The Divine Ogboni Teachings of Orisa Edan (Onile Ogboduora)

Ogbo Ato, Asure Iwori-Wofun

Blessings of longevity and prosperity to one and all.

According to a verse in Ifa (Irosun Iwori) there was a period in the earliest history of man when there was great disharmony in the world. At that time the population of the world was small compared to today and no one had migrated beyond the legendary Ife-Ooye which many wise people believe must have been very near the present Ile-Ife in Osun State of Nigeria.
During this period of severe disharmony: stealing, lying, murder, conspiracy, rape and other forms of wicked behavior reigned supreme on earth.
Orunmila, who was already on the earth at this time was also at his wits end trying to find some solution to the chaotic situation which prevailed at the time. The holy elders on earth were all approaching Orunmila and urging him to find an effective solution to the state of lawlessness, rapine and corruption which was swallowing up the inhabitants of the earth.
Orunmila consulted Olodumare through the sacred Ifa Oracle. The verses that descended and were revealed upon the Oracular Tray were from the Odu-Ifa chapter called Irosun-Iwori. The following was the revelation of Ifa Irosun-Iwori:
‘Ha! Mo hee mo won lara consulted Ifa for Orunmila when Orunmila was going to ascend to the divine upper worlds (heaven) to call upon Orisa Edan. It it Orisa Edan who is to put life back to normal in Ife (upon the earth). The people of the earth tried again and again on their own through painstaking effort to attempt repair the earth like one repairs a broken calabash. All their efforts at amends were to no avail. The situation was beyond their power to correct and heal. In fact the people fragmented (broke) the world like one breaks the sacrificial calabash.
Orunmila was then urged to go to the divine world of the Irunmole (heaven) to call on Imole (Edan) to help repair the damage done on earth and bring restoration and order.
Orunmila was urged to call Imole (Edan) who was his close friend in the realm of divine personalities (heaven). Orunmila ordered the people of Ife to offer sacrifice. It is sacrifice that saves. Lack of sacrifice does not save. The people of Ife offered sacrifice with bush rat, fish, pigeons etc. Before long there was prosperity at Ife (upon the earth). People who obey Ifa’s instructions must surely prosper.’
After the sacrifice Orunmila ascended to divine abode to invite his lady friend Edan to help rectify the chaotic situation on earth. Edan agreed to accompany Orunmila back to earth to curb and eliminate the sinful activities of mankind. Before descending to earth Ifa was consulted and Iwori Owonrin manifested and gave the blessing and guidance to ensure a safe and succesful journey to Ife-Ooye. After performing the prescibed sacrifices and sacred rituals, Orunmila and Edan had a smooth journey to Ife-Ooye.
On their arrival at Ife the people were grateful to Orunmila and gave Edan an enthusiastic, eager and appreciative warm reception. Armed with patience, intelligence, authority and power, without wasting any time, Edan immediately embarked on fulfilling her divine mission. Systematically with sound planning and organization she instructed and ordered all the people of the earth to PROMISE on oath before her to return to good behavior and orderliness by which healing, blessings, peace, harmony and prosperity would be restored. Failure to comply with Edans’ authoritative command would cause the defaulter to pay the highest penalty of death.
After everyone had sworn before Edan to maintain peace, fairness, justice and harmony on earth, the tranquility and concord returned to Ife (the earth). The spirit of loving-kindness, rectitude, integrity and order was prevailing in the hearts and minds of all. Edan then settled down some extended time period on earth to supervise, promote and firmly establish her good work (mission).

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