The words of Ifá are the utterances and thoughts of Olodumare, the supreme Baba. Through the instructions of Ifá we get the best type of spiritual and material knowledge to guide us, improve our lives and to find fulfillment, joy and dignity in our lives. Regular study and reflection on the words of Ifá will keep us away from wrongdoing, sorrow and regret. Through regular study, reflection and practice of the divine instructions of Ifá our hope and joy in life will increase. When we live according to Ifá and we dedicate ourselves to practicing the training precepts of Ifá, Ifá will takes us away from impure, shameful and unwholesome paths and will lead us and establish us in paths of wholesomeness, safety, joy and peace making our lives pure and serene. Whenever our minds become agitated or disturbed Ifá will alert and guide us to the path of peace, serenity, harmony and wellbeing. We should study and consider the guidance of Ifá with at least an inititial measure of faith as a starting point. We should resolve in our own hearts to obey the wholesome, positive and uplifting injunctions of Ifá thereby following the example of Òrúnmìlà and proving ourselves his sincere pupils, children and followers. With great love and affection we should daily consider some teaching from Ifá.

You will find in Ifá immense help, clarity, insight and inspiration by which to brighten your present and future. Everyday, a deep study of just one ese Ifá, seriously thinking over its message joined to an honest and committed effort to put it into action will prove magical in a very short period. Nobody becomes a wise, virtuous and empowered person by mere luck or good fortune.


One becomes wise, virtuous and imbued with divine power by virtue of ones qualities, deeds, excellence of nature and dedication of ones life to the welfare of others. These are the kinds of persons that draw the attention of the Irunmole and become recipients of the endowment of grace, authority and power that the Irunmole entrusts to worthy, reliable and honest human beings.

Owonrin Ogbe:

“Ifá I seek your protection; Ifá I cling to you tightly for health, strength and life…”

Iwori Meji:

“Ifá keep your watchful eye on me, and give me ire…”

Eji Ogbe:

“Ifá I am not the perfect organizer, you organize things better than anyone else.”

Oriki Ifa:

“To know Òrúnmìlà is to know eternal life…”

Oyeku Ogunda:

“Ifá is King. Orisa is special. Olodumare is the King worth depending upon. That is the message of Ifá, the sacred black ikin, the offspring of Ajaniwarun when traveling from heaven to earth. Behold! Of all human endeavors Ifá is the only one that has in its possession the most beneficial, advantageous and (spiritually) profitable ventures.”

Iwori Osa:

“Ifá is the one that saves mankind.”




Ela ‘boru. Ela’boye. Ela ‘bosise.

During the lifetime of Orunmila upon this sacred earth, the holy sage and seer of Igeti, like all human beings, faced and experienced many difficulties, problems and unsavory moments in his life. Orunmila faced difficulties, unexpected changes  and situations that were hard to endure and hard to make sense of. He experienced diverse kinds of turmoil in his life which often caused him to ponder and question the meaning and purpose of these things in the life of humanity and in his own life.
The concerns of Orunmila were so deep, profound and unique to himself that no one would be able to understand, comprehend or relate to what Orunmila was going through. He was really experiencing a dark night of his soul. During one of these periods in his life his good friend Ogun approached to inquire what was wrong with Orunmila and whether there was something he could do to help him or to make things better. Appreciatively Orunmila responded to Ogun that there are some things in life that ones friends, near-and-dear ones and family members cannot help or assist one with. He explained that there are confidential matters that our solely between oneself and Ifa-Olodumare and they only Olodumare can satisfactorily resolve. There are certain inner realities and experiences that one simply cannot share or reveal to others because no matter how well meaning others may be, the turn of the matter is that there are certain things that are beyond their power and ability to comprehend and remedy.

In our own lives there are things that no human being can help us with. We can shoulder a burden and responsibility or can find ourselves  enduring an inner conflict or crisis that is beyond remedy of the human kind. There are things that only Ifa-Olodumare can understand. Only Ifa can fully sympathize and relate to our unique inner struggle or turmoil. Ifa-Olodumare alone can do something about it or Ifa-Olodumare alone can give us the strength, understanding and ability to endure or cope with the situation. There are thing to be remedied and corrected, and there are things to be endured for our own growth and benefit that might not be to our liking. This fact was the realistic and astute conclusion of Orunmila: Only Ifa can truly understand and sympathize with my inner feelings, conflict and pain. Only Ifa. Only Olodumare can do something about it. Only Ifa-Olodumare can give me wisdom, insight, inspiration and strength to endure and persevere this dark night of my soul until the sun of understanding, maturity and clarity emerges. This noble and lofty attitude of Orunmila is very revealing and sobering. This episode of Orunmila’s real life experiences shows that no matter who we are and no matter how many strengths we have or how many achievements we have to our credit that we are also vulnerable to many things in life. No one here is impervious to the onslaught of sorrows, confusion, inner strife, pain, suffering, conflict and turmoil. We all need help, support, comfort and assistance. No one here can go at it all alone.

This episode in the life of Orunmila teaches and enables us to not shirk away from the realities of our lives but to face and confront them courageously and to not deny our need for help, support and encouragement. Orunmila displayed great humility and meekness. He acknowledged that he inspite of being endowed with many divine graces, endowments and blessings he was not self-sufficient nor all knowing. Only Ifa-Olodumare holds the power of limitless understanding and immeasurable power. Orunmila just a humble but extraordinary and straightforward servant of Ifa-Olodumare. His wisdom and power was not his own but was derived from the Source Supreme, Olodumare. Getting back though to our original point we all are in constant need of help, support and encouragement of all kinds but most especially we are in need of divine support, guidance, comfort and understanding. There are things that you are now facing or will face that no other human being on this planet can help you with. The support and relief of family and friends will be appreciated and will benefit us but it will not be sufficient or adequate to remedy certain personal conflicts of the heart, mind and life. There are things that you are undergoing and experiencing that no other human being will possibly be able to understand, comprehend or relate with. These periods in our lives should cause us to divest ourselves of false pride, conceit and an attitude of self sufficiency. Even Orunmila could not cope with his unique inner turmoil, problem, questions and afflictions without the assurance and personal aid of Ifa-Olodumare. These periods should enable us to divest ourselves of all that is fake, artificial,  petty and superficial.

Like Orunmila we most learn to take our eyes and hopes off of  men and place our sights and hopes solely on Ifa-Olodumare without any intermediaries or interpreters. Ifa-Olodumare can speak directly for himself and directly to us in countless and meaningful ways to address our questions, problems, sorrows, concerns and deep confidential needs. Ifa-Olodumare is a luminous and life-hope giving spirit everywhere present. Orunmila learned in this episode how to be humble, meek, honest and realistic. Orunmila learned in this episodes of his own limitations and the limitations of friends, family and elders. Orunmila learned in this episode and teaches us how to strengthen our own direct and personal connection and how to rely on our own relationship and bond with Ifa-Olodumare free from intermediaries, middle men and interpreters. Ifa-Olodumare is a living and loving spirit filled with limitless power, understanding and encouragement who is fully able and willing to succor us in our time of need, affection and inquiry.
This episode of Orunmila’s life is very deep and full of diverse and rich meanings and applications for our lives. May the spirit of Ifa-Olodumare benefit you with guidance, insight, humility and the willingness to practice and apply the wonderful lessons and principles imparted to us in this realistic, rich, benefit conferring and down-to-earth episode in the life of Orunmila our great, meek and humble teacher, exemplar and friend.
Ela ‘boru. Ela ‘boru. Ela ‘bosise.
Olodumare - Ancestral

The Importance of Ifa/Orisa devotees uplifting and encouraging themselves as well as the downtrodden and misguided ones

Ifa/Orisa devotees who with love, compassion and understanding dedicate themselves to uplifting the downtrodden, misguided and demoralized ones are truly rare and great. Let us draw near to such great men and women and cleanse our lives by giving up our faulty and wicked tendencies. Ifa teaches us that if we practice, cultivate and do what is good we do so for our own benefit. If we practice, cultivate and do what is unjust, wrong and bad we do so to our own detriment, injury and downfall. Character is religion! The words of Ifa are clear and unambiguous! What is needed and required is the dedicated and consistent PRACTICE of the same. It is natural for water to flow downwards, similarly it is also the natural propensity of human life to be wrapped up in bad tendencies. This is why Ifa says that honest people in the world are rare and that truly good people are rarer still! To this end Ifa, like a wise and caring friend counsels us by saying that: Lying is unacceptable within Ifa circles. Treachery is disallowed in the midst of Ifa. If one is secretly practicing treachery a guilty conscience will forever be his tormentor. This was the divine message revealed for Akuko gagara (the big rooster) who was the friend of Eko (the earthworm). How unfortunate and regrettable that cheating has cut a lying friend to pieces [Ofun-Ogunda].

If water has to be raised to a higher level then some special power in the form of a water pump has to be employed. Similarly the human life has to be firmly, enthusiastically and decisively uplifted and turned away from a mundane life (ogberi) towards the true life or divine spiritual life (awo and ogbon). It requieres patience and determination to live a truly divine, honest and spiritual life,especially in today’s world when ones sees deception, superficiality, corruption, insincerity and manipulation of all sorts surrounding one. The entry and attack of faults, unwholesomeness, wickedness, bad thoughts, impure intentions and sinful acts are a common experiential occurrence in a man’s life. When one comes under the attack, grasp and power of the inner defilements and antagonists [elenini] one goes on committing mean acts, sinful acts and shameful acts. Once in the grip of the inner ajogun and elenini, achieving freedom from them is very difficult. The mind itself goes constantly ahead on the path of downfall under the artificial shine and glamorous, intoxicating spell of pride, conceit, vanity, self-devotion, delusion and sinful acts.

Ifa offers us a remedy for this and a sure hope. The truth of the matter is that the divine Ori which we have received from Olodumare is filled with limitless strength, purity and wisdom. The ase and ire of Olodumare thoroughly permeates and fills our Ori. When a person wants to rise, change and truly transform his life he or she can do so practically instantly. We can then rise to the level of our true divine and noble nature and can say together with Ifa revelation: I behave according to the noble nature with which Olodumare created me. I do no evil. Neither do I harbor evil thoughts lest I die in a miserable and shameful state. For whatever we practice and cultivate in our youth will persist throughout our lifetime. This was the revelation and instruction of Ifa to the 401 Irunmole when coming from heaven to earth. Olodumare decreed that they MUST NOT EVER indulge in evil deeds. They MUST be TRUTHFUL at ALL times so that their lives would be prosperous. It was only Orunmila who took these words entirely to heart and practiced them which is why Orunmila triumphed by using truthfulness to overcome wickedness [Eji-Ogbe].


Here in this Ifa verse we can see the true essence, foundation and power Olodumare has placed within us by which we can elevate and change our lives if we so choose and determine to do so. No man becomes permanently fallen by committing a bad deed or a sinful act once. There is no reason for disappointment. Ifa -the all powerful and reliable divine word of truth- assures us that the path to progress cannot be permanently blocked up because if one path closes, many other paths open up! The only requirement is that we change our attitude and disposition (repent) and that we make efforts for uplift with moral forbearance and that we sincerely make practical efforts to uproot and Continue reading

The Divine Ogboni Teachings of Orisa Edan (Onile Ogboduora)

Ogbo Ato, Asure Iwori-Wofun

Blessings of longevity and prosperity to one and all.

According to a verse in Ifa (Irosun Iwori) there was a period in the earliest history of man when there was great disharmony in the world. At that time the population of the world was small compared to today and no one had migrated beyond the legendary Ife-Ooye which many wise people believe must have been very near the present Ile-Ife in Osun State of Nigeria.
During this period of severe disharmony: stealing, lying, murder, conspiracy, rape and other forms of wicked behavior reigned supreme on earth.
Orunmila, who was already on the earth at this time was also at his wits end trying to find some solution to the chaotic situation which prevailed at the time. The holy elders on earth were all approaching Orunmila and urging him to find an effective solution to the state of lawlessness, rapine and corruption which was swallowing up the inhabitants of the earth.
Orunmila consulted Olodumare through the sacred Ifa Oracle. The verses that descended and were revealed upon the Oracular Tray were from the Odu-Ifa chapter called Irosun-Iwori. The following was the revelation of Ifa Irosun-Iwori:
‘Ha! Mo hee mo won lara consulted Ifa for Orunmila when Orunmila was going to ascend to the divine upper worlds (heaven) to call upon Orisa Edan. It it Orisa Edan who is to put life back to normal in Ife (upon the earth). The people of the earth tried again and again on their own through painstaking effort to attempt repair the earth like one repairs a broken calabash. All their efforts at amends were to no avail. The situation was beyond their power to correct and heal. In fact the people fragmented (broke) the world like one breaks the sacrificial calabash.
Orunmila was then urged to go to the divine world of the Irunmole (heaven) to call on Imole (Edan) to help repair the damage done on earth and bring restoration and order.
Orunmila was urged to call Imole (Edan) who was his close friend in the realm of divine personalities (heaven). Orunmila ordered the people of Ife to offer sacrifice. It is sacrifice that saves. Lack of sacrifice does not save. The people of Ife offered sacrifice with bush rat, fish, pigeons etc. Before long there was prosperity at Ife (upon the earth). People who obey Ifa’s instructions must surely prosper.’
After the sacrifice Orunmila ascended to divine abode to invite his lady friend Edan to help rectify the chaotic situation on earth. Edan agreed to accompany Orunmila back to earth to curb and eliminate the sinful activities of mankind. Before descending to earth Ifa was consulted and Iwori Owonrin manifested and gave the blessing and guidance to ensure a safe and succesful journey to Ife-Ooye. After performing the prescibed sacrifices and sacred rituals, Orunmila and Edan had a smooth journey to Ife-Ooye.
On their arrival at Ife the people were grateful to Orunmila and gave Edan an enthusiastic, eager and appreciative warm reception. Armed with patience, intelligence, authority and power, without wasting any time, Edan immediately embarked on fulfilling her divine mission. Systematically with sound planning and organization she instructed and ordered all the people of the earth to PROMISE on oath before her to return to good behavior and orderliness by which healing, blessings, peace, harmony and prosperity would be restored. Failure to comply with Edans’ authoritative command would cause the defaulter to pay the highest penalty of death.
After everyone had sworn before Edan to maintain peace, fairness, justice and harmony on earth, the tranquility and concord returned to Ife (the earth). The spirit of loving-kindness, rectitude, integrity and order was prevailing in the hearts and minds of all. Edan then settled down some extended time period on earth to supervise, promote and firmly establish her good work (mission).

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The house is fine but for roof humans may be handsome but lack character, newly wedded wife is admirable at a distance, but when settles down,she become recalcitrant,and dares his husand,she become a dead toad,that looks at d knife, with disdain,sacred message revealed for omosun won-tan,daughter of ajori-win of irawo-land,exhibit good character,nd not physical beauty, it takes only one day for beauty to fade,good character makes partnership enduring my ori, please bestow me with good character,to enjoy peaceful nd productive life. ASE

Ancestral Interview

THE INTERVIEW (Question_&_Answer)


1.   Q.	Who is Olodumare?
     A. Almighty God (Oba to daye, to da orun, ati oun gbogbo ti o wa). 
        The creator of Heaven, Earth and all that is.

2.   Q. Who is Orunmila?
     A. The messager of Olodumare (Ojise Olodumare).

3.   Q. Was Orunmila born of flesh and blood?
     A. No. he descended from heaven.

4.   Q. How was Orunmila born?
     A. He wasn’t born, but descended from heaven.

5.   Q. Where is Orunmila?
     A. He returned to heaven through the ocean after completing 
        his divine assignment.

6.   Q. How is Orunmila known in relation to God?
     A. He is the “Eleri Ipin,” – The witness of all creation.

7.   Q. How is Orunmila known in relation to creation?
     A. He was present at creation.

8.   Q. Is following Orunmila a religion?
     A. Yes, Ifa Religion. 

9.   Q. Do Ifa adherents believe in God?
     A. Yes. 

10.  Q. What is the difference between Ifa Religion and Paganism?
     A. Orunmila, the Asiwaju of Ifa religion pays adoration to Olodumare 
        (Almighty God) before anything. 

11.  Q. What is the difference between Ifa religion and other religion in Nigeria?
     A. Ifa is the first Religion of Olodumare (God). 
        It is our African indigenous religion. 
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