When the divine and powerful mother Edan (Onile Ogboduora) made her appearance upon this earth she did so with a specific and sacred purpose. Her manifestation upon this earth signaled a new opportunity to humanity for renewal, progress and empowered living. Her appearance signaled a fresh and new beginning for all of humanity and not just the privileged Yoruba people. Her aim and purpose was, and is, universal in scope. Edan came to bring healing, order, harmony, binding divine precepts and balance to the communities of the earth in general and to each human being in particular.

You must remember and keep in mind that Edan is not a human being. Edan is not Yoruba, Chinese, American, Eastern or Western. Edan is a divine personality of extraordinary abilities and supra-human powers. Edan is not from this world. She comes from a glorious and inconceivable realm of holiness, beauty and power. The intelligence, understanding, power and charismatic attractiveness of divine mother Edan are extraordinary, penetrating and outstanding. Edan can see to the depth and reality of things. She cannot be deceived, manipulated or bribed, neither does she make mistakes in the administration of her dispensation. She is beyond the grasp of human influence. She does not ever fall sway to the pettiness and fickleness that is common among humanity. Her divine sight is never obstructed and her activity cannot be hindered. Her virtue, character, personality and charisma are without equal. Even Òrúnmìlà acknowledged her greatness, efficiency, ability and uniqueness. It was after all Òrúnmìlà himself who called on Edan, his divine friend and associate for support, solutions and relief! When Edan descended from the realm of Irunmole to this earth she appeared with fullness of divine authority, power and command. All internal and external ajogun and elenini fled before her. With the power of her majestic, divinely attractive and beautiful personality and ase filled charisma she was able to free and deliver the hearts and minds of the negative thoughts, attitudes and unwholesome energies that were oppressing and dominating their minds.

Edan was able to disarm people of their worries, fears and insecurities. To those do who delighted in wrong doing, deception, oppression and corruption she struck fear into their hearts so that perhaps they might change their ways under her administration of forgiveness, order, empowerment and renewal. Such was and is the power and influence of divine mother Edan. Together with, and inseparable from the importation of her ase to responsive members of humanity she gave divine precepts and injunctions for her student-disciples to practice and implement on all levels of society and personal life. These obedient, trustworthy and reliable followers of Edan are Ogboni because there is only wisdom, health and long life in the obeying Edan and practicing her precepts. Outside of this one would constitute oneself an Ogberi because to apparently know and not practice the truth, what is that but if not the greatest ignorance, misfortune and foolishness. The divine principles of Edan became and are the vehicles of her divine presence, charisma, power, support and healing-rectifying influence. To have lived at the time of the appearance of Edan upon this sacred earth was a most extraordinary, gratifying and wonderful experience. That is if one was disposed to the divinely sanctioned way of life she was revealing to humanity and is still revealing to humanity. The stubborn, recalcitrant and belligerent did not and will not last long under the administration of Edan.

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Edan being naturally kind, just and understand, like the precious and lovable holy mother that she is, she afforded everyone forgiveness, a new beginning without reference to past wrongs, an opportunity to change and the blessingContinue reading