ISESE 2017


Ancetral Pride Temple Ltd Team and Members are giving thanks to Olodumare, Oba Ajalaye, Ajalorun for giving us the privilege to witness another annual event (ISESE DAY) of this year, which took place all over the world on this day Sunday, August 20, 2017.

This report is from the ISESE Day event which took place at OBA ARINU PALACE, OSI-META, OTA, AKEJA, OGUN STATE which was hosted by IWASAGBA TRADOMEDICAL ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA in conjunction with ANCESTRAL PRIDE TEMPLE LTD. This year’s Isese Day was an awesome event.

Most people have no, less or false knowledge about what ISESE is and they have refused to seek knowledge.

“ISESE” is a spiritual practice and philosophy originated in Yoruba Land (Nigeria), celebrating traditional African culture, spirituality and worship, and seeking to uplift and unify all people of the African Diaspora. This is the day all Orisha People in Nigeria and all around the world will celebrate Isese day, which is the Day of Tradition, the day we give honour to our ancestors. Isese is the Yoruba word for Tradition.

The day all Babalawo’s, Iyanifa’s Ololorisha’s and everyone who practices the tradition way of life which is the practice, worship and veneration of Ifa/Orisha will celebrate for all its worth.

The appropriate greeting for this day is Isese Lagba (which means Tradition is the elder and is always on top), after someone greets you Isese Lagba, you will answer Isese Lagba Gbogbo Wa. Tradition will stay with us always! The Orishas are with us, they are born everyday within the consciousness of a new born, whether they know it or not, it is important especially people of African descent to know their path, it matters not where in Africa you are led to or drawn to, it matters that you respect and honor the tradition of your ancestors.

Pictures from event:

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