The Essence [heart] and purpose of the traditions of the Irunmole-Orisa: The outlook you adopt will determine where you end up. Your intent will determine your quality of being, your potential [ability and capacity] for progress and your experiences. You must first know and understand the true purpose of the path of the irunmole-orisa if you are to successfully reach [achieve] the goal [the aim and purpose] of that path. You must first know, understand, choose and define your goal prior to choosing your path, then, upon choosing your path you must commit to that path. All paths will not take you to the destination you seek. All roads will not take you to the same place. The irunmole-orisa will not help you see, seek and pursue a purpose and destination that is contrary to the good, noble, satisfying and loving purpose and destination that they have in mind for you. You must understand what the path of the irunmole-orisa was really established for, what it was intended to give you, and what it is supposed to do for you so that you are not disappointed and your expectations are fulfilled.

[***A brief lesson and reflection for the sincere. May these spiritually passionate, caring and loving thoughts serve as a timely path-finder, guide and way-maker for the sincere. Àse. May you all find peace, clarity, hope, wellbeing and contentment. Àse.***]

Aboru Aboye. Ogbo ato asure iworiwofun. Àse.

[1] The path of the noble irunmole-orisa is not for everyone. The path of the divine irunmole-orisa is only for those who have been chosen. The path of the irunmole-orisa is only for those who want to know, enjoy and live in spiritual reality, contentment, peace, love and truth.

[2] The sweet and beautiful path of the irunmole-orisa is for those who have chosen to accept their selection. It is for those who want to press forward to spiritual maturity, clarity, fulfillment and harmony. No one really comes to the irunmole-orisa purely by their own initiative, strength and/or will-power alone. We come to the irunmole-orisa as a result of an empowered response on our part that has been made possible by the initiative, attention and direct action of the irunmole-orisa upon our lives. Fortunate, blessed and accomplished are those have been chosen by the irunmole-orisa and who wholeheartedly strive on the noble, adventurous, exciting and fulfilling path of the irunmole-orisa.

[3] Upon being chosen we must willingly, joyfully and deliberately adjust, modify and conform our heart, mind, speech, actions, behavior, manners, conduct and life, according to the loving, joy-conferring, peace-giving and health-promoting wise directives of the irunmole-orisa. The irunmole-orisa accept those who wholeheartedly dedicate and commit themselves to them.

[4] Upon finding ourselves on the path of the marvelous irunmole-orisa we must participate, and we must allow ourselves to be acted upon by the wonder-working sacred energy or àse of the irunmole-orisa. This energy is pure wisdom [intelligence], love, power, vitality, health and bliss [happiness]. This very special and unique divine energy is curative, ennobling, empowering and purifying. Our part is to deliberately choose to bring our intentions, feelings, will, manners and actions in harmony with the workings of the divine power [sacred energy] of the irunmole-orisa. We must not work against or go contrary to the wonder-working energy and power of the irunmole-orisa. We must allow ourselves to be moulded, taught, guided, developed and corrected by the divine inflow of the àse of the irunmole-orisa. This divine flow enters us, fills us, empowers us, surrounds us and shields [perfectly protects] us. Our own will [intent] and the will [intent] of the irunmole-orisa must become progressively and experientially one.

[5] The irunmole-orisa choose, select and attract us by exercising, applying and directing towards us an attracting, sweet, uplifting [energizing], ecstatic, pleasure-giving and irresistible power. The irunmole-orisa move us, they awaken us to the reality of their existence, and they gently draw [attract] us to themselves by provoking a mysterious exaltation of intimate nature within us, something that can be called spiritual ecstasy, delight, optimism, supernatural pleasure, supra-mundane inspiration and supernatural confidence. We then come to know how sweet, good and loving the irunmole-orisa are and what their divine works truly consist of. We awaken to the true nature of the irunmole-orisa, and we awaken to the remembrance and recognition of our true and eternal identity.

[6] This mysterious, attracting, pleasure-giving, enlightening and enrapturing power fills us with divine pleasure, satisfaction, confidence, expectancy [hope] and delight. It satisfies us, completes us and gives us peace, serenity, abiding inner-calm and harmony. It guides, motivates and inspires us. It give us a fresh, inspiring and new vision, understanding and experience of life. This power completely transforms and revolutionizes our inner state, condition and outlook to such a wonderful degree that what we formally thought to be obstacles, we now experience as stepping stones to victory, fulfillment and greater happiness, prosperity and abundance. We look forward to overcoming the obstacles, because to us they are not obstacles but stepping stones [blessed and fortunate opportunities] to greater achievements. The àse of the irunmole-orisa awakens our inner-spiritual powers and faculties, and teaches us how to develop, use, employ and perfect them. This energy exercises a healing, correcting, calming and purifying influence upon our lives. Upon experiencing this spiritual, emotional and psychological healing, empowerment and purification, we must resolve to remain in purity and cleanliness and we must pursue a healthy and wholesome lifestyle. The àse of the irunmole-orisa imparts health, vitality, strength and wellbeing to our spirit, soul, mind and body. How wondrous is the àse of the irunmole-orisa!

[7] The path of the irunmole-orisa is a path reserved for the spiritually mature [spiritually maturing], awakened, resolute and sincere person. Humility, patience, realism, gentleness and perseverance are a must for anyone who is serious about treading the path of the noble irunmole-orisa.

[8] The irunmole-orisa desire that all of us be free from distress, sorrow, anxiety, fear and perversity. The irunmole-orisa desire and want us to know the state and condition of abiding [permanent] bliss [divine happiness, satisfaction, fulfillment, ecstasy, pleasure, delight and contentment]. It is unfortunate that many seekers, aspirants and devotees have become overcome by superficiality, arrogance, nonsense, superstition, baseless-fear, aimlessness and hypocrisy. So much so that they care not to hear about the true heart, purpose and intent of the irunmole-orisa and the sacred traditions which were founded and instituted by the irunmole-orisa for our individual wellbeing, happiness and peace, and for the wellbeing, happiness and peace of the world.

[9] Only few people can see, understand and embrace the true path of the irunmole-orisa: the path of divine morality, honesty, humility, love, moral-courage and sanctity. Only the rare, select, chosen and determined ones can receive, direct, manifest and exhibit the full and true power of the irunmole-orisa. Only the select, rare and determined few can embrace this holy, divine and sacred path. Will you be one of them?

Aboru Aboye. Ogbo ato asure iworiwofun. Àse.

~ Awo Òrúnmìlà Mark Casillas /!!!\ A.O.M.C. /!!!\



The true meanings, esoteric truths and sublime teachings that we derive from the pastime of Obàtálá when Obàtálá unintentionally got drunk and began creating mis-shaped humans.

The reason we love and cherish Oba Òrìsà Obàtálá [Eèpàà Òrìsà, Òrìsà Eèpàà] is because he is a model of true and realistic perfection. The perfection of Obàtálá [Eèpàà Òrìsà, Òrìsà Eèpàà] is not a fantasy or fairy tale perfection where no-one ever makes any errors or mistakes. The perfection and excellence of Obàtálá is of a different order and quality. Obàtálá made some mistakes, errors and incorrect decisions in his life. This is a fact but he accepted his mistakes. Obàtálá took responsibility for them and he did not seek to excuse or justify his error. He displayed humility, true strength of character and dignity. He did not give up on himself. He did not subject himself to self-pity, complaining, blaming others and a life of indolence because he made a mistake. He learned from it, he got up and pressed forward. He took ownership of his erroneous decision and he corrected himself. He also formulated teachings and injunctions for his children and followers based on his many experiences so that we would learn from his experiences and not repeat what was not wise. Obàtálá also vowed to become the special guardian and protector of all people born with limitations and/or disabilities.

Obàtálá made some mistakes but he also made many good, wise and extraordinary decisions. Through it all Obàtálá was humble, guileless and pure. So he made a mistake. So what? If Obàtálá ibikeji Olódùmarè displayed humility, willingness to accept correction and purity of heart, then how much more so should we ordinary human beings do so. This is the meaning, value and lesson that we derive from the life and teachings of Obàtálá. These events in the lives of the irunmole-orisa must be understood and interpreted with true insight and an elevated understanding. Even the errors of the irunmole-orisa are not like our own. There is a lesson, purpose and meaning intended in all of their activities and pastimes.

Ifá teaches us that we should not dwell on the honest errors or mistakes of others. We should dwell on the positive, uplifting and sterling qualities of others. When we focus on the negative aspects of others we are pulling that person down, making them more negative, hurting them and we are staining our own heart. When we focus and zoom in on the positive qualities in others we strengthen them and we strengthen ourselves. When we focus and zoom in on the positive qualities of others we strengthen them and give life to them as well as strengthen ourselves with vital energy.

A person who only looks for the flaws and shortcomings in others is really demonstrating and reflecting only what he or she thinks and feels about himself or herself. A person who only sees the negative aspect in others while ignoring the sterling and good qualities that also are in others is only expressing how he or she sees themselves. No flaw or shortcoming is permanent. All flaws and shortcomings are temporary by nature.

Olódùmarè created us with strengths and weaknesses side-by-side so that we can exercise our wills to rise above our temporary flaws and sublimate them. Olódùmarè created us with strengths and weaknesses side-by-side so that we might learn patience, sympathetic-understanding and forgiveness. Olódùmarè created us with strengths and weaknesses side-by-side so that a space can appear within us where love, consideration and compassion can dwell.

I hope that this short consideration helps to shed some light on matters that are not as simple as they appear. I hope it helps to give one-and-all a new perspective or angle on things. My dear readers and friends let me ask you: Are your father, mother, relatives and friends perfect or flawless? Are you perfect or flawless? Do you love your parents, family and friends any less because they are not perfect or flawless? Should your parents, family and friends love you less because you are not perfect? Just because your parents are not perfect or flawless does that mean that you do not have to listen to them, respect them and consider them?

We understand and account a person to be perfect not when they no longer make mistakes but when they are mature in love, in kindness, in respect, in consideration and good-faith notwithstanding their human flaws and limitations. Our weaknesses and strengths exists so that we learn humility, gratitude and cooperation. Strength and weakness exist in us so that we can see that we have no reason to be full of ego, pride, arrogance and conceit. We cannot perfect ourselves all by ourselves. Where you are strong you help others. Where you are weak you receive the help of others. And in this way we develop, mature and grow into perfection in association and service towards one another. These are some of the divine lessons, spiritual mysteries and esoteric secrets that we learn from Obàtálá.

Eèpàà Òrìsà! Òrìsà Eèpàà!

Treat yourself and others with kindness, forgiveness, tenderness, sympathetic-understanding and compassion. Have faith in your potential and power [ability] to change and improve yourself. Have faith in the potential of others and in their power [ability] to change and improve themselves. Never give up on yourself and never lose hope for others. Never forget that you as well as others are perfectly imperfect.

~ Awo Òrúnmìlà Mark Casillas



When Olodumare first created us, formed us or gave ‘birth’ to us ages ago in the divine realm of spirits, Olodumare already previously planned what kind of grandiose, glorious, unique and magnificent being we would become at the end of our moral, spiritual and intellectual development over many lives. Before Olodumare decided to create you he already had the completed, glorified and perfect vision of you in mind. At present we are still undergoing moral, spiritual and intellectual formation, development and unfoldment. We are progressively and steadily moving in the direction of the great purpose or destiny which Olodumare already had in mind for us before deciding to create the human spirit.
That glorious, perfect, original and unequalled being that one day we will be already exists in the eternal mind of Olodumare and in the divine spirit realm. I know that hearing this divine truth for the first time can initially be difficult to accept or comprehend, by I assure you that soon you will grasp it and and know the reality of it.
That archetype, design or original blue-print of our perfected being is called Iponri. Our individual and personal ori or ori-inu is inseparable from the reality and activity of Iponri (our perfected higher self) which exists in the eternal mind of Olodumare and in the divine spiritual realm.
Our ori derives power, guidance, direction and inspiration from Iponri our perfected being in the divine spiritual realm of causes and in the eternal mind of Olodumare. Our lives, our human spirit, mind and personality yearns and pines for fusion with Iponri.
Iponri in union with our ori-inu is the source and origin of what we experience and call spiritual inspiration, enthusiasm and motivation. When we for whatever reason stop growing spiritually and we stop making forward progress we fall into a rut. We get stuck where we are, and then we find it very difficult to get up, to begin again and to keep going forward. When this happens our Iponri sends a current or signal charged with spiritual enthusiasm which causes us to cheer up, it causes us to get up, it motivates us, it inspires us to get up again and to keep pressing forward when we were feeling like giving up altogether. This is the great and wonderful power of Iponri! Have you ever experienced this before? Have you had the following experience before? You have given up, or you are tired of trying and you decide that this is it, you are not going to press forward anymore, your fed up and you’ve had it! But then after some time a great power of enthusiasm, hope and motivation fills you up and you completely forget about and abandon your previous negative and lowly feelings! This is the power of Iponri and Ori!!!
Every time that we grow and advance after some considerable time of patient effort in the direction of our Iponri, we feel, experience and receive a divine infusion of asé which increases our motivation, our capacity, our intelligence and our spiritual power. It is Iponri who is sending this current. It is Iponri helping us. Iponri dispenses this power, current and virtue and our ori-inu receives it. Our spirit, our subtle spiritual body [soul] and our physical body are nourished by this spiritual food, power and intelligence which ori provides.
The primary function of our ori is to lead and guide us to the realization of our perfected being as perfectly pre-ordained and pre-planned  by Olodumare. Life after life our divine ori accompanies us as a faithful friend, guide, teacher and companion until we reach unexcelled perfection. We should greatly value and love our ori, because ori is the personal manifestation, power and presence of Olodumare indwelling our minds, sharing our struggles, challenges and victories, and assisting us in our growth and unfoldment. Our ori-inu will definitely complete its mission of leading us to flawless glory, excellence and perfection by assisting us in our growth and development until we become qualified and prepared to partake of fusion with our Iponri. For now this is all I want to share about this divine mystery. Ifá will add more light to us on this all important matter.
May you  be inspired, enlightened and encouraged by this teaching which reveals the astounding depth, beauty, power and comprehensiveness of the Ifá conception of life and of how fortunate and blessed we are as human beings. It is wonderful the manner in which Ifá reveals to us the true value, meaning and purpose of human life. May you be motivated to enter deeply and with enthusiasm into your own Ifá research, study and practice. Without one’s personal effort and consecration [sacrifice] there can be no reception and enjoyment of reward, victory and attainment.
May Òrúnmìlà Awinrin continue to benefit, illumine, guide and defend you. Àse.


Ọya is one of the most powerful African Goddesses (Orishas).

A Warrior-Queen, She is the sister-wife of the God Shango, to whom She gave the power to create storms. Much of Ọya’s power is rooted in the natural world; She is the Goddess of thunder, lightning, tornadoes, winds, rainstorms and hurricanes. A Fire Goddess, it is Ọya who brings rapid change and aids us in both inner and outer transformation.

Ọya is the guardian of the realm between life and death; as such, She is not only the Goddess of spirit communication, funerals and cemeteries,but also the Goddess of clairvoyance, psychic abilities, intuition and rebirth. She can call forth the spirit of death, or hold it back — such is the extent of Her power. Because of Her affiliation to the dead, and Her intense knowledge of the magic arts, Ọya is also known as “the Great Mother of the Elders of the Night (Witches)”.

Ọya is both loved and feared, and for good reason: unleashed, Ọya is the Savage Warrior, the Protective Mother, She whose power sweeps all injustice, deceit and dishonesty from Her path.. She will destroy villages if the need is true enough, for while She understands everything, She will only accept, act upon, and speak the truth (even when it is hard to bear).

Ọya is the protectress of women and patron of feminine leadership . Fiercely loving, She is wildly unpredictable and can change from benevolent, caring Mother to destructive Warrior in the blink of an eye. Passionate, fearless, sensual and independent, Ọya is not a Goddess to be invoked lightly and must be treated with respect and care. While She will toss you in Her storms of change, and shelter you in Her caring embrace, She will also strike you down with Her lightning should the need arise. However, do not let that dissuade you from working with Ọya, for She is the Strong Woman, the Bringer of Change and Seeker of Truth, who can be a most powerful ally.



Erin ja, erin won loluso
Agbo momo ja, won mu so loja ejigboromekun
Adifa fun orisa nla Oseremagbo
Ni ojo ti iku yio gbodo ti yio si ma pani
Erin ja, erin won loluso
Agbo mo mo ja, won mu so loja ejigboromekun
Adifa fun Orunmila ti yio je oni magba, to yio si ma gba ni Kaye.
Nje ki lo to ni gba nijo ogun
Erigi alo ifa lo to ni gba lojo ogun
Erigi alo

Translation :
The elephant escaped been tie down with rope
The ram was been tied at the market of ejigboromekun
Cast divination for orisa nla oseremagbo
When death will dominate everywhere and taken lives
The elephant escaped been tied with rope.
The ram was been tied at the market of ejigboromokun
Cast divination for orunmila when he will became the messiah on earth and keep saving life
What is it that can safe us during spiritual war.
Erigi alo, it is IFA that can safe us.
Erigi alo…(EJIOGBE)
As we embark on the journey of this new month of April, May Olodumare grant us success in all our endeavors and may our ori, IFA olokun Asorodayo guide our path to success. Ase’ntedumare

From: Ancestral pride temple, Ota
Oluwo Fasola Faniyi

Orisha-Conscience - AncestralPrideTemple



The ORISHA Consciousness can be better explained as the Awakening of an individual to its destined essence (the destiny for which it was born). Many live in this physical world, but they have no idea why they were conceived in this world by their mothers.

There are three parts in each individual body that can explain why we were born in this world: the Head, the Palm and the Leg. Our “Head” represents both our “ethereal fate and our earthly destiny,” while our “Palms” represent “the divine compendium and the manuscript of our destiny.” Finally, our “Leg” represents “the spiritual and physical realization and realization of the essence of our destiny”. We must all awaken to the fact that if we do not know or understand the reason we were created, we can not know what to do to make this world a better place to live. Our physical awareness can awaken us to the idea of ​​going to school, learning some kind of profession or becoming our desired professional image … doctor, engineer, teacher, etc. However, there is more to life than simply awakening to what we can do to sustain our physical self. The most important thing for us is to be aware of the life that we can DESIGN to balance the equation of creation. Many face difficulties and calamities on a daily basis because they can not discover themselves, and all they know how to do is live life in the way they are able to face it. The ORISHA Consciousness frees you from the physical / material bondage in which the “Civilization of the Modern World” has enslaved all humanity, including itself. We must all know that we have our ‘HEAD’ and that each head represents a DIFFERENT DESTINY. This is what really allows us to know that the ORISHA energies are numerous and that the heads of all humanity are also innumerable. Thus, each Head has its own ORISHA to which it must resort at all times to understand its essence and true nature in life.

KNOW YOUR “ORISHA” TODAY: Not all Initiates or Devotees of the IFA / ORISHA tradition are destined to become BABALAWOS or IYANIFAS. Each Initiate / Devotee may be better called “AWO” or “OLORISHA”. Becoming an Awo / Olorisha means that the Applicant has actually gone through the Traditional and Ancestral Initiation and Consecration Continue reading