Aboru Aboye
In life we sometimes find ourselves stuck in a rut. We are trying to do all kinds of things and yet we are going nowhere or so it seems. What to do? What can possibly and mostly likely be the causes for such a predicament? There are certain things that Ifá points out as most likely causes for this situation. Ifá reveals to us that there are three primary and essential disciplines that WE MUST have and must consistent practice, in an even, fully integrated and balanced way to succeed in our noble endeavors and aspirations. Before I explain these principles I will first share a brief Ifá based story to serve us a basis of pragmatic understanding.
Once there was a person who was complaining about his lot in life and dissatisfied with the lack of success, prosperity  and enjoyment that he felt he should be having, so he went to consult Ifá: This is what Ifá told him.

Mind you that Ifá is so proper, considerate and kind that instead of just plainly telling the man to stop being lazy and to stop living in a fantasy world, Ifá instructed him in a skillful and indirect way so that the man did not feel that he was being scolded and reprimanded for his actual lazy and laid back lifestyle. Ifá told him to not disregard developing his character, Ifá then told him to offer ebo, and after he attended to his character (attitude and disposition) and offered Ebo, Ifá told him to go to his back yard and to take out the rake, plow and hoe and start working the land, planting good crops and attending to the crops. The man without issue took into consideration the improving of his character, he joyfully and speedily offered ebo but was reluctant to do the work of plowing, seeding, planting, de-weeding and raking because he was lazy and lax at heart but he forced himself to do it. Before long not only did he have enough food to sustain himself and his relatives he also made a handsome fortune in selling his produce to others.

In this Ifá based story we see the three principles for success, happiness, peace and abundance. Iwa, Ebo and energetic personal effort, dedication and wholehearted involvement to study, prepare oneself and practice of a needful, useful, honest and profitable trade or profession. All three of these elements must be cultivated and practiced with enthusiasm in a even way, consistent and integrated way.
Some people are quick to offer Ebo because it is relatively easy but they neglect character development and practical-persistent: dedication, action, real work, study and practice of something useful that others would handsomely compensate you for.
Some people have practical action and industriousness but they lack good character and the added blessings that accrue to the one who does ebo.
Some people have a decent and somewhat commendable character but they are lazy, lax and allergic to work of any kind and they don’t offer ebo regularly.(OTURAIMELE)

Some people don’t have any of these things to their credit and some have them in a disjointed, disconnected, disharmonious, inconsistent and uneven way.
It is safe to say that generally when we are in a rut it is enough because we are lacking one of these things or a combination of them. (1) Good character-honest conduct, (2) ebo, and (3) zeal, energy and industriousness applied to study, dedication and practice of something useful, good, profitable and satisfying  both aesthetically and financially. We cannot just do ebo and then neglect our morals and conduct and then sit lazily and indulgently on our laurels and expect things to magically come together! From nothing comes nothing! From incomplete work comes nothing! From badly done work comes nothing. Life, happiness, prosperity and success is about balancing out the essentials and consistently practicing the essentials.
Ebo alone is not going to fix your problems or lack of satisfaction with your life and/or fix your needs for money and so forth.
Good character alone is inadequate without training and expertise in some trade, art and skill reinforced by the spiritual blessings of ebo.

Practical ability and skill alone will only go so far without iwa and ebo. Without iwa and ebo our practical efforts and the potential benefits of our industry will be limited and restricted. We cannot do the bare minimum and expect a great and abundant yield. We cannot think, expect or assume that Ifá through Ebo is going to make up for our laziness, laxity and indulgence. Ifá through Ebo will not and cannot substitute for our lack of morals, character and honestly. We need all three.
Well friends, think these things over. Ponder them honestly and take from it what will prove to be of benefit and blessing to you.
May Òrúnmìlà confer his choicest and most select blessings on all who receive, internalize and practice these words of guidance and admonition. Asé.
Ogbo ato asure iworiwofun