Olodumare - Ancestral


Olodumare is the supreme being and the fountain of life. He is the source and center of all things. Olodumare is the great glory. To come to know Him personally and comprehensively is our divine right, mission and privilege. Olodumare is not a ‘religious’ entity and is not relegated to just ‘religious matters’.

Olodumare is the source and originator of all sciences, fields of knowledge and satisfying endeavor. Olodumare is relevant to all aspects of our lives and is directly related to all aspects of knowledge like music, art, science, philosophy, religion, mysticism, medicine, psychology, architecture, astronomy, physics, chemistry etc.
Our privilege is to become intimately acquainted with the Wise Lord Olodumare, to understand his His ways and to integrate the light, power and presence of Olodumare in all the aspects of our lives.

A deliberate intention and effort to know and reach the confidential knowledge of Olodumare is essential on our part. Olodumare is unlike many human beings who long for people to praise and flatter them. Olodumare is not in need of our praise or flattery. Olodumare knows fully well who He is and He fully knows the excellences of His own being and glory. He need not be reminded. What Olodumare does want from us is that we intelligently draw near to him as friends, obedient children and participants of His initiatives.

Olodumare does not need or desire anyone’s praise. What he desires is our comprehension and obedience to His law of uprightness, order and iwa. He desires that we fulfill our humanity by adhering to Him in a spirit of reverence, loyalty and dedication. Olodumare has compassion for everyone in equal measure. True worship as far as Olodumare is concerned consists of us having a true longing, yearning and desire on our part to really know Olodumare and to walk with Him in uprightness, humility and loving-friendliness. This longing and desire for Olodumare is a grace and blessing which attracts the pure power of Olodumare into our hearts, minds and lives. It one truly wants to personally know Olodumare here and now it must be known that the way in which Olodumare is to be ‘found’ so to speak is through intense longing, yearning, interest and desire. It takes time, sincerity and dedication to know Olodumare, His heart and the meaning and purpose of His ways. Olodumare’s desire for you is that you should firmly hold on to the path of goodness and rectitude. Their are too many people just talking, talking and talking about iwa, truthfulness, generosity and honesty but relatively few have given themselves to wholeheartedly practice and incorporate these traits. This is why Olodumare compassionately creates hardships in our lives. Hardships are the purifying fires Olodumare uses to prove us and to purify us from base motives, laxity and blind passions. Through periods of tribulation, hardships and/or conflict our will and resolve is given an opportunity to manifest and exercise itself. These periods are truly the mirror which reveals who you presently are and what your true values are or lack of values. We should always strive to reach spiritual heights with noble ideals, reaching an elevated state by cultivating mindfulness of Olodumare, His character and personality. Only through strong inner power of will, determination and self-initiative can we reach this lofty station. The spiritual life is for the person who delights in self-responsibility and who is not lacking in zeal and initiative. Through continual practice and perseverance that which initially seems difficult becomes easy. We cannot see Olodumare with our material eyes but when we understand His qualities, deeds, power, wisdom and compassion we become partakers of a pure mind which is clean, elevated and saturated with divine power which enables us to perceive Olodumare with our spiritual eyes. Only when we deliberately merge our will, feelings and emotions or ‘power’ with His presence through trust, obedience and affection can Olodumare be known. It is not adequate or sufficient for us to have a belief and faith in Olodumare that is based just on the particular tradition which happens to surrounds us. There must be a need and disposition on our part to rediscover the reality of Olodumare and His genuine nature. We cannot have a genuine and firm conviction and faith through hear say or second hand information. If we do not have a genuine interest in personally knowing Olodumare then this shows how little of Olodumare we know and comprehend because nothing and no one can be more interesting, alluring and satisfying than Olodumare. If we have and display no interest in acquiring an accurate understanding and spiritual comprehension of Olodumare this only reveals how far we our from Olodumare and of how great is the need in our lives to confidently draw near to Olodumare in a spirit of inquiry, search and longing. We must make a personal effort to go straight to the Source if we are truly serious and interested in knowing Olodumare. Then the spirit of enthusiastic devotion arises in us and leads us gradually to perfection.

Ela ‘boru.
Ela ‘boye.
Ela ‘bosise.

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