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The Spiritual Meaning of Oruko Odumare ni ka fi iyin fun

Olódùmarè is the best, holiest, sacred and highest name of God worthy of being meditated upon. Olódùmarè means the source, origin, owner and reservoir of all energies, powers and wondrous abilities. Olódùmarè also means the one who is vested with ALL POWERS. Olódùmarè also implies the supreme one who has deep affection for us as a mother towards her child.

Olódùmarè is worthy of our admiration, reverence and adoration because Olódùmarè is just, impartial, present everywhere, of the essence of happiness, and Olódùmarè is the supreme master of the entire creation. This is why the name of Olódùmarè is the name worth praising and relying upon.

The path of Olódùmarè means adherence to Iwa. The moment that the divine word, name and sound Olódùmarè enters our hearing our hearts should immediately experience, perceive, feel and think about the exalted spiritual value of Iwa. Iwa is the highest divine value. Iwa is supreme sanctity, benevolence, rectitude and grace. Iwa is the the highest merit.

Iwa means divine, godly and/or god-like qualities, personality, character, manners and comportment. Iwa has the combined meaning of right conduct, virtuous attitude-behavior, integrity, rectitude and good conduct. Iwa also refers to that quality, value and manner of life that gives rise to a good, clean, happy and healthy conscience.

The human being who adheres to Iwa lives on the highest spiritual level and is unaffected by the censure or praise of people.

The heart and essence of Olódùmarè is Iwa. Just like salt gives flavor to food in like manner Iwa gives pleasantness, happiness, success, flavor, satisfaction and delight to human life. Iwa is the power of Olódùmarè which inspires righteousness, integrity, courage, self-discipline, personal responsibility, wisdom, good manners and virtuous comportment in us.

All of our problems are solved if we are, individually and collectively, endowed with divine wisdom, rectitude, personal responsibility, dutifulness, gentleness, kindness, understanding and honesty: This is what it means to have Iwa. Iwa is the supreme virtue of Olódùmarè which inspires us, protects us, comforts us, strengthens us and guides us. Iwa is the cord which connects us to Olódùmarè. Iwa connects us [gives us access] to Olódùmarè’s storehouse of limitless treasures, powers, secrets and wisdoms.

Without Iwa we will always find ourselves entangled in problems, conflicts, needless drama, setbacks, shame, pessimism, loss, self-defeatism and suffering. Without Iwa we will find ourselves being pursued by problems, dissatisfaction, despondency, anxiety, despair and conflict.

This is why it is important to be mindful of Olódùmarè because Olódùmarè is the embodiment and bestower of Iwa. Mindfulness of Olódùmarè is how Ifá defines praise. We must know that Olódùmarè dwells with us and within us as Ori. Ori the the immediate personal presence of Olódùmarè who dwells within our human mind who guides us, leads and encouraged us from within. When we are mindful of Olódùmarè from a heart of sincerity, the virtues, powers, wisdoms, secrets, mysteries and graces of Olódùmarè flow into our inner-selves bringing harmony, integrity, health, strength, intelligence, divine ability, enthusiasm, confidence and peace to our lives.

Iwa is not only a principle, Iwa is a divine energy and power which emanates and springs forth from Olódùmarè that lifts us up and sets us on the straight path of peace, health, success, prosperity, power and happiness.

We should always feel the presence of Father Olódùmarè and Mother Iwa within ourselves, because this awareness will enlighten us, guide us, purify us, protect us and save us from shame, sorrow, conflict, loss and calamity. This awareness will unfailingly lead us to prosperity, success, wholesome self-esteem, harmony and freedom from suffering.

Olódùmarè is a being of supreme positivity, optimism, radiance, vitality and contagious inspiration. Contact with Olódùmarè fills us with faith in ourselves and confidence towards Olódùmarè.

The words Oruko Odumare ni ka fi iyin fun mean that only the Name of Olódùmarè is dependable, reliable, exalted, adorable and worthy of supreme reverence, trust, awe and love. By Name we mean the essential experiential value [our direct personal experience of the supreme values and energy] of the divine name [living energy, vitality and power of] Olódùmarè within our own hearts. By Name we mean the supreme qualities, character and personality that are inherent in and communicated by the divine name Olódùmarè.

The name Olódùmarè was not created by human beings. The name and sound Olódùmarè is not of this world or creation. The name, sound, divine power, holy-sacred energy and spiritual vibration Olódùmarè existed before the creation. It is transcendent and timeless.

When the ancient seers, wise-ones and priests of Ifá began to seek out and investigate the supreme source, origin and guiding power of all things, the Supreme Guiding, Governing and Nurturing Power appeared and manifested within their hearts. This Power manifested Itself to them and expressed Itself through them as the Divine Name, Sound, Energy and Vibration: OLÓDÙMARÈ. The supreme divine energy, power and intelligence manifested ITSELF as the holy, virtuous, purifying, vitality giving and all-powerful sound-vibration: OLÓDÙMARÈ. The name, sound and vibration is one with, and inseparable from its SOURCE in the invisible divine spiritual realm.

This is why we say: Oruko Odumare ni ka fi iyin fun. The name of Olódùmarè alone is worthy to be praised. These divine words which have emanated from Olódùmarè and are one with Olódùmarè give us power, intelligence, courage, persevering energy and divine abilities.

When we say: Oruko Odumare ni ka fi iyin fun, we are making spiritual conscious contact with the Radiant, Beautiful, Luminous, Vitality Giving, and Harmonious All-Powerful SOURCE, and thereby we refresh and revitalize our life by making contact with the LIFE of our life.

When we do this [when we make intentional and conscious contact with Olódùmarè] we become aware that Olódùmarè has full and complete confidence in us. We become aware that we are supremely cherished and valued. We become aware that we are members of the DIVINE FAMILY and that WE ARE DIVINE BEINGS with a magnificent, wondrous and marvelous destiny. We then are able to manage our lives with confidence and with full control over the quality and direction of our lives.

Oruko Odumare ni ka fi iyin fun!
Oruko Odumare ni ka fi iyin fun!
Oruko Odumare ni ka fi iyin fun!

This is the sacred foundation of all the ancient seers, genuine devotees, wise-ones and priests of Ifá. This is the touchstone of power, authority, virtue and divine charisma for all ilari-Olódùmarè [the true-friends, knowers and helpers of Olódùmarè].

~ Awo Òrúnmìlà Mark Casillas

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