Ancestral Interview

THE INTERVIEW (Question_&_Answer)


1.   Q.	Who is Olodumare?
     A. Almighty God (Oba to daye, to da orun, ati oun gbogbo ti o wa). 
        The creator of Heaven, Earth and all that is.

2.   Q. Who is Orunmila?
     A. The messager of Olodumare (Ojise Olodumare).

3.   Q. Was Orunmila born of flesh and blood?
     A. No. he descended from heaven.

4.   Q. How was Orunmila born?
     A. He wasn’t born, but descended from heaven.

5.   Q. Where is Orunmila?
     A. He returned to heaven through the ocean after completing 
        his divine assignment.

6.   Q. How is Orunmila known in relation to God?
     A. He is the “Eleri Ipin,” – The witness of all creation.

7.   Q. How is Orunmila known in relation to creation?
     A. He was present at creation.

8.   Q. Is following Orunmila a religion?
     A. Yes, Ifa Religion. 

9.   Q. Do Ifa adherents believe in God?
     A. Yes. 

10.  Q. What is the difference between Ifa Religion and Paganism?
     A. Orunmila, the Asiwaju of Ifa religion pays adoration to Olodumare 
        (Almighty God) before anything. 

11.  Q. What is the difference between Ifa religion and other religion in Nigeria?
     A. Ifa is the first Religion of Olodumare (God). 
        It is our African indigenous religion. 

12.  Q. What do Ifa adherents believe should be man’s relationship to man?
     A. True love. Love that does not deceive. 

13.  Q. What is the creed of Ifa adharent?
     A. It is believes in the existence and supremacy of Olodumare 
        (Almighty God). 

14.  Q. What does IFA embrace?
     A. Worship of Olodumare with faithfulness and honesty.

15.  Q. Are sacrifice (ebo) and propitiation (etutu) important in Ifa religion? 
     A. Yes. 

16.  Q. Why is sacrifice and propitiation important in Ifa Religion?
     A. They are prayers offered in pleading to Olodumare. 

17.  Q. Is human sacrifice part of the rituals in Ifa religion, 
        propitiation and sacrifice?
     A. No. Orunmila stopped killing of humans and replaced it 
        with eku, eja and eye (Rat, Fish and Birds). 

18.  Q. What is used to symbolize IFA? 
     A. Ide or Iroke. 

19.  Q. What is Oke Ipori?
     A. Sacred Palm Nuts. 

20.  Q. Is it the Nuts that speak? 
     A. No Ikin is the pathfinder, but the Priest speaks or interpretes 
        through 256 Odu. 

21.  Q. Who or what is Ela? 
     A. Ela is the son of Oyigi, 

22.  Q. Where is Ela? 
     A. He is in heaven. He returned to his heavenly abode. 

23.  Q. Do Ifa adherents worship woods and stones? 
     A. No. 

24.  Q. Who do Ifa adherents worship? 
     A. Olodumare. 

25.  Q. Who is Orisa? 
     A. They are Angels or Malaika as translated and not small gods. 

26.  Q. Then Ifa adherents worship God? 
     A. Yes. 

27.  Q. Are the rituals of sacrifice and propitiation peculiar to 
        Ifa Religion alone? 
     A. No. it is found in all existing religion all over the world. 

28.  Q. What is the relationship between Ifa and Aje? 
     A. Aje is an Orisa and Ifa is the voice of Olodumare. Orunmila is the 
        conveyer of the word to mankind.

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