The Pure, Sublime and True Way of Ogboni:
Who is ogboni? Ogboni is the person who has initiated into the mysteries of Edan-muwagun [Onile Ogboduora]. Ogboni is the person who lives a life in harmony with nature. Ogboni means living in a continual state of balance, equanimity, harmony and equilibrium. Ogboni is the person who has mindfully determined to follow the path of Edan, which is the path of truth, honesty, kindness, courage, personal responsibility and service to others. Ogboni is the person who has become established in the wisdom of the sublime gods and therefore has become a wise one. Ogboni is the power which elevates one to positions of authority, power and responsibility.
The path of ogboni is a challenging but satisfying path to walk upon. An ogboni is the one who is empowered by Edan and faces all difficulties of Iife with courage and without fear. An ogboni is a person who has arrived at spiritual maturity and is able to endure the trials, vicissitudes, challenges, demands and tribulations of life without becoming fatigued and/or disheartened and without being overwhelmed by despondency.
An ogboni does not allow himself to become discouraged by hardships, obstacles, criticism and/or setbacks. An ogboni elevates others to a higher and more sublime level. An ogboni devotee reveals what it means to be human. To be truly human is to be divine. The ogboni devotee does not come down to the level of ignorant, petty, insincere, spiritually uncultured and immature people. An ogboni welcomes and embraces the challenges, vicissitudes and difficulties of life, because he understands that through perseverance and endurance in the midst of challenges and difficulties the ogboni devotee will make steady and swift progress on the path of beautitude, maturity, wisdom, power-acquisition and spiritual perfection. By walking with Edan-muwagun the devotee is able to draw divine light to himself and he is able to nourish [and draw into] his soul new and wonderful divine abilities, gifts and powers.
Devotion to Edan-muwagun fills us with delight, and this delight fills us with peace, strength and supramundane confidence which sweeps away all difficulties, challenges and obstacles from our path. The ogboni fellowship has been entrusted with the most sublime mysteries [secrets] of the highest mystical divine spirituality. Edan gives immediate support and strength to her devotees. Edan immediately appears to give relief and support to her children when they call upon her.
An ogboni devotee is a truly spiritual alive person. An ogboni devotee is eminently a dynamic, charismatic, trustworthy,  industrious and intelligent person. An ogboni devotee is clean and wholesome. Through the blessing of coming in contact with a genuine ogboni master [oluwo ogboni] one is able to receive the power, light, knowledge and science of true spiritual life. An authentic ogboni master [oluwo ogboni] is able to impart to others and awaken in others the light, warmth, knowledge and power of true divine spirituality and life.
To walk in ogboni is to walk in the path of the sublime powers, energies and lights. An ogboni devotee delights in practicality, self-determination and effort. The path of ogboni is one of ever-increasing purity, optimism, inexhaustible inspiration, virtue [merit] and uninterrupted light. The ogboni adept knows that the unexcelled path to entering into the highest spiritual mysteries and secrets is by entering with simplicity. The ogboni worships rectitude. The ogboni stays far away from dishonesty, deception and double-dealing.
Ogboni is good in the beginning. Ogboni is good in the middle. Ogboni is good in the end.
The realized ogboni devotee is without hate. Ogboni is the path of refined, pure and fiery love. Ogboni is the path of chivalry, honor and courage. Ogboni is for the courageous, fearless and strong of heart. The poison of hate cannot enter an ogboni heart. An ogboni devotee cannot be swayed, manipulated or controlled by the negativity, inner-defilement and envy of others. An ogboni is only moved by and acted upon by truth, goodness and honesty. An ogboni is rooted in his true essential nature and foundation. An ogboni is rooted in the power of the immovable [spiritual earth].  An ogboni devotee suffers at seeing the suffering of others. An ogboni helps others and gives relief to others to the best of his ability without causing harm to himself. An ogboni devotee experiences rapture and delight in seeing others established in happiness, health and success. The ogboni disciple knows how to draw limitless power from the [spiritual] earth. The ogboni initiate is upheld, empowered and supported by the spiritual gravity, rootedness and power of the sacred earth and the guardian irunmole-orisa of the earth Edan-muwagun. Rectitude, brotherhood, amity, spiritual cleanliness and order are the foundations of ogboni life. Ogboni is a discipline, science and comprehensive manner of life.
The radiant jewel of the holy àse of Edan-muwagun installs itself in the heart of the sincere, guileless and simple ogboni devotee. The àse of Edan invigorates the devotee. The àse of Edan enlightens the devotee. The àse of Edan attracts, pulls, draws and guides the heart and mind of the devotee upward to the divine realms of purity, light, excellence and power. The àse of Edan awakens, activates and guides the interior spiritual faculties of the devotee.
Ogboni is the path of purity, purification, health, spiritual empowerment, unfolding knowledge and spiritual maturation. Divine character, maturity, courage, honor, inner-strength [endurance] and chiseled [refined] personality are the heart and soul of ogboni life. An ogboni devotee purifies, harmonizes and uplifts all he touches. An ogboni is an embodiment of confidence, joy, friendliness and optimism.
Ogboni and lies cannot walk together. Ogboni and immorality cannot walk together. Ogboni and vices cannot walk together. Ogboni and ignorance cannot walk together. Ogboni and moral-spiritual impotence cannot walk together. Ogboni and cowardliness cannot walk together. Ogboni is the society for the creation of divine values and wholesome fellowship.
The ogboni devotee lives in the pure, joyful and safe [perfectly protected] realm of good-conscience, fearlessness, peace of mind and inner-unified strength.
May the divine mother Edan-muwagun confer upon you her choicest and most select blessings. Àse.
May Onile Ogboduora [Edan-muwagun] set her penetrating gaze and power-filled eyes upon you to grant you peace, health, long-life, prosperity, abundance and fulfillment. Àse.
Ogbo ato.
Ogbo Edan.
Ogbo akokoniko.
Onile a gbe wa ooo.
~ Awo Òrúnmìlà Mark Casillas
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