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The Odù Ifá casted for today Ọ̀sẹ̀ Ifá is IRẸTẸ ỌSA, with blessings.

Ifá said there will be a lot of enemity but we should make sacrifice so as to achieve the title of destiny.

Ifa said and I Quote:

Arọ tẹ sa
arọ tẹ jo
arọ tẹ pa kubẹ kubẹ
Adifa fun akeere oke ẹyọ
o n lọ re joye oniṣin kọ
wọn ni ẹbọ ni ko ṣe
Nje ọjọ́ wo ni akeere o jẹ oniṣin
n la’keere o jẹ oniṣin ikọ

Translation :

Arọ tẹ sa
arọ tẹ jo
arọ tẹ pa kubẹ kubẹ
cast divination toad of oke ẹyọ (name of city)
when he was going to be installed as oniṣin ikọ (a title of ikọ city)
he was asked to make sacrifice
Thus, when will toad be installed as oniṣin
next tomorrow
he will be installed as oniṣin


Itadogun ReadingCalendar


The Odù Ifá casted for today Ọ̀sẹ̀ Ifá is OWONRIN IKA, with blessings of four good things.

Ifá ask us to make sacrifice to Aje the goddess of wealth so it can come to us, Ifá said we should always remember to do Ọ̀sẹ̀ Ifá at every Itadogun and stay back at home on this day to honor him.

Ifa said and I Quote:

Okinni idẹ wa riri ma ṣẹ
babalawo aje
lodifa fun aje
O n ti Ikọle ọrùn bọ waye
Wọn ní ẹbọ aitẹ ni kò ṣe
Nje, aje ko ni tẹ, aje ko ni ti

Translation :

The golden needle shake and never got broken
The priest of wealth
Cast divination for wealth
He was asked to make sacrifice
So that it will never became useless
Thus, aje will never become useless forever.


Itadogun ReadingCalendar


The Odù Ifá casted for today Ọ̀sẹ̀ Ifá is OGBEYỌNU, with blessings of four good things.

Ifá ask us to make sacrifice, appease our Orí and Ẹgbẹ́, ifa also foresee blessings of fruit of womb to all barren.

Ifa said and I Quote:

Pẹletu àwo inú
lodifa fún inu
pẹ̀lẹ́tu àwo ẹyin
lodifa fún ẹyin
àwọn lè bímọ lọpọlọpọ lọpọlọpọ ni wọn ń dá ifa sì
Ǹjẹ́, inú ń yun o
ẹyin ń pọn
sẹbi irẹ ọmọ ni ẹdu ń fọ

Translation :

Pẹ̀lẹ́tu the priest of the stomach
Cast divination for stomach
Pẹletu the priest of back
cast divination for back
They were ask to make sacrifice so as to bear many children
Thus, the stomach take charge of pregnancy and the back take charge of the baby
Ifá have foreseen blessing of children.


Itadogun ReadingCalendar


The Odu Ifa casted for today Ọsẹ Ifa is OSA-OGBE (ỌSA ÈṢÙ), it came with Ire Aje (Blessings of Wealth), ifa ask us to specially appease esu with bean cake called akara because of our financial situation, and ifa warns us not to look down on any visitors and we should treat everyone around us very well.

Jogbo loro
Mo ra akara k’eṣu
Adifa fun ọrunmila
O n foju sunrawun ire aje
Wọn ni ẹbọ ni kò ṣe
Nje, Jogbo loro
Mo ra akara ko èṣù
Akara n mo ra ko èṣù ni ire gbogbo wọlé de.
Jogbo loro
I bought some bean cake to feed èṣù
Cast Divination for ọrunmila
When he was hustling for wealth
He was ask to make sacrifice
Thus, Jogbo loro
I bought bean cake for èṣù
It is the bean cake i bought for èṣù that brings about all blessings.

May èṣù never delay our blessings.


Itadogun ReadingCalendar


OGBE-IRETE (Ogbe-atẹ)

The odu ifa cast today’s for ọsẹ ifa is OGBE-IRETE (Ogbe-atẹ)
Ifa saw blessing of longetivity for us all and ifa ask us to make sacrifice and also appease our ori
Ifa said there is an enemy that is taller in stature and big than us in all ways, ifa said he is not happy with us and we should make sacrifice to triumph over him or her, and our ori will fight for us.
In ogbe atẹ, ifa saw Goodluck coming for us that we don’t even labour for and we should appease osun at morẹrẹ with many bitter cola for longetivity.

Ifa said and I quote:

Ara n boto n bẹtẹ
Adifa fun
Olongbo o n bọ wọ kan
Fun erin
Àwọn méjèèjì jọ n ṣe kungba ara wọn
Wọn ni ẹbọ ni ki wọn ṣe
Olongbo nikan ni n bẹ lehin ti tọju ẹbọ
Ẹbọ ti ẹ lo da ju
Ǹjẹ́, ara n boto, n bẹtẹ
mo ṣe bi ori olongbo o ṣe t’erin

Ara n boto n bẹtẹ
Cast divination
For cat and elephant
When two of them were having issues between them
They were ask to make sacrifice
It is the cat that made sacrifice and it’s was manifested
Thus, the cat triumph
Even regardless of how bigger elephant head

Itadogun ReadingCalendar



The odu Ifa casted for today’s Itadogun Ose Ifa is OTURA GASA with blessing of wealth, ifa ask us to make sacrifice so that the evil plan of our enemy will turn to be blessing for us. Ifa ask us to appease Obatala.

Ifa said and I quote:

Egbe Roro
Awo Ojugbe difa fun ojugbe
Nijo to n lo re da oko eba ona
won ni o kara nle ebo ni kose
adifa fun alabarun ajapa nijo to n lo re pa abuke osin,
Nje mo pa abuke osin mo fi rera,
emi pa abuke osin, orisa jinmi,
mo pa abuke osin mo fi rera


Egbe roro
The Priest of Ojugbe cast divination for Ojugbe
When he was going to do farming on roadside,
He was ask to make sacrifice,
As well as the tortoise that was going to kill the hunchback man, the servant ofobatala,
Thus, I kill the hunchback man (Orisa Slave),
Obatala bless me


Ojugbe is a roadside farmer that love to send gifts to Obatala through the his slav e, “the man with hunchback“, so obatala got carried away one day and decide to bless this generous man called Ojugbe that have been sending him gift for long. He therefore insert blessings at the hunch of his slave and ask his slave to take it to Ojugbe, On this occasion Ojugbe become rich and wealthy and tortoise that happen to be neighbour to Ojugbe knew how ojugbe became rich when he scratch the hunchback of obatala slave, tortoise also trace obatala slave one day and tied him up and took his hoes and cutlass to open the hunchback eventually when he was doing this, the slave died, tortoise now decided to implicate his friend/neighbour Ojugbe by going to call him to come with his gun to the farm, that there is antelope eating his crop, not knowing that it was Obatala slave that tortoise has killed that is been covered with skin of antelope, Ojugbe eventually shot the Object and tortoise raised alarm that Ojugbe has killed the hunchback slave of obatala, this became a court case, but obatala knew it was a setup because he knew how much Ojugbe live him and trusted him that he can’t do such, obatala decide to put up an examination, he turned Ojugbe to a King, and put him on horse and make him more richer, the ovation was loud as people were singing and praising Ojugbe with the song that says “I killed orisa slave, I become dignity, after killing orisa slave, Orisa blessed me, I killed Orisa slave and became famous”.

This song shocked tortoise and he started wondering that Ojugbe was been blessed from the offence he never committed and he therefore decided to speak the truth and eventually the tortoise was arrested and paid for his evil act.

May ifa olodumare escape us all from evil deed. (Ase)