[Ifá-Orisa]: The Secret to getting your Legitimate Needs, Reasonable Desires and Realistic Requests fulfilled by Ifá and the Irunmole-Orisa.

[***The Secret to Finding Fulfillment in your Spiritual Life. The [true] means to realizing your legitimate needs, requests and spirituality are easy and simpler than you think.***]

Aboru Aboye. Ogbo ato asure iworiwofun. Àse.

Today spirituality is being abused and has been turned into a business by many. Hence what was once something pure, potent, meaningful, simple, uplifting and efficacious has become virtually polluted, powerless, meaningless, complicated, degrading and ineffective.

Self-respect, respect for others, sincerity, and love have long since departed and disappeared from the spirituality of many. Today many have a sickly, lopsided, malnourished, unbalanced, unstable, volatile, self-serving [selfish] and emaciated spirituality.

Many think that to receive and enjoy the love, power, support and benefit of the irunmole-orisa that one has to spend exorbitant amounts of money in complicated and questionable rites, rituals and ceremonies.

My dear friends please ask yourself: “Why has a faith, spirituality and tradition that was once once simple, clear, direct and easy become so complicated, confusing, hazy, unsatisfying, superficial and difficult?”

The simple, direct and truthful answer is that true spirituality has been lost because many are not looking for true spirituality. When true spirituality is lost then dry, powerless and pointless perfunctory rites, rituals and ceremonies begin to increase and multiply. Instead of orisa spirituality being a wholesome, holistic and satisfying lifestyle it becomes a money making venture and an avenue for self-aggrandizement. Instead of orisa spirituality being what it was intended to be, an authentic spiritual path that produces honest, humble and loving people of courage, spiritual virtue and integrity it has become a means to promote arrogance, megalomania, self-worship and narcissistic tendencies!

The true heart of Ifá-orisa spirituality is non-existent in a great many professed devotees. This is why no matter what such devotees do or practice nothing happens, and nothing of genuine benefit emerges from all of their dizzying activities. They gain no true benefits of any kind for themselves and they confer no true benefits of any kind to anyone. Instead of getting better, pressing forward and improving many are going backwards and losing themselves in pride, arrogance, delusion, confusion, ostentation and make-believe.

How can someone in this condition receive the favor and support of the irunmole-orisa? How can someone in this condition be entrusted with responsibility and power? How can someone in this condition expect to receive answers from the irunmole-orisa and how can they expect to truly understand, experience and know the true nature of Ifá and the irunmole-orisa? How can someone in this condition find and enjoy genuine and lasting fulfillment, prosperity and contentment?

How can we remedy and eliminate the corruption and spiritual malaise within the tradition today? How can we recover the many jewels and riches of life giving spirituality that have been lost?

What is the answer, solution and remedy to such present day dryness, insincerity, impotence, disenchantment, competitiveness, strife and disappointment?

THE ANSWER: It is time to return to the original simplicity of the divine ancient tradition [isese-isembaye] of the irunmole-orisa as it was originally bestowed upon humanity. The irunmole-orisa entrusted to us something that was thoroughly beautiful, attractive, effective, satisfying, clear and simple but through our own greed, pride, neglect, irresponsibility, indifference and arrogance we have corrupted, ruined, diminished and distorted the true power, beauty, splendor and simplicity of the isese.

What is needed among devotees today is not a lot of complicated, perfunctory and expensive rites, rituals and ceremonies.

A body without a spirit is useless. A mind without intelligence is useless. A heart without sincerity, sensitivity, divine sentiment and purity is useless.

Rites, rituals and ceremonies can never take the place of genuine reverence, faith, simplicity, wholesomeness and love. Genuine reverence, faith, simplicity, wholesomeness [personal integrity, self-respect, character] and love are the things that we must offer to Ifá and the irunmole-orisa so that our legitimate needs and requests are fulfilled. These are the things that we must have to find meaning, fulfillment and satisfaction. These are the things that generate and cause the descent of the power of divine manifestation, blessings and auspiciousness in our lives and our community.

Let us offer to the irunmole-orisa the sacrifice and offering of a pure heart that is seasoned with the satisfying, aromatic and attractive spices of love, gratitude, simplicity and innocence of mind. Let us approach the irunmole-orisa with guilessness. Let us walk with the irunmole-orisa with a mind that is free of perversity, malice, lust and greed. Let us approach the irunmole-orisa with self-respect, respect for others and with respect for the irunmole-orisa. Let us approach the irunmole-orisa in sincerity, honestly presenting ourselves to them as we truly are and entreat them with the genuine sentiment that they are our shelter, our friends, well-wishers and our family.

Let us put all superficiality, trickery, nonsense and game-playing to the side once and for all. When we do this then the simplest act of devotion will be reciprocated and rewarded a hundred-fold.

Dry and mechanical rites, rituals and ceremonies, in-and-of themselves, will take you no-where. Such rites, rituals and ceremonies will prove themselves to be useless and ineffective. Putting a lot of money into such rites, rituals, ceremonies and sacrificial materials will not add an iota of effectiveness and efficacy, it will not cause the irunmole-orisa to take notice of you and it will not make the irunmole-orisa do anything on your behalf. It will add nothing to you as a person and it will add nothing to your spiritual life [your inner-life] and your overall quality of life.

If with simplicity, sincerity and expectant faith we approach Ifá and the irunmole-orisa we will be the better for it and we will definitely come out of all of our troubles and we will get spiritual and temporal prosperity and uplift. Peace of mind, health and contentment will be ours. Spiritual vitality, merit and strength will be ours. Divinely sanctioned authority and power will be ours.

When we approach Ifá and the irunmole-orisa in this dedicated, determined and settled manner the difficulties, obstacles and problems in our lives will be easily removed and resolved, and our legitimate desires will find fulfillment.

Ifá and the irunmole-orisa will enter and remain in the heart, mind, life and home of those who lovingly think of them with simplicity, love and gratitude. Wherever Ifá and the irunmole-orisa are truly present peace, contentment, prosperity, wellbeing, love, courage and happiness will be there.

Ifá and irunmole-orisa will laugh at, deride and ignore all those who are false, even if they worshipped Ifá and the irunmole-orisa with costly and rare sacrificial materials. Ifá and the irunmole will laugh at, deride and ignore all those who while seeking and desiring their own happiness yet are plotting to harm and undermine others.

Falsity, malice, revengefulness and hypocrisy are not [and will never be] acceptable to Ifá and the irunmole-orisa.

The attention, grace, love, power, friendship, commitment and nearness of Ifá and the irunmole-orisa can only be received by love, reverence, sincerity, simple-faith and good-will. If you do not have tenderness in your heart, if you are incapable of feeling the pain in the lives of others, if you are incapable of shedding tears over the plight and suffering of others then you cannot know and you will never truly know Ifá and the irunmole-orisa because Ifá and the irunmole-orisa are embodiments, expressions and manifestations of pure divine love.

Sincerity, love, good-will, good-faith and integrity are the best ebo [sacrifice], offering and akose [spiritual remedy]. If these are not present in any act of worship or during the performance of any duly constituted and authentic rite, ritual and ceremony then nothing will be gained or achieved. Love, virtue, generosity and rectitude must be recovered. The shrine of our hearts must be re-consecrated, and love, virtue, generosity and rectitude must be permanently installed therein. This is the answer and solution my dear friends. We must return to the original simplicity of the isese and the original simplicity of the divine pattern that was entrusted to us by the irunmole-orisa.

Each one of you reading and considering this lesson must make the choice for himself. Will you be a true and genuine devotee, or will you be a pseudo and imitation devotee? Will you give yourself the opportunity to truly know, love and experience the irunmole-orisa, or will you shut yourself out from experiencing their life transforming and uplifting love, goodness, power and wisdom? Will you recover and embrace simplicity, clarity and truth or will you continue on the fruitless path of hypocrisy, superficiality and arrogance that Ifá and the irunmole-orisa will laugh at, deride and reject?

The tradition can be yours and known by you only if you embrace it, make it your own and live it. The tradition will only be [and can only be as good] as the people who comprise it. The tradition will benefit you only if you approach it with sincerity, and if you live it with firm resolve, commitment, honesty, purity, love and dedication. Other than this there is no other way.

Aboru Aboye. Ogbo ato asure iworiwofun. Àse.

~ Awo Òrúnmìlà Mark Casillas /!!!\ A.O.M.C. /!!!\



When Olodumare first created us, formed us or gave ‘birth’ to us ages ago in the divine realm of spirits, Olodumare already previously planned what kind of grandiose, glorious, unique and magnificent being we would become at the end of our moral, spiritual and intellectual development over many lives. Before Olodumare decided to create you he already had the completed, glorified and perfect vision of you in mind. At present we are still undergoing moral, spiritual and intellectual formation, development and unfoldment. We are progressively and steadily moving in the direction of the great purpose or destiny which Olodumare already had in mind for us before deciding to create the human spirit.
That glorious, perfect, original and unequalled being that one day we will be already exists in the eternal mind of Olodumare and in the divine spirit realm. I know that hearing this divine truth for the first time can initially be difficult to accept or comprehend, by I assure you that soon you will grasp it and and know the reality of it.
That archetype, design or original blue-print of our perfected being is called Iponri. Our individual and personal ori or ori-inu is inseparable from the reality and activity of Iponri (our perfected higher self) which exists in the eternal mind of Olodumare and in the divine spiritual realm.
Our ori derives power, guidance, direction and inspiration from Iponri our perfected being in the divine spiritual realm of causes and in the eternal mind of Olodumare. Our lives, our human spirit, mind and personality yearns and pines for fusion with Iponri.
Iponri in union with our ori-inu is the source and origin of what we experience and call spiritual inspiration, enthusiasm and motivation. When we for whatever reason stop growing spiritually and we stop making forward progress we fall into a rut. We get stuck where we are, and then we find it very difficult to get up, to begin again and to keep going forward. When this happens our Iponri sends a current or signal charged with spiritual enthusiasm which causes us to cheer up, it causes us to get up, it motivates us, it inspires us to get up again and to keep pressing forward when we were feeling like giving up altogether. This is the great and wonderful power of Iponri! Have you ever experienced this before? Have you had the following experience before? You have given up, or you are tired of trying and you decide that this is it, you are not going to press forward anymore, your fed up and you’ve had it! But then after some time a great power of enthusiasm, hope and motivation fills you up and you completely forget about and abandon your previous negative and lowly feelings! This is the power of Iponri and Ori!!!
Every time that we grow and advance after some considerable time of patient effort in the direction of our Iponri, we feel, experience and receive a divine infusion of asé which increases our motivation, our capacity, our intelligence and our spiritual power. It is Iponri who is sending this current. It is Iponri helping us. Iponri dispenses this power, current and virtue and our ori-inu receives it. Our spirit, our subtle spiritual body [soul] and our physical body are nourished by this spiritual food, power and intelligence which ori provides.
The primary function of our ori is to lead and guide us to the realization of our perfected being as perfectly pre-ordained and pre-planned  by Olodumare. Life after life our divine ori accompanies us as a faithful friend, guide, teacher and companion until we reach unexcelled perfection. We should greatly value and love our ori, because ori is the personal manifestation, power and presence of Olodumare indwelling our minds, sharing our struggles, challenges and victories, and assisting us in our growth and unfoldment. Our ori-inu will definitely complete its mission of leading us to flawless glory, excellence and perfection by assisting us in our growth and development until we become qualified and prepared to partake of fusion with our Iponri. For now this is all I want to share about this divine mystery. Ifá will add more light to us on this all important matter.
May you  be inspired, enlightened and encouraged by this teaching which reveals the astounding depth, beauty, power and comprehensiveness of the Ifá conception of life and of how fortunate and blessed we are as human beings. It is wonderful the manner in which Ifá reveals to us the true value, meaning and purpose of human life. May you be motivated to enter deeply and with enthusiasm into your own Ifá research, study and practice. Without one’s personal effort and consecration [sacrifice] there can be no reception and enjoyment of reward, victory and attainment.
May Òrúnmìlà Awinrin continue to benefit, illumine, guide and defend you. Àse.

The Royal Secret of Success, Satisfaction and Prosperity (Living in the Mindful and Experiential Presence and Power of Olodumare our father)

Ogbo Ato, Asure Iwori-wofun

If we are children of the supreme person OLODUMARE, why is it that we do not remember our life Giver (Elemi) all the time?

Is it because we live in a world where He seems to be hidden from us, or perhaps is it because He has given us a free will which we do not utilize to experience the presence (ase) of our Creator?

Free will is a gift which ought to be used wisely for the benefit of humanity but is often misused to harm, cheat and deceive others. How can we use our free will so as to make of Olodumare our father?  How can we live consciously in the divine presence? Through gratitude. 

Gratitude is the power, link and bridge that connects us to Olodumare and makes us able to feel the reality and presence of Olodumare as our father.


Ifa asks us to live in gratitude each and every moment of our lives. Gratitude is a divine gift, trait and inner power that joins us to the upper worlds, the presence and power of Olodumare. Gratitude is the divine current which carries the blessings, benefits and power of Olodumare from ILE ASE (Divine House of Command, Blessings and Power) to our world, to our lives, to our family and community. The more gratitude, thankfulness and appreciation we have and display, the more blessings and doors of growth and opportunity will open up and  manifest in our lives. However most of us forget and do not acknowledge the One who has given us this beautiful body, mind, life and all kinds of comforts, so that enjoying His kindness and provisions we might live appreciatively and with gratitude. This divine truth is revealed to us in Holy Odu Owonrin Sogbe. Owonrin Sogbe highlights that all creation, all living beings, intelligences and powers are indebted to their Creator for the precious gift of life and that as such, they should be mindful of Olodumare and relate to Him with affection, simplicity, reverence and thankfulness.


Orunmila says: Let us give thanks.

(The worshipper of Ifa responds): Ifa, I also say let us give thanks.

Orunmila says: If the bush rat wake up they should give thanks to Olodumare.

By so doing Olodumare will bless them with longevity.

Orunmila says: Let us give thanks.

(The worshipper of Ifa responds): Ifa, I also say let us give thanks.

Orunmila says: If fish wake up they should give thanks to Olodumare. By so doing Olodumare will bless them with longevity.

Orunmila says: Let us give thanks.

(The worshipper of Ifa responds): Ifa, I also say let us give thanks.

Orunmila says: If birds wake up they should give thanks to Olodumare. By so doing Olodumare will bless them with longevity.

Orunmila says: Let us give thanks.

(The worshipper of Ifa responds): Ifa, I also say let us give thanks.

Orunmila says: If animals wake up they should give thanks to Olodumare. By so doing Olodumare will bless them with longevity.

Orunmila says: Let us give thanks.

(The worshipper of Ifa responds): Ifa, I also say let us give thanks.

Orunmila says: If human beings wake up they should thank Olodumare. By so doing Olodumare will bless them with longevity.

(The worshipper of Ifa responds with heartfelt appreciation):

Owonrin-Sogbe, I thank you!

Orunmila, I thank you!

Elawoye, I thank you!

OLODUMARE, (above all) I thank you!

Olodumare, I thank you for giving me a nice, recuperative, restful and comfortable sleep last night. Olodumare, you have awakened me to be alive this morning. Olodumare, I lift my hands and they are lifted (I have the use of my hands)! Olodumare, I lift my legs and they are movable (I have the use of my legs)! Olodumare (by your gift) I am able to (think) and speak. I open my eyes and I can see (all the wonderful and beautiful things you have created). Olodumare (by your gift) my uttererances (words) do not sound irregular, confused or unsound. I am able to speak with clarity, normalcy, plainness and intelligence. Wonderful Olodumare, I am able to hear with my ears what another person says.

Olodumare tells us through Orunmila (the priest, seer, prophet, and son of Olodumare): Continue reading