The house is fine but no roof.

Human may be handsome/beautiful but lack character.

Newly wedded wife is admirable at a distance, but when settled down she become recalcitrant, and dares his husband, she becomes a dead toad that looks at the knife with disdain.


Exhibit good character and not physical beauty, it takes only one day for beauty to fade, Good Character makes partnership enduring.


My Orí, please bestow me with Good Character to enjoy peaceful and productive Life. [ASE].

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The Odù Ifá casted for today Ọ̀sẹ̀ Ifá is OWONRIN IKA, with blessings of four good things.

Ifá ask us to make sacrifice to Aje the goddess of wealth so it can come to us, Ifá said we should always remember to do Ọ̀sẹ̀ Ifá at every Itadogun and stay back at home on this day to honor him.

Ifa said and I Quote:

Okinni idẹ wa riri ma ṣẹ
babalawo aje
lodifa fun aje
O n ti Ikọle ọrùn bọ waye
Wọn ní ẹbọ aitẹ ni kò ṣe
Nje, aje ko ni tẹ, aje ko ni ti

Translation :

The golden needle shake and never got broken
The priest of wealth
Cast divination for wealth
He was asked to make sacrifice
So that it will never became useless
Thus, aje will never become useless forever.


Itadogun ReadingCalendar


The Odù Ifá casted for today Ọ̀sẹ̀ Ifá is OGBEYỌNU, with blessings of four good things.

Ifá ask us to make sacrifice, appease our Orí and Ẹgbẹ́, ifa also foresee blessings of fruit of womb to all barren.

Ifa said and I Quote:

Pẹletu àwo inú
lodifa fún inu
pẹ̀lẹ́tu àwo ẹyin
lodifa fún ẹyin
àwọn lè bímọ lọpọlọpọ lọpọlọpọ ni wọn ń dá ifa sì
Ǹjẹ́, inú ń yun o
ẹyin ń pọn
sẹbi irẹ ọmọ ni ẹdu ń fọ

Translation :

Pẹ̀lẹ́tu the priest of the stomach
Cast divination for stomach
Pẹletu the priest of back
cast divination for back
They were ask to make sacrifice so as to bear many children
Thus, the stomach take charge of pregnancy and the back take charge of the baby
Ifá have foreseen blessing of children.




[Ifá-Orisa]: The knowledge [personal recognition and experience] of Ori is the key [supreme-secret] that will lead [and take] you to lasting peace, happiness, prosperity, empowerment and fulfillment. Knowledge of Ori is knowledge of the super-self. Knowledge of Ori is true, complete and irrefutable true-knowledge and true-power. When you know Ori you will know yourself in wonder, astonishment and marvel.

The essence of true-spirituality is peace, contentment, happiness, self-knowledge, inexhaustible spiritual-vitality [power], harmony [integral-health] and self-acceptance. Only when you accept yourself as as you are can others accept you as you are. When you recognize and experience your own ori you will know yourself truly and will be peaceful, content and brimming with happiness and confidence.

Understand, know, accept and embrace the fact that you have within you a unique share of the supreme divine power [Ori]. When you actually understand, know and perceive [experience] this fact then will you know and have true peace. When you realize the fact of Ori your worries, agitation, turbulence, confusion, unclarity, aimlessness, melancholy and uncertainty will come to an end.

When you embrace and fully trust the unique expression of the divine spirit [Ori-Eleda] that is within you only then will you be free of all worries, concerns and pressures. You will have strength, power and ability to rise above all difficulties and you will do so with a peaceful, content and serene heart. Nothing will be able to hinder and obstruct you.

All human beings have received this endowment of the manifesting divine spirit [Ori-Eleda] indwelling within them. You have your own unique, peculiar, powerful and special spirit of divinity [Ori] within you, and I have my own unique, peculiar, powerful and special spirit of divinity [Ori] within me. They both emerge from and originate in the one supreme spirit but the divine spiritual intelligence that is in you and me are original and have been uniquely and perfectly fashioned and crafted for each of us. Yours is different from mine. Mine is different from yours.

This inner-power is guiding us in a unique, peculiar and specific way. This is why there is no reason, purpose or point to be made in comparing oneself with others, or others with us, because we each have our own unique mission, purpose, path and destiny. There is only one universal and supreme spirit who is the Master, Guide, Creator and Friend of the innumerable [infinite] universes: Olódùmarè. This one supreme spirit [Olódùmarè] manifests and appears uniquely and in diversity in every one of us. This unique divine inner-presence, energy, sublime spiritual current, supra-natural intelligence and power is what nurtures, protects and develops our spirit, mind and body. This inner-intelligence, presence and divine inspiration energy, power and entity is a plenary [direct, immediate and actual] personal manifestation of the supreme universal spirit: Olódùmarè.

Olódùmarè [the spirit of beauty, life, peace, joy, elevating [inspiring and empowering] wisdom, diversity and harmony] truly and literally lives within us. When you entrust yourself to this inner-power and exercise faith in your true inner root and foundation [ori-eleda] then only will you be able to appreciate its power and find your own center, foundation, peace and serenity. Our lives become filled with gratitude, wonder, excitement, enthusiasm, optimism and delight when we entrust ourselves to the divine power, spirit and energy [ori-eleda] that is within us and who is our life companion, friend, protector, well-wisher and helper. When we neglect this inner-guide and we allow ourselves to be led and influenced by people and their opinions, worries, fears, biases and concerns then we too become lost in a maze of confusion, bewilderment, disenchantment, melancholy and aimlessness. When you have confidence in ourselves and in our ori-eleda we transcend ignorance, turbulence, agitation, fear, worry, insecurity and doubt. We become efficient, power and independent of the thoughts, opinions, biases and conclusions of others. We will not be and cannot be swayed by praise or criticism. We become manifestations of divine equanimity, peace, contentment and transcendence. When we discover ori-eleda, experience ori-eleda, follow ori-eleda and entrust ourselves to ori-eleda by the blessing [benefit] of receiving sound and empowered knowledge we became awakened persons who know who we are, what we believe, we become unified within and harmonious without, and we live an original, attractive and spontaneous beautiful life that does not conform itself to any superficiality set pattern, tradition or routine established by others.

You were created to perceive, experience and enjoy your inner-guide, friend and companion and to listen to this divine inner-voice, energy, intelligence and inspiration. You must follow your own endowment of the divine power [ori-eleda] that is within YOU and not someone else’s endowment. Your Ori-Eleda is the true initiator and recognition, experience and ones entrustment to ones one ori-eleda is the TRUE-INITIATION and the TRUE SOURCE AND FOUNTAIN OF POWER, GRACE AND VIRTUE. All the GOD-POWERS originate in and which emerge, flow and emanate from ori-eleda. Let your yourself be filled by, surrounded by, permeated by and immersed in the GOD-POWERS that originate in and which emerge, flow and emanate from your own ori-eleda!

Have confidence in yourself and have complete faith in your complete, unique and perfect portion of the universal supreme power [ori-eleda] that is within you and has always been within you. If you listen to and obey the voice of your inner-personal divinity instead of the comments, complaints, opinions and views of others you will find true peace and happiness because you will have found yourself. You will come to your senses and true nobility and dignity will be yours. You will be established in serenity, calm, peace, balance, synergy, harmony and wellbeing.

The divine spirit [ori-eleda] within you will only grant good to you whether you have asked for this goodness or not. The divine spirit within you will always avert, block and deflect anything that is not in your true best interest. The divine spirit [ori-eleda] within you will also safeguard you by not granting you things that you asked for that you erroneously thought would be good for you but really were not. You don’t need to complicate yourself and you don’t need to stay on the path of disenchantment and disappointment. You don’t need to keep following people who are not worthy of being followers. You don’t need to keep drowning out your own true feelings and convictions to appease or attempt to please others. What you need is to entrust yourself to the Divine Beloved, Companion, Guide, Superpower and Friend who exists within you and manifests in your life as inspiration, enthusiasm, illuminated intelligence, tenderness, understanding, strength and love.

My friends, recover and take notice of the priceless sacred gem of the divine power, presence and virtue [ori-eleda] that is within you and which is enshrined in the sacred shrine of your heart like a burning flame that cannot ever becomes extinguished and which never ceases to give light, comfort and warmth.

This divine power, supernal divine intelligence and living spiritual current [ori-eleda] will lift you up and keep you up. It will make you aware of the sweet fragance, goodness, dignity and beauty of your own person and your own life. Freedom and peace will be yours. Gratitude and the joy of living will overwhelm you. Anyone who awakens to the reality of his or her ori-eleda will become established in strength, stability, confidence and in an amazing personal spiritual power and wonderful spiritual intelligence and charisma. All the good things of life will run to find you! You will no longer be subject to the manipulation, deception and trickery of others. You will see what needs to be seen. You will know what needs to be known. You will understand what needs to be understood. You will see people as they really are and not as they seem. Everything will become clear and comprehensible to you.

My spiritual friends and family return to your true-home [ori-eleda]. Return and awaken to your own ori-eleda [to the realization and refreshed recognition and experience of the supreme beloved, divine-current and the omnipotent indescribable power living with you]. Become sensitive again to the divine sweetness and inspiration! Abandon and give up the doubts, worries, anxieties and insecurity that others have caused to arise in you or have attempted to impose upon you! Recover your spiritual autonomy, dignity and self-confidence. Take wholesome pride and delight in yourself. Value and cherish yourself because you are precious. Return to your true home [the divine dwelling place of the sacred, divine and holy -ori eleda- within you] where the infinite sea of tranquility, power, joy and confidence is brimming. There you will attain eternal [unending, complete, peace-conferring and satisfaction giving] joy. This is the place of true initiation. This is the true initiation, the true knowledge and true power. Let no one live their lives, opinions, conclusions and biases through you. Take your life back and live YOUR LIFE and let others live their own lives through themselves and not through you.

The secret of ori-eleda is found in Sacred Odu-Ifá Ejiogbe. Please ponder this secret of secrets and let it uplift, transform and empower your life. This is all your really need to know, understand, recognize and realize to find peace, fulfillment, satisfaction, happiness and contentment in your life. This is the supreme secret and the supreme power. No can give it you and no one needs to give to you. You already have it. This is the supreme secret and supreme power. No one can sell it and no one can buy it. You already have it. Ori-Eleda is the true benefactor, savior, well- wisher and giver of peace.

Sacred Odu-Ifá Ejiogbe [Eèpàà-Baba!]:

ORI you will benefit me. ORI you will not let me labor in vain. Ifá was consulted for the 401 [innumerable] irunmole when they were to descend from heaven [the divine spiritual world or the spiritual universe] to the earth [the physical world or the physical universe].

ORI is the ONE who established Òrúnmìlà at Oke-Igeti.

ORI you WILL bless ME abundantly. You WILL NOT let me labor in vain. ORI you WILL bless ME abundantly.

ORI is the ONE who established [gave power and authority to] Oshun at Ijumu town [Oshogbo].

ORI you WILL bless ME abundantly. You WILL NOT let me labor in vain. ORI you WILL bless ME abundantly.

ORI is the ONE who established [gave power and authority to] Obàtálá at Ifon town.

ORI you WILL bless ME abundantly. You WILL NOT let me labor in vain. ORI you WILL bless ME abundantly.

ORI is the ONE who established [gave power and authority to] Awon-Iyami at Ota town.

ORI you WILL bless ME abundantly. You WILL NOT let me labor in vain. ORI you WILL bless ME abundantly.

ORI is the ONE who established [gave power and authority to] Sango at Koso [Oyo].

ORI you WILL bless me abundantly. You WILL NOT let me labor in vain. ORI you WILL bless me abundantly.

ORI is the ONE who established [gave power and authority to] Oya at Ira town.

ORI you WILL bless me abundantly. You WILL NOT let me labor in vain. ORI you WILL bless me abundantly.

ORI is the ONE who established [gave power and authority to] Ogun at Ire town.

ORI you WILL bless me abundantly. You WILL NOT let me labor in vain. ORI you WILL bless me abundantly.

ORI is the ONE who established [gave power and authority to] Esu at Ketu town.

ORI you WILL bless me abundantly. You WILL NOT let me labor in vain. ORI you WILL bless me abundantly.

ORI is the ONE who established [gave power and authority to] Orisa-Oko at Irawo Agba.

ORI you WILL bless me abundantly. You WILL NOT let me labor in vain. ORI you WILL bless me abundantly.

ORI is the ONE who established [gave power and authority to] Eegun at Oje town.

ORI you WILL bless me abundantly. You WILL NOT let me labor in vain. ORI you WILL bless me abundantly.

Further complementing secrets of ori are revealed and elaborated upon in Sacred Odu-Ifá Otura-Ogbe.

Sacred Odu-Ifá Otura-Ogbe:

Wisdom, power and intelligence comes from ones own Ori. [Wisdom, power and intelligence comes from nurturing your relationship with your own ori, by listening to the guidance, inspiration and illumination of your ori and following or obeying ori]. Everything depends on your relationship with your ori. Everything depends on your trustful compliance with the directives of your ori. Entrust yourself to the light and power of your ori and ori will without fail uplift you, create favorable circumstances for you, build you up and attract the good and worthwhile things of life to you. Ori is the teacher, guide, master and parent. You are the student, pupil, learner and child. Be humble towards ori and be obedient to you ori and ori will take and elevate you to the highest rank and dignity.

The crowning and completing revelation and vision of ori is found in Sacred Odu-Ifá Irete-Ofun.

Sacred Odu-Ifá Irete-Ofun:Continue reading



When Olodumare first created us, formed us or gave ‘birth’ to us ages ago in the divine realm of spirits, Olodumare already previously planned what kind of grandiose, glorious, unique and magnificent being we would become at the end of our moral, spiritual and intellectual development over many lives. Before Olodumare decided to create you he already had the completed, glorified and perfect vision of you in mind. At present we are still undergoing moral, spiritual and intellectual formation, development and unfoldment. We are progressively and steadily moving in the direction of the great purpose or destiny which Olodumare already had in mind for us before deciding to create the human spirit.
That glorious, perfect, original and unequalled being that one day we will be already exists in the eternal mind of Olodumare and in the divine spirit realm. I know that hearing this divine truth for the first time can initially be difficult to accept or comprehend, by I assure you that soon you will grasp it and and know the reality of it.
That archetype, design or original blue-print of our perfected being is called Iponri. Our individual and personal ori or ori-inu is inseparable from the reality and activity of Iponri (our perfected higher self) which exists in the eternal mind of Olodumare and in the divine spiritual realm.
Our ori derives power, guidance, direction and inspiration from Iponri our perfected being in the divine spiritual realm of causes and in the eternal mind of Olodumare. Our lives, our human spirit, mind and personality yearns and pines for fusion with Iponri.
Iponri in union with our ori-inu is the source and origin of what we experience and call spiritual inspiration, enthusiasm and motivation. When we for whatever reason stop growing spiritually and we stop making forward progress we fall into a rut. We get stuck where we are, and then we find it very difficult to get up, to begin again and to keep going forward. When this happens our Iponri sends a current or signal charged with spiritual enthusiasm which causes us to cheer up, it causes us to get up, it motivates us, it inspires us to get up again and to keep pressing forward when we were feeling like giving up altogether. This is the great and wonderful power of Iponri! Have you ever experienced this before? Have you had the following experience before? You have given up, or you are tired of trying and you decide that this is it, you are not going to press forward anymore, your fed up and you’ve had it! But then after some time a great power of enthusiasm, hope and motivation fills you up and you completely forget about and abandon your previous negative and lowly feelings! This is the power of Iponri and Ori!!!
Every time that we grow and advance after some considerable time of patient effort in the direction of our Iponri, we feel, experience and receive a divine infusion of asé which increases our motivation, our capacity, our intelligence and our spiritual power. It is Iponri who is sending this current. It is Iponri helping us. Iponri dispenses this power, current and virtue and our ori-inu receives it. Our spirit, our subtle spiritual body [soul] and our physical body are nourished by this spiritual food, power and intelligence which ori provides.
The primary function of our ori is to lead and guide us to the realization of our perfected being as perfectly pre-ordained and pre-planned  by Olodumare. Life after life our divine ori accompanies us as a faithful friend, guide, teacher and companion until we reach unexcelled perfection. We should greatly value and love our ori, because ori is the personal manifestation, power and presence of Olodumare indwelling our minds, sharing our struggles, challenges and victories, and assisting us in our growth and unfoldment. Our ori-inu will definitely complete its mission of leading us to flawless glory, excellence and perfection by assisting us in our growth and development until we become qualified and prepared to partake of fusion with our Iponri. For now this is all I want to share about this divine mystery. Ifá will add more light to us on this all important matter.
May you  be inspired, enlightened and encouraged by this teaching which reveals the astounding depth, beauty, power and comprehensiveness of the Ifá conception of life and of how fortunate and blessed we are as human beings. It is wonderful the manner in which Ifá reveals to us the true value, meaning and purpose of human life. May you be motivated to enter deeply and with enthusiasm into your own Ifá research, study and practice. Without one’s personal effort and consecration [sacrifice] there can be no reception and enjoyment of reward, victory and attainment.
May Òrúnmìlà Awinrin continue to benefit, illumine, guide and defend you. Àse.


Erin ja, erin won loluso
Agbo momo ja, won mu so loja ejigboromekun
Adifa fun orisa nla Oseremagbo
Ni ojo ti iku yio gbodo ti yio si ma pani
Erin ja, erin won loluso
Agbo mo mo ja, won mu so loja ejigboromekun
Adifa fun Orunmila ti yio je oni magba, to yio si ma gba ni Kaye.
Nje ki lo to ni gba nijo ogun
Erigi alo ifa lo to ni gba lojo ogun
Erigi alo

Translation :
The elephant escaped been tie down with rope
The ram was been tied at the market of ejigboromekun
Cast divination for orisa nla oseremagbo
When death will dominate everywhere and taken lives
The elephant escaped been tied with rope.
The ram was been tied at the market of ejigboromokun
Cast divination for orunmila when he will became the messiah on earth and keep saving life
What is it that can safe us during spiritual war.
Erigi alo, it is IFA that can safe us.
Erigi alo…(EJIOGBE)
As we embark on the journey of this new month of April, May Olodumare grant us success in all our endeavors and may our ori, IFA olokun Asorodayo guide our path to success. Ase’ntedumare

From: Ancestral pride temple, Ota
Oluwo Fasola Faniyi