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Òrúnmìlà advises us to evolve to a higher spiritual level. Òrúnmìlà imparts and shares with us his àse and words of guidance to assist us in our effort to change our ways of thinking and to change our attitudes. Without changing our ways of thinking and our attitudes we cannot evolve to a higher spiritual level. This is why Ifá in Iwori Meji tells us that we should initiate ourselves again and again by using our wisdom and intelligence. By so doing we will know the true cause of what is affecting us and how to find and apply the real [true] solution.

To this end was Ifá revealed so that we can receive àse and guidance with the purpose of practicing and working into our own lives the instructions of Ifá. Without STUDY, REFLECTION and PRACTICE [personal experience] of the mysteries and teachings of Òrúnmìlà, authentic faith [confidence, clarity and certainty] cannot arise in us. Ifá gives us the wherewithal to change our manner of thinking and attitude. Ifá gives us true power to implement true change in our lives. Ifá reveals to us in Okanran Oturupon that it is through the constant STUDY, REFLECTION and PRACTICE of the teachings of Ifá that we come to know and understanding [directly perceive] the true meaning and purpose of life. When we know the true meaning and purpose of life we will then cease our aimless wanderings here and there.

We have the privilege, responsibility and duty to improve the quality and condition of life for ourselves, our nearest and dearest loved ones and humanity at large. Only through the change of the individual [transformation of thoughts, intent and attitudes] can we change our lives and the world in which we live for the better.

Merely knowing about and/or reading these truths is not sufficient. We have to adopt the guidance of Ifá as our true and only standard for life. By living in harmony with Ifá we spiritualize and make divine our own lives, and we contribute to the moral-spiritual elevation of others. When our lives are in harmony with Ifá this means that we are in harmony with ori. When we live in unity with ori we become powerful, confident and efficient persons because we become ori-sa. Ori-sa is the person who lives a powerful, empowered and extraordinary benefit conferring life because he or she lives in harmony with Ifá and ori.

This is what Ifá is leading us to. Ifá is leading us to the comprehension that we can become new and emerging orisa in the here-and-now. Aspire to actualize your divine and noble orisa nature in all you do and in all of your relationships and daily duties. Become orisa. Be orisa by incorporating the mind, thought and attitude of Ifá into the fiber of your being through your continual communion, devotion to and association with Ifá.

The person who has Ifá in his heart and actions has it all. Such a person is a living emerging orisa upon this earth. It is good to honor and worship the orisa. It is better to become an orisa by emulating and assimilating the noble spirit, thoughts and actions of one’s family orisa [one’s own main orisa]. Be an orisa to your friends, family, neighbor and acquaintances. It is good to honor and worship the orisa, but it is even better, and more advantageous to be an orisa in one’s thought, conduct, behavior and one’s manner of relating to others. We can become orisa [divine beings] if we want to, and if we set our hearts to this purpose. We become orisa to serve others and not with the intention of being served by others. We become orisa to reveal the true heart of isembaye isese [the sacred and ancient divine tradition] which consists of truthfulness, courage, usefulness to others, integrity and self-control [self-discipline]. We become orisa to reveal humility, hope, resilience and compassion.

The person who has Ifá in his heart and actions is an emerging orisa upon this earth. Such a person is not a common and/or ordinary person. This discovering, attaining and manifesting of your own orisa nature is what Ifá, Iponri and Ori will reveal to you, and will empower you to accomplish if you consecrate [dedicate] yourself whole-heartedly to manifesting this attainable reality in the here-and-now. Ifá, Iponri and Ori are dedicated exclusively to transforming us and helping us to become unique and emerging living orisa upon this earth. Honor and worship the orisa, but even more importantly become one. Be one. Be one now. Be one today and always. The ones who can understand, appreciate and discern the reality [truthfulness] of the above teachings are the true seers of Ifá and the legitimate students of Òrúnmìlà.

Always remember and never forget that Ifá is for everyone. Ifá ni oro Olódùmarè. Ifá is the divine instruction, refining virtue, empowerment, protection, enlightenment, confidential teaching, life-saving, revealing-correcting virtue and purpose giving lessons of Olódùmarè for one and all. The guidance, virtue and power of all the irunmole-orisa reside in, and are fully contained within Ifá. Ifá [Òrúnmìlà] is the representative and mouthpiece of all the irunmole-orisa. The teachings of Òrúnmìlà include the heart essence of the combined wisdom, powers, blessings and teachings of all irunmole-orisa. The wisdom and power of Ifá is the supreme sacred science that was entrusted to Òrúnmìlà by Olódùmarè, for the benefit of everyone. The person who studies and practices Ifá attains true-merit and accumulates true-virtue, true-understanding and true-power.

Èlà-Òrúnmìlà mo yin aboru.
Èlà-Òrúnmìlà mo yin aboye.
Èlà-Òrúnmìlà mo yin abosise.

~ Awo Òrúnmìlà Mark Casillas

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