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Who and what is an orisa?
An orisha is a person, power, intelligence and energy who is with you during your time of need, struggle, melancholy and difficulty to uplift you. An orisa is a person who remains with you to comfort you until your situation improves. An orisa is a person who brings light, direction, order and clarity to your life when you are experiencing confusion, uncertainty and doubt. An orisa is a person who assists and strengthens you during your moment of need and helps you to come out of your troubles.

An orisa is a person who takes your suffering upon himself and gives you joy, peace and happiness. An orisa is a person who draws near to you in earnestness and friendship to let you know that you are not alone and who will be with you through thick and thin until he sees you through and out your problems. An orisa is a person who feels your despair, loneliness and need as if it were his own. An orisa is a person who brings sweetness, joy and hope to your life when life seems sour, sorrowful and purposeless. An orisa is a person who sympathizes with the plight of others and is able to relate and understand with what you are going through. An orisa is a person who brings compassion, brightness, cheer, hope and optimism to all he does and to all who cross his path. An orisa is a person of courage, reliability, dependability and perseverance. An orisa is a person who can be relied upon to fulfill his words, commitments and promises. An orisa is a person who is deserving of trust and confidence. An orisa is a person who carries themselves with dignity, self-respect and honor. An orisa is a person who brings out the best in you and helps you discover the goodness, value and beauty of your life.

Be an orisa…and people will always remember you, love you, support you, defend you and revere you. When you are orisa you cause others to become orisa and our world will then become a veritable realm of delightfulness, pleasantness, happiness and beauty.

We may not always know what is right, correct and good for others but we may always know what is true, right, correct and good for ourselves. In addition to our basic human mind, intellect and intelligence, we have all have been gifted with and endowed with a divine monitor, guide, companion, supramundane intelligence and presence…we call it ori. This ori has been primarily given to us so that we can understand, discern and know what we personally should and must do. Our ori is our individual, unique and personal compass, map and blueprint which can and will lead us to fulfillment of divine destiny…Ifáyelele if we listen to and abide by our divine ori…holy conscience and divine intelligence. There is strength, assurance, security and stability only in being aware of our own ori and in faithfully working in harmony with our own ori. Our ori has not been given to us so that we can decide and choose for others what they should and must do. Our ori is not qualified to tell others what path they should and must walk on because our ori has been given to guide and lead us personally. Our ori has been give to us so that we might know how to direct ourselves and not necessarily to direct others. What is good and needful for you may prove to be neither good nor needful for another. Others must learn to discern and discover their own ori and must learn how to order their steps accordingly. Each one must listen to, consider, respond to and obey the truth, light and guidance of his own ori. Ori is part and parcel of Olodumare. Ori is a fragment of Olodumare which has been deposited, installed and activated within our own human mind to nourish us, guide us and develop us according to the individual and unique blueprint that Olodumare has mapped out for us. Ori dwells within our mind. Ori is the mind of our mind. Ori is the spirit of our spirit. Our divine ori monitors our mind, will, feelings, thoughts, intentions and emotions. Ori guides, shapes, adjusts, modifies and informs our awareness, consciousness and understanding. Ori gradually, progressively and by stages transforms, sublimates and elevates our spiritual state and nature. Ori helps and assists us to make forward progress and advancement. Ori is personally, intimately involved and active in our spiritual unfoldment  and our moral-ethical-intellectual-emotional evolution. We can undoubtedly benefit from and be enriched and empowered by the light, grace, power and understanding emanating from someone else’s ori, but ultimately it is through our own ori that we must live by. When we discover our own inner root and foundation i.e. our ori; and we wholeheartedly and courageously live in harmony with the dictates of our ori we become ori-sha. We become divine beings whose consciousness has been selected by and permeated with the divine energy and intelligence in a conscious and experiential way. Ori is a powerhouse of inexhaustible strength and limitless wisdom. Ori is a pure fountain of refreshing and life giving divine water. We become divinized or divine human beings who are led exclusively and totally by the divine consciousness and divine sentiment alone when we are awakened to the awareness and living experience of ori consciousness. When we follow our ori and are unified with our ori we become one-minded, unified, singular in intent and effort, and we enjoy unitive awareness and power. We become free from inner divisiveness, fragmentation, bewilderment and confusion. We are led by our true self and our higher mind, which in-fact is our true identity and self. Do not take it upon yourself to tell others what they should and should do or what they should and should not pursue. You can offer others your friendly suggestions, experienced based opinions, expert advice and considerations of wisdom but leave it to them to decide for themselves. They have ori to lead and guide them. Do not attempt to be a substitute for their own ori. But do offer them guidance and support that will enable them to be established in confidence, and that will help them establish contact with their own ori. Above all else ensure that you listen to and abide by your own ori, and all will be well. Also remember that your own ori has a way to directly communicate truth, strength, light, information, well-being and encouragement to the ori of others without you even having to say or speak a single word.

A maturing, morally-spiritually evolved and awakened human being who wisely awakens to the reality of the presence of ori, and chooses and selects to live his life in complete and full harmony with his ori, ceases to be an ordinary human being and becomes:
ORI-SHA. One who chooses, selects and determines to walk in unity, harmony and conformity with his own divinely bestowed ori. This is the secret which explains and reveals how human beings become orisa.
Ogbo ato asure iworiwofun.
Olodumare - Ancestral

The Importance of Ifa/Orisa devotees uplifting and encouraging themselves as well as the downtrodden and misguided ones

Ifa/Orisa devotees who with love, compassion and understanding dedicate themselves to uplifting the downtrodden, misguided and demoralized ones are truly rare and great. Let us draw near to such great men and women and cleanse our lives by giving up our faulty and wicked tendencies. Ifa teaches us that if we practice, cultivate and do what is good we do so for our own benefit. If we practice, cultivate and do what is unjust, wrong and bad we do so to our own detriment, injury and downfall. Character is religion! The words of Ifa are clear and unambiguous! What is needed and required is the dedicated and consistent PRACTICE of the same. It is natural for water to flow downwards, similarly it is also the natural propensity of human life to be wrapped up in bad tendencies. This is why Ifa says that honest people in the world are rare and that truly good people are rarer still! To this end Ifa, like a wise and caring friend counsels us by saying that: Lying is unacceptable within Ifa circles. Treachery is disallowed in the midst of Ifa. If one is secretly practicing treachery a guilty conscience will forever be his tormentor. This was the divine message revealed for Akuko gagara (the big rooster) who was the friend of Eko (the earthworm). How unfortunate and regrettable that cheating has cut a lying friend to pieces [Ofun-Ogunda].

If water has to be raised to a higher level then some special power in the form of a water pump has to be employed. Similarly the human life has to be firmly, enthusiastically and decisively uplifted and turned away from a mundane life (ogberi) towards the true life or divine spiritual life (awo and ogbon). It requieres patience and determination to live a truly divine, honest and spiritual life,especially in today’s world when ones sees deception, superficiality, corruption, insincerity and manipulation of all sorts surrounding one. The entry and attack of faults, unwholesomeness, wickedness, bad thoughts, impure intentions and sinful acts are a common experiential occurrence in a man’s life. When one comes under the attack, grasp and power of the inner defilements and antagonists [elenini] one goes on committing mean acts, sinful acts and shameful acts. Once in the grip of the inner ajogun and elenini, achieving freedom from them is very difficult. The mind itself goes constantly ahead on the path of downfall under the artificial shine and glamorous, intoxicating spell of pride, conceit, vanity, self-devotion, delusion and sinful acts.

Ifa offers us a remedy for this and a sure hope. The truth of the matter is that the divine Ori which we have received from Olodumare is filled with limitless strength, purity and wisdom. The ase and ire of Olodumare thoroughly permeates and fills our Ori. When a person wants to rise, change and truly transform his life he or she can do so practically instantly. We can then rise to the level of our true divine and noble nature and can say together with Ifa revelation: I behave according to the noble nature with which Olodumare created me. I do no evil. Neither do I harbor evil thoughts lest I die in a miserable and shameful state. For whatever we practice and cultivate in our youth will persist throughout our lifetime. This was the revelation and instruction of Ifa to the 401 Irunmole when coming from heaven to earth. Olodumare decreed that they MUST NOT EVER indulge in evil deeds. They MUST be TRUTHFUL at ALL times so that their lives would be prosperous. It was only Orunmila who took these words entirely to heart and practiced them which is why Orunmila triumphed by using truthfulness to overcome wickedness [Eji-Ogbe].


Here in this Ifa verse we can see the true essence, foundation and power Olodumare has placed within us by which we can elevate and change our lives if we so choose and determine to do so. No man becomes permanently fallen by committing a bad deed or a sinful act once. There is no reason for disappointment. Ifa -the all powerful and reliable divine word of truth- assures us that the path to progress cannot be permanently blocked up because if one path closes, many other paths open up! The only requirement is that we change our attitude and disposition (repent) and that we make efforts for uplift with moral forbearance and that we sincerely make practical efforts to uproot and Continue reading



The following order can be recognized place to place and is fairly typical
  • The Supreme being (Olodumare)
  • The Chief Divinities or Gods
  • The Ancestors
  • The Spirits
  • The Charms and Amulets

THE SUPREME GOD: This is recognized among all traditional believers all over the world, the supreme being is called or can be called different names depending on places to places and language variations. for example, yoruba as a case study, yoruba belief system called the supreme God as Olodumare or Olorun, Olorun means “Owner of the Sky“.

Every race of the world has a legend myth connecting God and the creation of origin of their race.

THE CHIEF DIVINITIES: These are next in rank to the supreme God, they are simply refer or regarded as the physical representatives of God in the world and are also called different names from place to place. Example: Obatala, Ifa, Osun, Ori, Sango, Ogun and so on. each of them have their own shrines, priest, cults, initiation ceremonies.

THE ANCESTORS: Every family has the belief that their ancestors survive as the living-dead among the family. Ancestral worship could be restricted to members of the affected families alone. Egungun is the best way to get connected to a dead ancestors and that is why you see each family having or can be trace back to a specific egungun name e.g Oya Arogunmola is an egungun that belongs to arogunmola family of Ota, Oloolu of Ibadan belonging to oloolu family and so on.Continue reading


The house is fine but for roof humans may be handsome but lack character, newly wedded wife is admirable at a distance, but when settles down,she become recalcitrant,and dares his husand,she become a dead toad,that looks at d knife, with disdain,sacred message revealed for omosun won-tan,daughter of ajori-win of irawo-land,exhibit good character,nd not physical beauty, it takes only one day for beauty to fade,good character makes partnership enduring my ori, please bestow me with good character,to enjoy peaceful nd productive life. ASE