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The Odu ifa casted for today’s Itadogun Ifa reading and as the beginning of the year is OGUNDA OFUN with blessing of child. We are asked to feed Ifa with pig and make sacrifice to Esu and Obatala for the success of 2018. Ifa said we should not make attempt to terminate pregnancy as there will be blessing of children for the barren or people seeking to give birth to more children.

Ifa said and I quote:


adifa fun ogun

to n lo re do efun ti n se omo Orisagbowuji,

Won ni ebo ni kose, O gbe’bo, O rubo

Nje, gbabutuyeke,

Ogun lo do efun loyun,




cast divination for ogun,

when he was going to impregnate efun,

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Itadogun ReadingCalendar



The Odu Ifa casted for today’s itadogun reading is OGUNDA OTURUPON with blessing of wealth. Ifa ask us to make ebbo, because of a fortune 🔮 that is coming our way.
Ifa said someone or the diviner is hunting for a life partner, that he should make some sacrifice so that this can come to pass as soon as possible. Ifa said he has been engaging in spiritual battle for success, it is if he/she walks in the path of ifa (tradition) that he/she can be victorious. 

Ifa said and I quoted here:

” Ona to taara ma ya

Adifa fun ogun ti n rogbo jeje, eluju jeje

O n lo re fe oba wale

Won ni ebbo ni kose

Nje, Ogun da oba mole

Ogun tupoon re

Ogun nikan ni n be leyin ti n nebo. “


” Ona to tara ma ya

Cast divination for Ogun that was going to seven renowned forest and bushes, 

The one dat would go and marry Oba, 

He was told to make some sacrifice,

Thus, Ogun defeated Oba, 

Ogun had untied her under pant, 

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The Odu Ifa casted for today’s ose-ifa reading is Ogundabede with blessing wealth (ire aje), Ifa ask us to make sacrifice (ebbo) for prosperity and to appease our ori, so that all the good things we are expecting can come our way, ifa warn us not to go into supremacy fights with anybody, that we will definitely triumph over our enemy. Ifa speaks about someone that is looking forward to see a good love partner, they need some sacrifice (ebbo) to make this happen.

Ifa said and I quoted here:

” Atete daye o kan t’egbon

Eni ori ba san ni nje baba

Adifa fun ogunda to n lo re bori ogbe mole,

Won ni ebo ni kose,

Nje mo gbe de,

Ori kenke, emi ti gbe ori ola mi wole de,

Mo gbe de, ori kenke “



” Being the first to be born does not make you an elder,

It is who the destiny bless, becomes father,

Cast divination for Ogunda that was going to superceed Ogbe,

He was ask to make Sacrifice,

Thus, I have brought my bright destiny,

I have brought my wealthy head (destiny) “


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– Oluwo Fasola Faniyi Babatunde