seconds leaves and put them in the iron pot, added the pepper of Atare and the 10,000 cauries (large sum of money) and put them under fire until everything was consumed in the pot producing the black ash that was the original medicine he sent to prepare Esu. The next day Esu arrived at Ifárinu’s house and asked if he had prepared the special medicine according to his instructions. Ifárinu replied with pleasure, joy, honor and satisfaction, yes, that he had prepared according to his instructions. “Very well Esu replied. Keep it until the day I ask you to. ” Then Esu left.

It turns out that after several years the territorial enemies of the town where Eke, Ika and Ifárinu lived attacked the town. Everyone was correcting from here and there frantically looking for how to save their lives from the enemies that had invaded the town! Eke, Ika and Ifárinu were also thinking how they would save their lives! Suddenly Eke, Ika and Ifárinu were upset about the guarantees and promises that the leaders, elders and elders of the Ogun people, Esu and Obatala had given them. They remembered the promise and guarantee: that in times of war or invasion they would be protected without suffering any damage!

The three young men ran to the conciliar house where Ogun, Esu and Obatala were. When they saw the elders, they bowed in reverence and claimed the elders saying: “Protect us and save us from this war!”

Esu looked at Obatala, then looked at Ogun and then took the floor and replied to the three young babalawo, “You already have the infallible shelter that will protect you from all evil, danger and loss. That perfect protection is the special medicine that I ordered them to prepare. Go each one to your home, mix the ash with water and drink it and you will be saved from all evil. When you do this, you will come back later to thank us. ”

The three young people quickly returned to their homes. But Eke and Ika were, with good reason, scared and greatly worried because they knew that the medicine they had in their home was not what Esu ordered to prepare. They felt their days were numbered! Even so, Eke and Ika took the preparation in hope that they might be saved. Although Eke and Ika took the fake medicine they had prepared with hope of salvation, the two died, severely injured in that war! Ifárinu took the authentic preparation he sent to prepare Esu, (the medicine that represented truthfulness, integrity and honesty) and Ifárinu survived the war, without suffering any damages and losses !! When Ifárinu took medicine mixed with water, the power, virtue, promise and guarantee of Ogun, Esu and Obatala manifested in his life and was saved from damage, loss and death itself! How great are the Irunmole-Orisa and how deep their thoughts and ways!

Ifárinu gave Ifá glory by saving him through his good instruction, to which Ifárinu clung. He also went to visit the three elders to thank them and express genuine gratitude for saving him. Ifárinu then continued to prosper as a babalawo, as a traditional doctor, as a true son of Òrúnmìlà and as a true human being, truthful and noble.


The foundation of our Ifá religion is the truth. It was the truth and the adherence of únrúnmìlà to the truth that qualified Òrúnmìlà to stand out above all. It is with the power of truth, that Olodumare creates, guides, saves, governs and sustains all things that exist.

It is not possible for you to be a good human being, priest, priestess, father, mother, devotee, devotee, friend, friend or citizen, or citizen without imbuing truth, honesty and integrity as the foundation and anchor of your life .

Divine power, authority, grace and virtue (asé) is inseparable of truthfulness, honesty and integrity. Truthfulness or truth is the divine vehicle that receives, transports and dispenses the asá of Ifá-Olodumare and the Irunmole-Orisa.

This sacred instruction of Baba Okanran Owonrin teaches us many things. We must frequently reflect and meditate on it. Eke and Ika perished because they did not obey (did not practice) the moral and spiritual instructions and principles of Ifa and also did not offer the ebo. Truthfulness and ebo are indispensable and inseparable. Both have the same importance. The one does not work well without the other!

Eke and Ika were consumed by the love of money, pride and superficial and undeserved fame. They also surrendered to a supposedly “easy” life that was not subject to the morals, divine principles and spiritual demands of Ifá! How did Eke and Ika end ?! They forgot that a straight and noble life, and an impeccable reputation is of greater blessing and profit than the rampant accumulation of money! Remember that Eke and Ika were given adequate time to correct themselves and change. The punishment did not come overnight, but it undoubtedly arrived, and will reach the lives of all those who abuse and misuse the authority that únrúnmìlà (and the Irunmole-Orisa) has entrusted to him.

Ifá was very patient with Eke and Ika but after several years (2-3 years) it was time for Ifá to settle accounts with them. Eke and Ika were not only hurting themselves, they were also doing evil and deliberate damage to others. Imagine, as if lying and stealing were not bad in itself, Eke and Ika tried the impossible, tried to deceive, lie, steal and manipulate an Irunmole-Orisa !!! What madness !! To those who try to steal and lie to him; and try to manipulate Esu-Elegbara !!! Did you know that there are people, not ropes, who dare and try to deceive, manipulate, steal and lie to the Irunmole-Orisa as if the Irunmole-Orisa were human beings ?!

Eke and Ika did not receive or accept advice or notice from anyone! They remained rebellious, proud, stubborn, arrogant and recalcitrant until the end !! That is why there is a saying that says: “Goat that breaks the drum will pay with his own skin!” Aboru Aboye !!!

The power of truth is the mysterious and invisible power that guides, protects and sustains creation. The truth is the source, and it is the center of our life. He who goes against truthfulness, honesty and integrity is committing a moral-spiritual and even physical suicide, because he who separates himself from the truth is gradually disconnecting himself from the source of his life, his health, his intelligence, Your peace and your happiness.

When Eke and Ika abandoned the practical truth of Ifá and pushed the truth out of their hearts, they were committing moral-spiritual and even physical suicide. The spiritual is the root of the physical. First the spiritual and then the material. The spiritual world is the world of causes. The material world is the world of effects. If the root of the tree is sick the whole tree will die. If the tree root is healthy, the whole tree will live.

From the truthfulness, honesty and integrity come the divine power (asé), intelligence, health, peace and value (the meaning) of life. The truthfulness, honesty and integrity is what enables us to receive the asá of Ifá and the Irunmole-Orisa.

We must always ensure that we live in accordance with the noble and accessible instructions of Ifá, our Irunmole-Orisa and our elders of good and noble reputation.

Let us be like Ifárinu, who lived according to the words of Ifá, regardless of what others decided to do or not do. Eke and Ika decided not to follow the right path. Ifárinu was not persuaded by them. He was not convinced by the bad reasoning of Eke and Ika. Ifárinu did not allow any corojo to stain his spiritual white robes! He maintained his principles and integrity. Ifárinu discovered that when you support the truth, the truth will support you!

Ifárinu did not have a moral-spirituality that changed according to his circumstances and location. Ifárinu did not change its principles, ways and ethics for anyone. Ifárinu was not like the chameleon that is always changing its colors to match its scope. Yes! There are human beings chameleons! There are people who exercise in the “good” if they see that most of the people around them are from the beginning. At least they do it to pretend! But as soon as I change and lower the moral and spiritual realm they quickly and with pleasure are ready to get their hands dirty with lies, deception, manipulation, arrogance and disloyalty! These are unfounded people. They are ships at sea without a rudder, without destination or purpose! The waves and waves of pride, commercialism and superficiality push them and pull them from here and there! The winds of ignorance, lack of spiritual identity and the winds of great Njeje the pleasure of the people dominates them, but they do not seek the support and pleasure of Ifá and the Irunmole-Orisa, and therefore these unfortunate winds blow them from here and there, thus living in confusion, without direction, without clarity and without purpose.

When any human being practices what is contrary to righteousness, honesty, benevolence and compassion, he can be more than certain, that negative and undesirable repercussions will reach them according to the operation of divine laws. These divine laws exist outside of us and within us. This is the principle or the law of causality, or the law of cause and effect.

This law applies to every human being. But beyond this fundamental law of nature, there are other laws and spiritual principles that direct and govern the lives of babalawo, iyanifa, babalorisa and iyalorisa.

A babalawo, an iyanifa, a babalorisa and a babalorisa is or must be a representative of Olodumare and the Irunmole-Orisa. The babalawo, the iyanifa, the babalorisa and the iyalorisa that uses their knowledge and their delegated authority to try to manipulate, intimidate, control and force people are exposing themselves to the discipline, correction and punishment of the Irunmole-Orisa, above and in addition to what they will receive from the universal principle of causality! Always remember Eke and Ika!

The babalawo, the iyanifa, the babalorisa and the iyalorisa must be and must be people of good heart, honesty, simplicity and good will; and above all people of full integrity. Always remember that Ifá and the Irunmole-Orisa will never ask of you beyond what you can truly do. Obeying Ifa and the Irunmole-Orisa is not an arduous activity! On the contrary, obeying Ifa and the Irunmole-Orisa is something sweet, pleasant, simple and always within our personal capacity to do so.

Let’s be genuine, honest, clear and frank; and let’s be fair, impartial and equitable with everyone. I aspired to be like Ifárinu. Remember that Ifá sees with perfect clarity what is in you, and Ifá knows who we really are and how we are. Let’s be like Ifárinu. What we do does matter! It matters what we do, how we do it and with what spirit (attitude and disposition) we do it.

Olodumare sees everything we do and also weighs hearts. Olodumare impartially, equitably and in a dispassionate manner will compensate us for what we do: be it good or be it bad. Never forget Eke and Ika. They ran and ran but their bad behavior reached them! Never forget Ifárinu. His good behavior, his integrity, his humility, his truthfulness and his honesty reached him, blessed him, prosperous him and saved him!

Everywhere we set our feet, the divine mother -Onile Ogboduora- protector and guide of the earth sees and knows who we are, our motives and what we are doing. She will bless us if we persevere in good. But she will also correct us, even severely if necessary, if we persevere in lies, deceit and dishonesty.

Let’s be true sons and daughters of Òrúnmìlà. Let us be true sons and daughters of the Irunmole-Orisa. And above all we are true sons and daughters of Olodumare. If we practice this teaching of Okanran Owonrin we could revolutionize our lives, our community and our world. This revelation of Okanran Owonrin is the ‘medicine’ we need. If we take this divine “preparation” she will give us life, health, protection, salvation, happiness and well-being. Why talk more about other things about Ifá if we are not yet firmly established in the central and fundamental truth of Ifá? This truth of Okanran Owonrin is the root, foundation and source of power and efficiency in everything that has to do with Ifa. It is not enough to read or listen to this teaching again and again. We have to commit to it, internalize it and live it. If we don’t do this, and we don’t want to do this, let’s not talk about Ifá, Òrúnmìlà or Orisa-Irunmole. Ifá is to practice it, live it and prove it.

Outside of practice, Ifá cannot live in our hearts and minds. Outside of practice there is no possibility of having and manifesting the power, grace and wisdom of Ifá. This truth of Ifá is the heart, root, foundation, anchor, primordial secret and the whole of the life of a devotee of Ifá. Ifá, and his power and wisdom, lives, dwells and resides in this truth. No ebo, no spiritual work, and no request to Ifá will be effective and fruitful if we do not begin in the consecrated practice, it would be and continued by Okanran Owonrin.

Just as Ifá testified of the promises of Eke, Ika and Ifarinu, Ifá also testifies of your promises. Just as Ifá testified that Eke, Ika and Ifárinu received their instruction, on this day Ifá also testifies that you have received your personal instruction. The same instructions that Elegbara, Ogun and Obatala give you On Eke, Ika and Ifárinu on this day also Elegbara, Ogun and Obatala give you the same instructions. Just as Elegbara, Ogun and Obatala testified to the promises of Eke, Ika and Ifárinu, on this day Elegbara, Ogun and Obatala also testify to your promises, your attitude and your actions.

If you pursue the path Eke and Ika you can be in complete security that what happened to them will also reach you. If you pursue the path of Ifárinu you can be in complete assurance that the great salvation, blessing and benefit he received will also receive and reach you. This together with Obatala and Ogun today invite you and tell you to take this ‘legitimate spiritual preparation’ of Okanran Owonrin.

I was going Olodumare. (We praise you, revere you and offer you a tribute to Olodumare through our attitudes, behavior and behavior).

May Ifa-Olodumare and Baba Okanran Owonrin bless you, keep and defend, today and forever! Àse.

~ Awo Òrúnmìlà Mark Casillas