Crown (ancestral pride)


Ogbo Ato Asure Iwori-Wofun

Do not think or worry about who is on your side or who is not on your side while going about your service to Olodumare and Ifa. Just think about how and in what wonderful way the ase of Olodumare Enitolaaye will manifest in your life. Give space, time and occasion for the divine guiding power to manifest. When you do all things with care, love, respect, truthfulness and honesty, Olodumare takes personal and direct charge of all your affairs and causes all your doings to bring forth abundant and satisfying fruit. Do not worry yourself as to how, when and where the divine ase will manifest itself in your life. Do not see any secondary causes in your life. Just acknowledge and see Olodumare alone, the supreme controller, master and guide of all things. Do not consider people, places and things as the directors or determiners of your life. Above and behind all, see the gracious and loving hand of Olodumare at work in you and in your life to bring to you accomplishment, peace and prosperity.
Just be at peace and know with unshakeable and unwavering assurance that the divine ase will unfailingly manifest. Deepen your trust in Olodumare and let your actions be the expression of the flow of the gracefulness, pure energy and invigorating power of Eledumare. Do your best in all things, be inwardly still, tranquil and at peace. Exert yourself diligently as if all depended upon you but know in your heart that all manifests due to the ase, grace and presence of Olodumare.
Do not consider your actions and endeavors as something seperate from the actions and endeavors of Olodumare. Affirm and recognize your essential and qualitative oneness with the Source Supreme. Olodumare’s actioning is your actioning. Your actions are Olodumare’s actions.
May you be comforted, strengthened and empowered by these truths. You need not know how, when or where the relief and aid will come from. Why trouble yourself with what is not necessary, when you can be at peace through the power of faith, trust and confidence in the Divine leading you. Having entrusted your situation, problem or concern to Olodumare (Ifa), know that the answer and solution is en route and will reach you at the best and most propitious time.
You are perfection in the making. All precious, shining, resplendent and finely faceted diamonds start off as dark pieces of charcoal, but through the divinely established processes of programmed tensions, pressures and stressors it emerges a transformed, beautiful, peerless, translucent and luminous gem. Delight in your trials, glory in your challenges and thrive in your moments of adversity because that means that at any moment, the mystic, pure and holy gem within you is soon to emerge and be revealed. Your true divine identity is to be manifested! Do not exasperate yourself. Practice patience, gentleness and kindness towards yourself. By so doing, you will attain and obtain benefit and advancement beyond your personal hope and expectation, of this there is no doubt.