The ifa readings for today’s ose ifa is OKARAN MEJI with blessing of wealth, ifa ask us to make some sacrifice to esu, ogun and ifa. Ifa advice all business man and woman to take part of their capital to purchase materials for ebbo in this Odu, so that they can have more gains than what they expect from the business.

Ifa said:

Adifa fun elegbera ti yio fi owo kan soso sowola ti yio jere egberin oke,
Won ni ebo ni kose
Nje, elegbaara lo fi owo kan soso sowola, lo jere egberin oke


Sowola (successful entrepreneur) 
Cast divination for elegbaara that was going to start a business with a penny capital
He was ask to make sacrifice,
Thus, It is elegbaara that started his business with a penny and make exorbitant income,




The Odu Ifa casted for today’s ose-ifa reading is Ogundabede with blessing wealth (ire aje), Ifa ask us to make sacrifice (ebbo) for prosperity and to appease our ori, so that all the good things we are expecting can come our way, ifa warn us not to go into supremacy fights with anybody, that we will definitely triumph over our enemy. Ifa speaks about someone that is looking forward to see a good love partner, they need some sacrifice (ebbo) to make this happen.

Ifa said and I quoted here:

” Atete daye o kan t’egbon

Eni ori ba san ni nje baba

Adifa fun ogunda to n lo re bori ogbe mole,

Won ni ebo ni kose,

Nje mo gbe de,

Ori kenke, emi ti gbe ori ola mi wole de,

Mo gbe de, ori kenke “



” Being the first to be born does not make you an elder,

It is who the destiny bless, becomes father,

Cast divination for Ogunda that was going to superceed Ogbe,

He was ask to make Sacrifice,

Thus, I have brought my bright destiny,

I have brought my wealthy head (destiny) “


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– Oluwo Fasola Faniyi Babatunde




The odu ifa casted for today’s ose-ifa reading is called Idin-Ose (Idinse) with blessing of wealth and popularity. Ifa ask us to make some sacrifice and also appease the ancestral masquerade (egungun ara orun kinkin), so that our fortune can locate us. Ifa said some people are aspiring for a title or position, ifa ask us to make some sacrifice (ebbo) so that such person can achieve the position and have many followers and supporters.

Ifa said and I quoted here:

” Kulu Kulu se

Ojo ti baluwe se wowo

awo oba lodifa fun oba

o n bo wo kan fun egungun awon mejeji

n ti ikole orun bo waiye

won ni ebo ki ile aye o le ye won ni ki won ru

won gbe ebo, won rubo

nje, kulu kulu se, ojo ti baluwe se wowo 


” kulu kulu se

a downpour of water drops from bathroom

cast divination for the king and also the masquerade

when two of them were embarking on a journey from heaven to earth

they were asked to make sacrifice, so that the world can celebrate them and their position

thus, they offer all necessary sacrifice and they are been celebrated up till today

kulu kulu se, a downpour of water drops from bathroom 

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The odu ifa that came out for today’s Ose-Ifa Reading is Osa L’ogbe which its message is as follow:

Ifa is warning us according to this odu that we should not fight or engage in any physical or spiritual combat and as well avoid argument, so that our blessing will not be delayed or passes us by. Ifa advices us not to be an ingrate to whosoever that has helped us, so that we will not have to regret it later in future.

Ifa sees more of blessing for us at today’s ose ifa and ask us to feed esu odara with bean cake “Akara”, so that our blessing can locate us and also feed our ifa with some palm wine.

Ifa said and I quoted here:

“ Jogboloro,

Mo ra akara ko esu,

Adifa fun orunmila,

ti ire gbogbo n koja loju de re ti o ya le wa,

Won ni o kara n le ebo ni kose,

Nje  Jogboloro, mo ra akara ko esu,

Akara ni mo ra ko esu ni ire gbogbo ya ile wa,

Jogboloro, mo ra akara ko esu ”


“ Jogboloro,

I bought bean cake for esu,

Cast divination for orunmila,

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The odu ifa that came out for today’s Ose-Ifa Reading is Ogbe-Ose with blessing of longetivity.

Ifa advices us to make sacrifice (ebbo) to esu, so that we can be successful in our endeavor/journey in all ramification of life and we need to appease our “ORI”, so that we can live more longer and triumph over our enemy.

Thus, we need some “akose” to be done as incision on our head for longetivity.

Ifa said and I quoted:

“ Ogbe sere ni seke adifa fun akinlawon.

Nigba ti oun ti ikole orun bo waye,

ti ori re yi o si d’ota,

ebo ogbo ato ni won ni kose.

Nje ori akinlawon di ota, ogbe sere ni seke,

ori akinlawon d’ota ogbe sere ni seke ”

English Version

” Ogbe sere ni seke cast divination for akinlawon,

when he was embarking on a journey of longetivity from heaven to earth,

    he was ask to make sacrifice.

    Thus, the head of akinlawon became stronger,

    ogbe sere ni seke,

    the head (destiny) of akinlawon be stronger like a stone. “


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              –  Oluwo Fasola Faniyi Babatunde